30 Funniest Drunk Girl Memes to Make You LOL

by zinia

After an epic night in the clubs or a local house party, don’t become a drunk girl meme! These days with smartphones taking a quick shot within seconds, one wrong move and you could easily become a viral sensation online, over something you’ll probably later regret. Unless you’re intentionally taking a shortcut to instant fame, in which case…good luck.


Best Memes About Drunk Girl

From the drunk girl using a slice of pizza as her pillow on the sidewalk to the hilariously unattractive face amongst a smiling group of friends – these memes bring us throwback memories to the times when we had some pretty big nights out! Do you have one of those friends that always takes a couple of drinks a little too far? Or has such a low intolerance that just one shot sends them over the edge? These memes are for them.

Or if you’re on the younger side of life and haven’t hit these years yet, be warned! These are memes about girls are only funny because they’re absolutely authentic situations that girls get caught up in. All the same, we really can’t help but laugh at every single one. Take a look through our favorites listed below!


1. You Ever Been So Drunk… You Tried to Enter The House Via The Cat Door But Fall Asleep Half Way Through.

drunk girl memes


2. Meanwhile…. Outside A Bar You Don’t Go to.

funny drunk girl meme


3. When You Drink Your First Beer.

memes for drunk girls


4. Girl, You’re Drunk. Go Home.

funny drunk girl memes to laugh


5. Made Bad Decisions Last Night.. Didn’t Learn from Alcohol Edu.

memes about drunk girl


6. Oh My God. I’m So Drunk Already.

Funny You Are Doing It Wrong Memes to Share


7. I’m Only Pretending to Be Drunk…to Get More Guys.


8. If You Could Cancel All of My Appointments Tomorrow That Would Be Great.


9. When You’ve Had A Lot of Beer And You’re in The Park.


10. “Fine. But I Will Only Have One Drink!” 4 Hours Later – Bag And Dignity Lost.

memes about drunk girl


11. When You Are Nice to The Drunk Girl at A Party Who Is Upset & Immediately Regret Your Decision to Be A Caring Human Being.

popular drunk girl memes


12. When You Are Drunk And Telling A Girl You Just Met in The Bathroom 4 Minutes Ago Exactly Why She Should Break Up with Her Boyfriend.

Hysterical Side Eye Memes to Laugh


13. How Every Drunk Girl Looks at 3 AM Waiting for Their Tacos.


14. When The Family Thinks You’ve Had Enough Wine.


15. Trying to Talk When You’re Drunk.

hilarious meme for drunk girl


16. Dances So Hard to Nicki Minaj Song Breaks Arm.


17. “Let’s Do Shots!” Vomits for 5 Hours.


18. So Excited to See You at The Bars. Doesn’t Say Hi in The Class.


19. When Everyone’s Mad Because You’re Sloppy Drunk But You Don’t Care Because You’re Having Too Much Fun.


20. Brunch Is My Favorite Meal for Getting Accidentally Drunk.

drunk girl meme


21. Breaks Up with Boyfriend Three Days Later- OMG I Love Different Guy.


22. Every Drunk Girl Pic on Facebook.


23. Turns 17. Drinks Like There Is No Tomorrow.


24. I’m Not Drunk. I’m Just Intoxicated by You.


25. You Claim You’re Never Drunk. The Fact That I Have Snapchat Determined That Was A Lie.

drunk girl memes to laugh


26. 4 AM And You’re Trying to Sleep? Let Me Sing You The Song of My People.

memes regarding drunk girl


27. Party Hard. Party Safe.


28. One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila…. Floor.


29. Gets Drunk to Forget Her Problems. Bitches about Them All Night at Full Volume.

hilarious drunk girl memes


30. When Drunk N’ Applying Makeup.

funny drunk girl meme to laugh


For all those big nights of wild partying and crazy times, you need a drunk girl meme to give you the perfect throwback. Whether it reminds you of your former self (or current self!), or one of your friends, share some of these on social media. They’re guaranteed to reel in some great reactions!

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