50 Cute Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tattoos

Is it accurate to say that you are and your accomplice hoping to get tattoos that match? We say simply put it all on the line! Obviously, it is vital to think before you ink Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tattoos. Ensure the outline and setting of the tattoo is precisely where you need it.

Be that as it may, frequently with regards to getting couples tattoos individuals consider for a really long time. So you stress over what may occur later on? Beyond any doubt, there are cases of individuals who have put it all on the line, got coordinating tattoos, or even the names of their accomplices done and afterward have a part.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tattoos are tied in with communicating how you feel, and if you have an inclination that you need to yell to the world about your adoration, and concrete it with some coordinating ink, at that point perhaps that is something you will never lament.

Regardless of whether you wind up going your different ways, or staying frantically strangely enamored forever and ever, pick something that best suits you as a couple. Tattoos represent feelings and emotion of couple and true lover and applied on the body to show their commitment which is being between them.

There are no tattoos designs until the actual meaning behind and some meaningful statements are shown. Sometimes statement shows the bad words and sometimes shows the loves to someone.

The trend of applying tattoos on the body becomes most popular within the last few years and now we can see that most people especially young boys and girls are more interested in these designs.

In this article, we show the new designs of couple tattoos or boyfriend and girlfriend tattoos that are mostly applied and liked by new young generation. These designs are used to enhance their looking and attract other people especially attract to his or her lover.

Tattoos are created in different forms like angel shape, butterfly, star, dragon and Polynesian tattoos. They are created mostly in both arms and some people create them any place of the body according to their need.

The place and designs of tattoos are changed with the changed of culture because every culture has its own norms and values which should be followed by everyone. In the previous article dragon tattoos designs, we briefly discussed tattoos designs and its side effect on culture and environment.

As you know about henna designs which are used by young girls to decorate their hands on the occasion of wedding and engagement. We have an article in the previous page of this site in which we share some beautiful designs of henna tattoos that are also applied in some culture especially in Asia region.

Boyfriend and girlfriend tattoos represent the feeling of the relationship between them. They adopt these kinds of tattoos on valentine day and some other happiest movement of life because a day which is celebrated by a lover and close friends and the day in which boyfriend and girlfriend show their feeling of love is referred as valentine day.

I think you already have seen our previous article which is specifically written on valentine day that is, valentine day tattoos ideas and you can consider the extension of this previous article.

So, you have great opportunity to enjoy this article with interlink article and you can select one of these designs which are given because we sure that these designs will greatly help to increase your beauty and you can get the attraction of that person which you want.

1. Good Married Couple Tattoo Ideas

Bonnie and Clyde’s tattoo is for those couples who believe that love is beyond anything and when nothing is left, love of their partner is always there for them.

2. Best Boyfriend Girlfriend Tattoos Images

The given tattoo leads the observer into the fantasy. The heart symbolizes the love for the close relations.

3. Fantastic Couple Matching Tattoos Designs

The crossed arrows reveal a deep friendship between boy and girlfriend.

4. Dog and Cat Tattoo Design for Couple

If the couple has a contradiction in believes or experiences or has some kind of inharmonious then, they can get the dog and cat tattoo on their wrist.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tattoos

5. Small Husband and Wife Matching Tattoos Ideas

It is one of the cutest boyfriend and girlfriend tattoos that express the childish or fun-loving side of each other.

6. Boyfriend and Girlfriend Crown Tattoo Designs

It is a magnificent boyfriend girlfriend tattoo that a couple can get to adore each other like a king and queen.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Crown Tattoo Designs

7. Amazing Matching Tattoos Art for Couples

The message has written on the wheel and the anchor itself expresses the feeling of couples a lot.

Amazing Matching Tattoos Art for Couples

8. Cool Lettering Tattoo for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

The love her and respect him tattoo shows the deep affection of boyfriends and girlfriends for each other.

Cool Lettering Tattoo for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

9. Side Rib Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tattoos Ideas

If you are looking for a love quotation tattoo that expresses your affection for your boyfriend or girlfriend then, the side rib tattoo is for you.

