15 Cool Anubis Tattoo Designs for Inspiration

When utilizing Greek, the name Anubis deciphers into the Ancient Egyptian divine force of the dead and existence in the wake of death. In antiquated folklore, Anubis was viewed as a standout amongst the most perplexing and puzzling divine beings in Egypt. His task was to ensure the general population who were heading off to life following death while he was in control.

Most as often as possible delineated as a canine or man with a canine’s head, Anubis has turned out to be a standout amongst the most typical and perceived lords of Ancient Egypt. Be that as it may, while Anubis is today a conspicuous image of Ancient Egyptian religion and culture, he had no impact in great Egyptian folklore!

It’s likewise worth to say that Anubis’ part fluctuated relying upon the unique circumstance and time. The Anubis tattoo is the picture of a pooch headed divine force of the dead. Anubis should watch over those souls who have gone into existence in the wake of death. Commonly, you will see Anubis put before different structures, similar to a Pyramid.

However, there are numerous approaches to translate the images that were left for us. He has been found in hieroglyphics as both taking a seat and standing up, which makes it hazy on his actual status, as when he was taking a seat, it was in a canine-like a position. Therefore, Anubis tattoo designs can have numerous implications relying upon the individual.

Regardless of whether you need a rebel tattoo of the Lord of the Underworld or basically need a cool Egyptian enlivened tattoo, Anubis is certainly a plan you can appreciate. Investigate these typical Anubis tattoo designs and get roused by some sweet Egyptian ink!

1. Cool Anubis Tattoo Design Ideas

It is such a masterpiece. The person who made this seems to be very professional. It is the latest modification in Anubis tattoo. It is like; the girl is playing the role of Anubis. The cross ankh, aggressive dog head and girl’s face exhibiting very strong expression.

2. Anubis Egyptian Symbol Tattoo Design Pictures

The Anubis is considered as a god of death by the ancient Egyptians, who protect the afterlives according to the myths. If you want to have the tattoo, do not mistake the jackal head with the dog head. The ankh tattoo behind the Anubis symbolizes the protection.

3. Amazing Anubis Tattoo Designs for Arm

A very well executed tattoo incorporating the Anubis, Horus Eye, and pyramid on the forearm, is the best way to reveal the Egyptian culture at one spot. These three characters hold a very important place in Egyptian’s culture.

4. New Anubis Head Tattoo Designs


Is this plan extremely detailed, as well as looks incredible without shading. What’s more, actually, the God you see here is a standout amongst the most ordinarily utilized!

5. Anubis Egyptian Tattoos Ideas for Leg

The angry snake and Anubis tattoo on leg symbolize the greatest war between them. According to Egyptian’s myth, the giant snake is considered as the biggest enemy of RA. The given tattoo executed the aggression of characters for each other very professionally. You can also see an ankh tattoo over the head of Anubis that symbolizes his protection.

6. Great Anubis Tattoo Sketch Ideas


Anubis Tattoo Designs

This outline highlights one of the best Anubis tattoo characters the Egyptian Horus. Not exclusively would you be able to effortlessly conceal this one with a shirt, however when demonstrating it off, your companions will undoubtedly be awed!

7. Black Anubis Forearm Tattoo Design Images

If you are really inspired by Egyptian culture and want Anubis inspired tattoo then, this black Anubis tattoo is particularly for you. The professionally executed jackal head with an ankh symbol and Egyptian jewelry is a complete package to have on your forearm.

8. Anubis and Horus Tattoo Trend


This Anubis tattoo designs is exceptionally engaging and fits splendidly along the upper back. Actually, the main genuine drawback to a tattoo this complex is the measure of the time it takes to complete it. Along these lines, in the event that you some have room schedule-wise to extra, at that point, this back piece is unquestionably an awesome decision!

9. Nice Anubis and Horus Tattoo for Chest

Anubis, Horus, and scarab beetle on men’s chest is a seamless spot. All these three symbols are perfectly placed in one place. Horus denoted as the god of the sky, Anubis as the god of death, and scarab beetle with wings as resurrection according to Egyptian’s myth.

10. Anubis and Bastet Tattoo Design Pictures

The cat is considered as the sacred creature by the Egyptians. According to Egyptian myth, it is denoted as the goddess of Egyptian religion called Bastet of the moon. If you believe in such things then, you can try this colorful cat tattoo on your forearm. The ankh tiara on cat head and the jewelry represent that the tattoo is totally inspired by ancient Egyptian culture.

11. Anubis and Osiris Tattoos Designs

In Egyptians, Anubis is denoted as the god of death and Osiris is denoted as the god of the afterlife. Both tattoos in the same place symbolize the harmony between these two. The pyramid symbolizes as the buried place of the Royals where they turned towards the afterlife.

12. Stunning Anubis Ankh Tattoo Art

This inked eye tattoo symbolizes the belief of Egyptians related to the sun. In Egyptians, one eye is denoted as protection. In some cases, the eye tattoo incorporates with the sun. The Ankh cross symbolizes the word “life”.

13. Stylish Anubis Tattoo Designs for Girls

It is just like previously discussed Anubis head tattoo design, the only difference is that it has incorporated with shades, which gives a more mysterious effect to the character.

14. Anubis Egyptian God Tattoo Meaning


Exceptionally engaging, and surely an awesome decision for the individuals who cherish conventional tattoos outlines. As should be obvious, this one likewise includes a similar Egyptian God utilized as a part of a couple of the former pictures, it is quite recently done in an alternate style.

15. Cabeza Anubis Tattoos Designs for Women

Cabeza means the top or head. The colorful and bright Tattoo featuring Anubis head on one leg and Horus head on another leg is a unique way to show your beliefs for Egyptian culture and myths.  The lunar or crescent moon locket in Anubis neck holds a special importance among Egyptians. It denotes the passage of time and fertility.