10 Feather Cut Hairstyles for Indian Women to Try in 2020

by naima

Feather cut hairstyles for Indian women are layered haircuts that primarily involve a scissor cutting method that results in a haircut resembling a shape of a feather. The hairstyle appears trendy, and in this article, we are going to enumerate on some of the feathered hairstyles for Indian women.

They look great on Indian faces. Feather haircuts are very versatile and can be augmented with the hairdo from inverted bobs and dinky fringes. The following hairstyles will inspire your next hairstyle.


Trendy Feather cuts for Indian Women

Following are on-trends Indian Women’s feather cut hairstyles that are worn by normal ladies and celebrities. Have a look to get a suitable one for you.

1. Vibrant Red Feather Cut

feather cut with red hair for women

Go crazy with this red feather cut hairstyle. The bang slants to one side entirely covering one eye giving you a more mysterious look. The hair is dyed a vibrant red to make a real statement. This look can be achieved with wavy or silky hair.


2. Undercut Haircut with Feather Ends

Undercut with Feather Ends for Indian Women

This style made their appearance in Indian recently. It is however not for the faint-hearted ladies. It is a super sassy hairstyle with one side which is shaved, and the long feather-cut applied to the other side. Try this gorgeous feather haircut for Indian women and be on top of Indian fashion and style.


3. Priyanka Chopra’s Version

priyanka chopra's feather haircut

Priyanka’s haircuts are super romantic. Specifically, this one is a classic example of how you can achieve an Indian feather cut style without the need to have a front fringe.

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4. Aishwarya’s Feathery Styled Cut

Aishwarya's Feathery Styled Cut

The number of hairstyles which has been tried by Aishwarya is unnumbered. When she wore this hairstyle, she went to the top with it. It gives every Indian woman a mature look, therefore an ideal design for those who need a conservative feather haircut.


5. Kajal Agarwal’s Style

Kajal Agarwal's Feathered Hairstyle

This multi-layered haircut is combined with brown or blonde highlights to give a romantic style. The coolest feature of this chic haircut is that you can leave them open and loose and still look fabulous.


6. Samantha’s Dynamic Cut

Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s feather-styled cut is undoubtedly the simplest feather cut hairstyle for Indian women to style. It is an excellent cut to go for if you have a fine straight hair and you are not sure if you want a feathered haircut or not. You can consider starting with this look, and if you are feeling more courageous, you can add layers.


7. Genelia Dsouza’s Cute Feathered Style

Genelia Dsouza’s Cute Feathered Style

Genelia’s feather haircut looks fashionable and nonchalant. We prefer it because it can be worn without any fuss and still look as trendy and sophisticated as ever. Get this photo and take it to your hair stylist and tell them to copy it for you if you need this stylish look that is suitable for any event.

On a different note, another celeb that occasionally wears this haircut is Kriti Sanon.

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8. The Cute Version

This feathery haircut style for Indian women frames your face neatly. The first layer is a cut chin length while the second one is curved downwards. Adding a side-swept bang finishes the look.


9. Cleopatra Fringe

feathered haircut for indian women

Feather haircuts often complete well with fringes. Here is a classic example of an embellished fringe which covers the eyebrows and the tresses hanging loosely in the front of the shoulders. The haircut has that 80’s flair and may need some maintenance to straighten the hair if your hair is wavy or frizzy.

This is especially important if you want to style the feathery style forward and on your shoulders. Differently, you can hold everything in a high ponytail if you don’t have enough time for hair ironing.


10. Thick Feathered Long Hairstyles

feather haircut for indian women

This is undoubtedly the highly feathered haircut of all the feather cut for Indian women in this list. The feathered hairstyle looks great on women with silky hair with subtle highlights and looks fabulous on Indian women of all ages.

However, it may not be an excellent option for women with fine hair, but they look great on ladies with thick and dense hair. This haircut makes you look more stunning with minimal styling and boosts your self-confidence.


Regardless of the hair type, a feather cut hairstyles look stylish and ultra-feminine, and there are different hairstyles you can try, each with different flattering ways to style your curls.

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