18 Gorgeous Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Short hair

by naima

Indian Bride usually wears updo hairstyles with long hair. But brides with short hair need not be worried. You’ve been tempted by the scissors, joined the bob brigade; or in the midst of growing out your tresses. Whilst it is true that so much more can be done with long hair; we’ve put together 18 striking Indian bridal hairstyles for short hair; that will transform your cut from drab to fab; especially for your special wedding day.


Elegant Indian Bridal Hairstyles with Short Hair

Here we’ve listed 18 best Indian bridal hairstyles that compliment your short hair and enhance your beauty.

#1. Mid Parted Curled Bob with Wreath

curled bob for indian bride

For a Summery look; style big curls on the lower ends of the hair. The middle part, and clasp the two sides into a roll towards the back. Almost resembling a crown. Fasten with pins and a half wreath of your choice to decor your Indian bridal hairstyle for short hair.


#2. Tousled Silky Bob with Fringe

silky bob with fringe cut for short hair

Create a fresh, layered appearance, by parting the hair on one side. Use a hot iron to shape snippets of hair in an outward manner for a tousled, chic look. The fringe is puffed slightly forward. Shine spray would add a touch of shimmer.


#3. Pixie Cut

pixie cut for indian bride

If you have a pixie cut, pull the fringe forward, and part to one side. The remaining hair can be backcombed high, to add volume. Smooth out hair at the back to create cluster. This short Indian bridal style for round face is contemporary and elegant.


#4. Sleek Side Part with Wide Ponytail

Sleek side parted backcomb hairstyle for indian bride

Side parted hair is brushed smoothly to the sides and back. Fastened high. The hair clasped ponytail is draped wide from ear to ear. Accessories are added to add a touch of glamour. Shine spray for an elegant Indian bridal hairstyle with short hair look.


#5. Side Swept Rolled Updo

side swept updo for indian bride

This simple, curled, low bun; brims elegance. Part the hair to the side. Sweep the front bang across the forehead, and to the side. The remaining hair is brushed to the side and rolled in. You would need pins to hold everything in place.


#6. Messy Bouffant Bun

This simple short hairstyle for Indian brides is classy and elegant. Curl the ends of your hair. Bouffant the hair to the back, and secure with a band. You can add faux hair to magnify the bun, or you can create a messy mold with your own hair. Add a dazzling accessory.


#7. Side Swept Tousled Updo

For a youthful, but stylish look, use volume mist to puff up your hair. Lightly curl the ends. Side sweep the hair and allow the shorter lengths to free flow. Skim the remaining hair in a tousle at the back and fasten. This is a classic Indian bridal short hairstyle.


#8. Elegant Bob with Light Bangs

For a well-designed short Indian bridal hairstyle, part your hair asymmetrically. With the exception of the two front bangs; the rest of the hair is straightened. Large accessories may be added for a chic designer look.


#9. Wavy Hair with Fringe

choppy bangs for short hair

If you have hair to your chin, then this vibrant look would work for you. Lightly curl the back and sides of your hair. Blow dry a long fringe to fall forward, just above your eyes. Allow the fringe to flow freely, semi tousled. A bit of shine mist, and you have a rather vibrant Indian bridal short hairstyle.


#10. Jaunty Teased Style for Thick Hair

indian bridal hairstyle for short hair

For those thicker strands, try creating messy, long waves with a curling tong. The style must be worn tousled across the face and ears, down to the nape. There is a sense of vitality to this style. This is a bridal short hairstyle for thick hair.


#11. Back Brushed Rolled Updo

A touch of 60’s elegance. Side part the hair deeply. Flat iron the hair across the head but maintain volume. Curl the end of the hair inwards, creating a graceful, rolled updo.


#12. Side Swept Rolled Updo

Side Swept Rolled Updo for indian bride with short hair

For a playful but stylish look, opt for this high-spirited style. The hair is parted deeply to one side, and puffed in; to an inner, side roll. The other side is brushed firmly towards the roll, and clipped in place.

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#13. Backcombed Sleek Updo

Matching the glam of Bollywood. This easy, but chic Indian bridal hairstyle with short hair is made possible by brushing all the hair back. Pin all loose ends, to create the same sleek look that Deepika Padukone so beautifully radiates.


#14. Elegant Updo of Bouncy Curls

If you have locks, this is the style for you. Accentuate your curls with a curling tong; or create locks if you don’t have any. Sweep your hair high up and secure in an updo. This style can be worn on the red carpet.


#15. Low Curled Bouffant Bun

Low Curled Bouffant Bun for Indian Bride

For a simple, but stylish look; wear this effortless bun, to hold up those curls. Brush back all the hair to the nape. Using an accessory band, secure the hair. Widen the curls to form a messy bun. Dazzle with a garland of flowers or jewelry.


#16. Chignon with a French Twist

For hair that is nape length, part the hair in the middle. Allow loose strands to free flow around the face. Sweep the remaining hair just above the nape and twist into a messy bun. An uncomplicated, elegant Indian bridal hairdo for short hair.

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#17. Puffed Updo with Choppy Waves

indian bridal hairstyle with puffed updo

If you’re wanting an elegant, and sultry bride style; backcomb the section of hair between the eyebrow arches. Puff the hair at the crown, and clasp. The remaining hair is firmly secured using a banana clip. Use a curling tong to create sharp waves or snippets.


#18. Side French Braid Designer Chignon

indian bridal hairstyle with side french braid

Call it magic, but you can wear a rather intricate chignon with short hair. Part the hair asymmetrically. French plait one side all the way to the back of the head. Brush the mid-section backward. Sweep the remaining hair toward the nape of the neck, and create an interlaced bun. Voila!


Watch The Following Video to Learn about How to Do Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair


An Indian wedding is one of the most traditional occasions to behold rich cultural sentiments. The bride no doubt is the quintessence of the festivity. We’re confident that with our suggestions for Indian bridal hairstyles with short hair, even with your less traditional, shorter hair; you would be able to be the epitome of elegance.

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