Castor Oil for Cellulite – How to Use It Effectively

Are you wondering how does castor oil for cellulite works as a natural remedy?  Well, we will shed light on it so keep reading to find out!

Castor oil, whilst relatively new in the world of beauty, has been used for hundreds of years as a natural remedy to help cure skin ailments and boost health.  Cellulite can be very difficult to eliminate, and those unsightly under-skin lumps don’t always vanish by weight loss or exercise.

There are a plethora of products on the market bestowing the abilities to banish cellulite for good, however, these products can be expensive and jam-packed with synthetic chemicals and are generally only a temporary fix.


What Is Castor Oil?

castor oil

Castor oil is a form of vegetable oil that is pressed from castor beans. Whilst it is colorless is does have a very distinct, and for some, repellent taste and smell.

The oil has been used effectively as a laxative, as a treatment for cysts and as a potent moisturizer. It has even historically been used for inducing labor in pregnant women however this is yet to be scientifically proven as being effective.

What we do know is that castor oil helps to boost the lymphatic system in the body which encourages the system to eliminate toxins and waste as well as delivering nutritious and oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. Thus, castor oil for cellulite works well to bring the stiff and smoothness of muscle.

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What Causes Cellulite?

castor oil for cellulite

Cellulite can be a side-effect of age, hormonal changes, dietary choices, smoking, dehydration, and weight gain. Most of these situations can put a strain on the lymph glands, preventing them from working efficiently.

When the lymphatic system isn’t operating to its full potential this results in fluid and toxin build up and pockets of fat develop under the skin. The pockets then push through the connective tissue beneath the surface, forming cellulite.

It can affect men but generally targets women due to the way in which fat and muscle are distributed within the female body.

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How to Use Castor Oil for Cellulite

how to use castor oil for cellulite

The main areas of the body that tend to be affected by cellulite are the hips, thighs, bottom, and waist – which is where weight often accumulates. Massaging these areas with castor oil stimulates the lymph glands and helps diminish cellulite over time.

You can either massage the oil into your troublesome parts by adding a few drops of pure oil to your hands and rubbing, or you can gently heat the oil for a more potent effect. Castor oil has quite a powerful smell and some do opt for mixing it with a more aromatic oil such as lavender.

You can repeat the massage around two or three times a week if you so wish however you will need to be patient to see the results. Cellulite is a stubborn beast that needs long-term battling. It’s best to use natural ingredients like castor oil for cellulite to get a safer and effective treatment!