How To Tie A Scarf In Arabic Style – 12 Different Ideas

by naima

The Arabic style of tying a scarf is one of the most popular styles now. They suit all attires- be it modern or traditional. There are a few contemporary twists made to the old ways of wearing a scarf to be trendier.


Ways to Tie a Scarf in Arabian Style

Here’s a look at 12 ways of styling a scarf the Arabic way.

1. The Simple Scarf Style

simple arabic style to tie scarf

For those who don’t want to deviate from the norm, the old-fashioned scarf shows the way.

Ideal for: This can ideally be worn with traditional wear such as burkas. See the other contemporary scarves for pairing with modern clothes.

How to style: Drape the scarf over your head with equal length on both sides. Pin the ends together and then drape the rest of the scarf over your shoulder.


2. The Ornamental Scarf in Arabic Style

styling scarf with ornaments for arabic women

Here is your chance to escape from the ordinary and mundane. Ornamental scarves steal everyone’s attention while giving you the look of royalty. There are many scarves with gold trimmings. Additionally, you can also choose to pin your own brooch to get the same effect.

Ideal for: If you have well-defined face structure, go for this style. Most of these scarves don’t fall below your chin, but rather stay behind your back to frame your face beautifully.

How to style: Wearing an ornamental scarf in Arabic style with pure white, black or other monotone dresses makes you look elegant and superior. Pair these scarves with stone and metal jewelry for a complete look.

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3. Wrapped Style

wrapped scarf on head of women

This scarf is generally worn to give a more severe look to the wearer. It doesn’t have flowing ends like most other scarves do.

Ideal for: If you have a rounded face, it is better to opt for other scarves with flowing ends in the front. The wrapped scarf is ideal for highlighting your facial features. That is why this is perfect for those with high cheekbones and big eyes.

How to style: The main plus point of this way to tie scarf in Arabic style is that it can be used to sweep up all your hair into a single voluminous bund.


4. The Tight Scarf

tightly tied scarf on head of an arabic women

Ideal for: This is another scarf that would look great in a professional environment. It has a free back end while the front side is constricted.

How to style: The tight Arabic styled scarf looks great when paired with a blazer or a suit ensemble. Make sure to pick a color that gels with the color of the apparel. Contrast colors generally do not suit as they may look messy and haphazard.

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5. The Unpinned Scarf

simple way to style scarf for women

This scarf is similar to the traditional simple scarf, except that you needn’t use pins anywhere. It is thus very low maintenance and stylish to use. Simply drape the scarf over your head and throw the loose ends over your shoulder.

Ideal for: Those with a round or oval face and like a simple, plain look for the face should opt for this style.

How to style: You now possess the perfectly effortless look. This kind of tieing scarf in Arabic style is usually used with traditional-wear, but patterned ones can be used with modern wear too.


6. Scarf with A Band

The scarf with a band is a modified version of the simple scarf or the unpinned scarf. Here, there is an additional band of cloth wrapping the forehead that stands out from the rest of the scarf. It is ideal if this band is embroidered in the same colors as the rest of the scarf.

Ideal for: Those who look the royal look and are married, should opt for this as it gives a matured look to the face,

How to style: This scarf is perfect for festival wear, as it gives a celebratory look without the need for accessories. If you do decide to accessorize, make sure not to clash with the pattern of the band.


7. The Messy Scarf

Messy Scarf Arabis Style

Want an idea to tie scarf in Arabic style that doesn’t stand out too much, but still want to experiment with different styles? Then the messy scarf is the answer to your woes. On the surface, it looks like a normal scarf, but on second look, you realize it is more than that.

Ideal for: those who like to portray a fun, quirky look and have a cheerful face, should opt for this one.

How to style: Simply drape the scarf over your head and pin one end below your shoulder bone. Be careful not to stretch the fabric too much while doing so. Your messy look is ready in just a few seconds!


8. The Angular Scarf

angular scarf style for arabian women

This angular Arabic styled scarf is the perfect mix of contemporary and ancient.

Ideal for: With a protruding end, it gives an elongated feeling and is hence suitable for those with a chubby face and big eyes.

How to style: The scarf takes the attention to the way it is wrapped. It is best-suited for pairing with winter-wear and formals. Spice up your mundane sweaters and coats with a patterned scarf for that chic look.


9. The Textured Scarf

textured style of scarf on head

Looking for new ways to drape an old scarf? This scrunched-up textured scarf look is then perfect for you.

Ideal for: If you have a square and pale face, this one is best for you It will bring about grace on the face that is subtle and classy.

How to style: It is very easy to tie scarf in Arabic style. Drape the textured scarf over your head and pin it under your chin. Then drape both the loose ends over your head, and you’re done! This is perfect for a quick and easy look.


10. The Long Scarf

If you have a really really long scarf at home and are looking to tie it in a new way, then you’ve reached the perfect place to learn how.

Ideal for: This scarf adds more volume and can thus be used by those women with petite frames.

How to style: Drape the scarf over your head to get unequal lengths on each side. Then take one of the loose ends and bring it around your neck. Repeat the same with the other end to finish the styling.


11. The Rounded-end Style

rounded arabian style scarf for women

The rounded-end Arabic style scarf gives you’re the perfect touch-up to any outfit. Its main feature is that it gives a neat finishing and the ends are not visible anywhere.

Ideal for: It is ideal for girls or women with an oval face and a protruding skull line.

How to style: All you have to do is wrap the scarf around your head. Take the part that hangs in your back and drapes it over your head. Pin the loose ends to the sides, and your look is complete.


12. The All-in-all Scarf

different ways to tie scarf in arabic style

The all-in-all scarf can be worn with any outfit. It is one of the easiest to tie scarf in Arabic style and is low maintenance throughout the day.

Ideal for: For those with a round or a heart-shaped face structure, this style suits best!

How to style: Drape the scarf over your head and throw back one of the ends over your shoulder. You’re done with your effortless look in a matter of seconds. This scarf is suitable for all face types.

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