Side Rib Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tattoos Ideas 2016

10. Small Boyfriend and Girlfriend Wrist Tattoo Designs

The given wrist boyfriend girlfriend tattoo reveals the deep affection of couples for each other. It also expresses the lifetime commitment of a relationship.

Small Boyfriend and Girlfriend Wrist Tattoo Designs

11. Cute Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tattoo Art for Party

The given yin-yang tattoo is for those boyfriends and girlfriends who want to get joined with each other for the rest of their whole life.

Cute Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tattoo Art for Party

12. Boyfriend and Girlfriend Matching Rose Flower Tattoos

Matching rose tattoo reveals the harmony and devotedness among the boyfriend and girlfriend.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Matching Rose Flower Tattoos

13. Heart Shape Tattoo for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

The given unique heart shape tattoo resembles the king and queen crown. It is a lovely way to honor your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Heart Shape Tattoo for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

14. Heart and Key Girlfriend and Boyfriend Tattoo Designs

The heart lock on girl’s hand and a key tattoo on boy’s hand express that the key which opens your heart only belongs to me.

Heart and Key Girlfriend and Boyfriend Tattoo Designs 2018

15. Boyfriend and Girlfriend Matching Tattoo on Ankle

Expressing the feeling through written tattoo messages rather than any symbol or art might seem simple but has an incredible feeling of getting in love.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Matching Tattoo on Ankle 2016

16. Awesome Armband Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tattoos

The awesome given tattoo is revealing a cutest naughty relation between a couple.

Awesome Armband Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tattoos

17. Lovely Tattoos for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

If you and your partner is a kitty lover then, this lovely boy and girlfriend tattoo is surely for you.

Lovely Tattoos for Boyfriend and Girlfriend 2017

18. Couple Heart and Wings Tattoo Designs on Hands

Heart and wings tattoo reveals a beautiful message .i.e. the heart gets completed when the two souls come together and it gets destroyed when they move away from each other.

Couple Heart and Wings Tattoo Designs on Hands

19. Cute Boyfriend Girlfriend Matching Tattoo Ideas

“Expecto patronum” tattoo is inspired by “Harry Potter” series. The couple has considered it as a charm generating the positive vibes. The owl symbolizes the wisdom.

Cute Boyfriend Girlfriend Matching Tattoo Ideas

20. Stunning Matching Tattoo Art for Relationship

The “lock hearts” boy and girlfriend tattoo expresses that the couple is committed to each other and there is no place for someone else.

Stunning Matching Tattoo Art for Relationship

21. Tiny Heart Tattoo on fingers for Couples

Tiny red heart tattoo with name initial of boyfriend and girlfriend looks very fascinating in terms of love.

22. Sparrow and Cage Tattoo for Relationship

This beautiful picturization of boyfriend-girlfriend tattoo reveals that the girl is going to commit herself forever, in the love of her boyfriend.

23. His and Her Chess Piece Tattoo

If the couples have an interest in chess game then, they can get a unique his and her tattoo of chess king and queen on their wrist to express love for each other.

24. Cute Star Tattoo for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Star tattoos are always in trend for boy and girlfriends. These are simple but look awesome near on the ankles.

25. Colorful Heart Tattoo for Couples

The given colorful heart tattoo is an enchanting inspiration for boy and girlfriend. The heart on boy’s hand looks tousy but when his love comes close to him, it becomes completely filled on girl’s hand or vice versa. It is really an amazing concept.

26. Heart Beat Tattoo for Boyfriend Girlfriend

Here is another example of “lifeline” tattoo for boyfriend-girlfriend with a heart outline and names of lovebirds.

27. Script Hand Tattoo for Boy and Girlfriend

It is another crowned tattoo for boy and girlfriend that have created on the hands instead of the wrist.

28. Lip Tattoo for Relationship

Lip tattoo is trending rapidly among boyfriends and girlfriends because of their unique appearance.

