15 Stunning Indian Hairstyles for Medium Hair

by ananya

Most Indian women prefer long hair but some have no option but to maintain their hair medium or short to keep them in the desired texture and good shape as few are blessed with healthy and long hair. Medium length hair is easy to manage as compared to long hair. There are a variety of simple medium hairstyles for the medium hair you can choose for your styling.

With an understanding of these hairstyles, you will find it very easy to style your medium length hair in different ways for different occasions without having to go to the salon now and then.


Popular Medium Hairstyles for Indian Women

We have made it easy for you in selecting some of the exciting Indian hairstyles for medium hair. Most of them can just be done at home!

1. Poker Straight Haircuts

medium straight hair for indian women

It is one of the stunning Indian medium hairstyles for those who are not really sure about what to do with their hair. It only requires straightening, and you are ready to rock. It is one Indian look that never gets outdated.


2. Natural Waves

natural curly medium hairstyle for indian women

This is the simplest and the inexpensive amongst the medium hairstyles for Indian women. The hair is worn loosely in natural waves, and it rocks with almost all of your outfits. It is achieved by using a curling iron.

It can also be achieved with braids styled on wet hair. To get tighter hold, you can use mousse on your hair before plaiting it. It helps the hair stay in shape after the styling. It is a look that can be pulled off on any day.


3. Full-Length Curly Hairstyle

indian curly hairstyle for medium hair

This is an ideal Indian hairstyle for medium hair for the ladies who don’t want to spend much time styling their hair. All you require to do is roll your hair using a roller and then dress to the occasion. It is a simple hairstyle to pull off. Just ensure the curls are regularly, so they don’t lose their clumsiness.


4. Simple Looking Top Bun

hairstyle with bun for indian women

Though buns may not appear so appealing when made with medium length hair, they surely make one look beautiful and hustle-free. All you need is to gather the hair loosely and pin it up, and you are good to go. This hairstyle gives you a unique, bold character.


5. Fishtail Side Braid Hairstyles

fish tail braid for medium hair

Don’t be discouraged by how this style looks. This fishtail hairstyle is easy to do. You can wear it casually or with your morning attire. It looks gorgeous and can be achieved in a few minutes. It looks excellent when side-parted or when worn with a loose puff on the top of your head. It makes a sexy, simple Indian medium length hairstyle.


6. Untidy Side Braids

side braids for medium length hair

This messy side braids give you a sleek and subtle look. The messy side locks also increase the sensuality. This Indian hairstyles for medium  length hair are ideal for all hair types and face shapes. You can give it a formal look by adding a floral touch.


7. Half Up Half Down Curls

This is a gorgeous, simple Indian hairstyle for fine hair. Curls play a significant role in adding the bounce and the volume. The hair is held at the top using pins, and the rest is pinned nicely to give a ponytail effect.


8. Ironed Curls

medium haircut for indian women

One of  the standard medium Indian hairstyle is this curled haircut. To achieve this look, you require curling iron to make curls on your hair. The tall curls make hair voluminous and appear longer. You can also do side or center parting if you like. For a more stunning look, wear it with big earrings.


9. Layered Look

medium layered hair for indian women

Layers have an effect of making hair appear feathery and more voluminous giving it a delicate and sleek look. Layers are also very versatile because they can make thick hair easily manageable with this hairstyle. No complicated styling is needed to achieve this style.


10. Soft Curls with Long Bangs

This shoulder length simple Indian hairstyle on medium hair is an easy to achieve style which looks stunning and subtle. The front is maintained short, and curling is made at the back from the ends. It is highly worn hairstyle for a day to day looks. Also, the fluffy curves on the shoulders enhance this beauty.


11. Gorgeous Messy Bun

Gorgeous Messy Bun hairstyles for medium hair

This hairstyle is pulled off by pinning the bun differently from the messy bun at the back head. Add formal touch by incorporating fancy hair pin accessories. It is a style mostly worn at weddings and family events. It is ideal for women of all ages.


12. Stylish High Ponytail

The ponytail is undoubtedly the most common simple haircut for Indian women.  If making the hair look great for the whole day is what you like, this is perhaps your hairstyle. It can be worn in formal occasions, for evening outings, and for dates.


13. Waterfall Braid

It is one of the trendiest haircuts for Indian women with medium hair. These falling braids look great when worn with hair down. It is ideal for night parties or casual occasions.

Indian Party Hairstyles for Girls


14. Medium Length French Twist

Medium Length French Twist Bun

This effortless and classy haircut is a timeless haircut that stands out by itself. The vintage hairstyle can be worn aplomb at any special occasion. It is not such a complicated hairstyle as it may seem here, just little practice and get everything right.


15. Side Pony with Medium Hair

side ponytail for medium length hair

This is one of the relaxed and most preferred hairstyles for Indian girls with medium hair. It is the best hairstyle during the bad weather and when you are in a hurry.


Women mean different things when they are browsing for Indian haircut for medium length hair. Our advice is that when you are searching for the medium length hairstyles look at anything starting from the length of the neck, through the shoulder length, all the way down to collarbone.

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