10 Exquisite Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Round Face

by ananya

If the width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are equal. If your features are rounded and gentle; you have been bestowed the heredities of a round face. We’ve chosen the top 10 stunning Indian bridal hairstyles for round face that will accentuate the kind, soft features that both, you; and Preity Zinta share.


Trendy Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Round Face

Indian women love to style their hair according to the event. We have handpicked some of the most beautiful and trendy bridal hairstyles that’ll suit with the round-faced Indian women. If you have a long hair, we recommend you read our post: Indian wedding hairstyles for long hair.

#1. Mid parted long curls

mid parted long curls for round face

This timeless, princess-like style for round face, boasts vitality, and elegance. Part the hair in the middle. Create huge, long curls, using a hot iron. Sweep both sides of the hair back, and fasten. Allow the remaining hair to flow freely with huge, billowing curls. For a very full face, allow a few loose tendrils to screen your cheeks.


#2. Chic high bouffant bun

indian bridal hairstyle with high bouffant bun

The essence of Indian glamour, nestles vivaciously, with this style. Best to straight iron your hair, from the root to tip. Part your hair, asymmetrically. Structure a wave on one side, forming a high, slanting curl, against your temple. Create a high, exaggerated puff on the crown. Use faux hair, and form a low, nape hugging, large bun.


#3. Large milk braid and fly away strands

milk braided hairstyle for round face

For a youthful, but demure look. Part the hair as you desire. Style a French plait from one side, towards the nape. The braid must take up all of the hair, and resemble a snug band, below the head. Allow as many loose tendrils, as you desire, to free low.


#4. Classy curled chignon

indian bridal hairstyle for round face

Glamourous locks, teased with elegance. Middle part the hair and drape both sides to the back. Create a bouffant. Now, pin all of the hair, high up. Allow the locks to form a messy, bun.


 #5. Messy, loose, indulgent half ponytail

messy half ponytail for round face

A dazzling style if you have thicker hair. Deeply side part the front covering, and sweep all the hair back. Secure with pins. Puff up the remaining hair. Using a curling tong to create gorgeous curls, and waves. Make a high, loose ponytail, and secure with pins. Spread the hair widely to cascade along the back.


#6. Old Hollywood Curls

Known for its glitz, and glam; these curls embody elegance and poise. Use a curling iron, or flexy rods, and create a classic, vintage look. Part your hair as you please, and allow your locks to flow around your face.


#7. Asymmetrical, high puff loose curls

This is a Cleopatra vintage hairstyle for round face. Create spirals that are long and bouncy. Part your hair to one side. Puff the hair from the crown in a full, voluminous bouffant. Accessorize as you choose.


#8. Semi messy bun with wisps

indian bridal hairstyle with messy bun

A truly beautiful, artistic style that lengthens the contours of the face. Leave layered tendrils to embrace the face. Sweep hair back, and to the side, to merge at the nape. Braid both sides of the hair in a soft, loose plait. Make a low braided bun and accessorize.


#9.  High puffed, waterfall spirals

hairstyle for indian women with round face

A luxuriant, lustrous hairstyle for Indian women with round face. When worn forward; this style shapes the fuller face into a long, slender one. Use a heating iron to create long, loose spirals. Toss the hair to one side. Spray a high volume mist on the front covering, puff up; and allow to fall toward the cheekbone.


#10. Half up, half down hairdo, with a milkmaid braid

milkmaid braid for round faced women

Milkmaid braids embody a sense of youthfulness and elegance; if styled right. Make a braid along the forehead. It should loop towards the crown. Allow multiple free bangs to fall loosely around the cheeks. Bouffant half of the hair high, and clasp. Allow the rest of the curls to gush out.

Shaping your hair to screen your cheeks, and lengthen your face, is essential if you have fuller features. All of our fabulous styles will shape your face perfectly; making sure that you have the most memorable occasion of a lifetime.

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