29. Connecting Beat Tattoo for Couples

The connecting beat tattoo expresses the “lifeline” message of boyfriend and girlfriend. The connection of line shows that they are nothing without each other.

30. Insta Like Tattoo for Relationship

It is an insta “love” inspired tattoo for boy and girlfriends that looks super classy.

31. Lizard Tattoo for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

The lizard tattoo might seem annoying to you but when you pay attention to the given image, you will surely get surprised that these two lizards are manifesting the heart shape.

32. Mickey and Minnie Tattoo for Relationship

The cutest Mickey and Minnie tattoo is for that boyfriend-girlfriend, who is the greatest fan of Disney world.

33. Cute Dinosaur Tattoo for Couples

The mini dinosaurs on couple’s hand look very adorable, as shown in the image below;

34. Midnight Horror Tattoo for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

The given Boy and girlfriend tattoo reveals the endearing nature of the couple. The horror bodies on couple’s hand are trying to put their hands closer which is representing the cutest part of their relation.

35. Robotic Tattoo for Relationship

Here is another idea that is super cute. The robots look deeply fallen in love, which actually expressing the feeling of the couple who have worn these robots on their skin.

36. Moon and Sun Couple Tattoo

The sun on boy’s hand and a moon on girl’s hand reveal a strong message of love for each other .i.e. in happiness as well as in the time difficulties, we will be the support for each other.

37. Semi-Colon and Cat Tattoo for Relationship

It is a very fascinating boyfriend girlfriend tattoo. The paw and cat tattoo on girl’s hand reveals the kind love while the semi-colon on boy’s hand represents the continuity of their relation. The blue color reveals the caring nature of partners.

38. Skull Tattoo for Boy and Girlfriend

Skull king and queen boyfriend girlfriend tattoo is a creative way to express love for the loved ones. You can also get the Q and K along with heart tattoo to make it more promising, which represents the queen or king of his and her heart.

39. Thumb Printed Heart Tattoo for Couples

The given tattoo is a beautiful way to express the emotions for your boyfriend or girlfriend. The thumb of partners has printed in the shape of a heart on the wrist of each other.

40. Traditional Art Tattoo for Relationship

Here is another wheel and anchor tattoo that has the same message as the previous mentioned inked anchor tattoo but it looks more colorful and attractive.

41. Sugar Skull Tattoo for Boy and Girlfriend

Sugar skull tattoo reveals that the boy and girlfriend are really inspired by Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead day. The colorful tattoo art symbolizes a happy smile.

42. Tree of Couple life Tattoo

It reveals the positive vibes and eternal love of the couple for each other.

43. Unique Tattoo Wear for Couples

It is a unique boyfriend girlfriend tattoo that contains the initials of the couple as an illuminator.

44. Heart Lock and Key Tattoo for Relationship

The inked open heart tattoo on one partner’s hand and the key on the other partner’s hand show that the person has opened the heart of his or her girlfriend/boyfriend.

45. Dream House Tattoo for Couples

Dream house tattoo is for those boyfriends and girlfriends who want to spend their dream life with each other at their dream place.

46. Cute Circle Tattoo for Couples

Circles tattoo reveals the never-ending love between the couples.

47. Alien Head Tattoo for Boyfriend Girlfriend

An alien head tattoo is for that boyfriend-girlfriend who is really inspired by American pop culture.

48. Expressive Tattoo for Relationship

The expressive boyfriend girlfriend tattoos are the perfect way to express their feelings for each other.

49. Inter-Locking Heart Tattoo

It is an innovative mini tattoo for boyfriend and girlfriend. A heart shape has made when the partners interlock their hands.

50. Keep Forwarding Couple Tattoo

It is a mini boyfriend girlfriend tattoo but has a very deep message. i.e. I want to keep forward with you in all the ups and downs of life.


We hope that you really enjoyed exploring the boyfriend-girlfriend tattoos. You can try any of the aforementioned tattoos according to your likes or dislikes. We recommend you to always go to a skilled tattoo artist because getting a tattoo is like taking risks. Always search for the tattoo designs and choose the most suitable one.