10 Popular Bollywood Celebrities Birthdays in January

Bollywood has a long history. Bollywood may have been censured for not offering opportunities to new gifts at perfect time yet it is satisfactory certainty that Indian silver screen has created a percentage of the finest performing artists ever.

The accompanying famous people praise their birthdays in January. Wishing all of them an extremely cheerful birthday and a long life ahead. We will include more names in this rundown later.

You can discover here Bollywood celebrities birthdays in January of your most loved Hindi film stars. Send some pleasant wishes to your most loved stars on their introduction to the world day.

Vidya Balan: January 1, 1978

Vidya Balan

Nana Patekar: January 1, 1951

Nana Patekar

Deepika Padukone: January 5, 1986

Deepika Padukone

Uday Chopra: January 5, 1973

Uday Chopra

Irrfan Khan: January 7, 1967

Irrfan Khan

Bipasha Basu: January 7, 1979

Bipasha Basu

Farhan Akhtar: January 9, 1974 – Bollywood Celebrities Birthdays

Farhan Akhtar Birthday - January 9, 1974

Hrithik Roshan: January 10, 1974

Hrithik Roshan Birthday - January 10, 1974

Imran Khan: January 13, 1983

Imran Khan Birthday - January 13, 1983

Preity Zinta: January 31, 1975

Preity Zinta - bollywood celebrities birthdays

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