10 Best Cowgirl Hairstyles for Trendy Women to Rock

Nowadays both men and women love to try different hairstyles to have a unique and best look. Among the numerous hairstyles, cowgirl hairstyles have become a new trend for the ladies. This hairstyles are simple and look more natural. This cute and messy type style is more fashionable and is perfect for any casual or formal party. There are various types of cowgirl hairstyles that can be adopted.


Cowgirl Hairstyle Ideas

To get a stylish appearance, you don’t always need to waste a lot of time on this. With some easy steps, you can get your new hairstyle without any trouble. There are many simple ways to have a catchy hairstyle. Cowgirl hairstyles are classy and most of them are easy to create. Below we have gathered 10 best cowgirl hairstyles. Have a look:

1. Bohemian Braid Hairstyle

Which hairstyle could be more gorgeous than the Bohemian Braid Hairstyle for the cowgirls? Our opinion is no one.

Ideal For: It is ideal for long textured hair.

How to Style: Swipe all your hair on the side of the one shoulder.  Start braiding your hair from the top to the end of the hair. Do not braid your hair tightly, keep it a little messy or loose in order to add more volume to your hair.

cowgirl hairstyle with bohemian braid


2. Loose Side Braid Style

If you have thin hair then, you should surely go for a loose side braid for a promising look.

Ideal For: It is ideal for silky and thin hair. Loose side braid hairstyle is ideal for those cowgirls who have short-medium hair.

How to Style: Keep the top hair of the head a little messy and start braiding your hair from the back. Sweep the braid on the side for stylish look. Make the braid messy for a textured appearance.

loose side braid style for cowgirl


3. Side Sleeked Hairstyle

The given hairstyle is now considered as a trendy and attractive hairstyle amongst working cowgirls because of its perfectly maintained look.

Ideal For: It is ideal for an extra-long and thick hair.

How to Style: Start twisting your hair from the right side of the head to the left side in order to conjoin them. Once you did, keep the braid on the side for an awesome look.

cowgirl hairstyle


4. Simple Back Ponytail

It is very simple and easy to maintain hairstyle for cowgirls.

Ideal For: It is ideal for any face shape, hair texture, and hair length.

How to Style: Swept back your hair and tie them into a ponytail at the back with the help of an elastic hairband. Wear a hat to add life to the simple ponytail cowgirl hairstyle.

ponytail for cowgirl


5. Two Braided Hair

The given hairstyle reveals a real-life avatar of a cowgirl.

Ideal For: It is ideal for any hair type, length, and facial features.

How to style: Keep the top hair untidy and flowing. Separate the hair into two sections. Start braiding the hair right after the ear zone.  Wear a black cowgirl hat in order to complete the look.

two braided hair


6. Long fishtail braid for cowgirls

Here is another glamorous hairstyle for cowgirls to adapt for a bewitching look.  It reveals a soft look of a cowgirl.

Ideal For: It is ideal for long hair. It suits oval, oblong and round face shape.

How to Style It: Keep the top hair untidy for a messy look. Make a ponytail at the back of the head.  Now make two sections of hair. Grab a smaller section of right side hair toward the center and conjoin it with a smaller section of left side hair by pulling them tight. Repeat the steps until it is done.


7. Messy Topknot for Cowgirls

For some of the working cowgirls, it is hard to spend time in styling their hair.  The messy topknot is particularly for them.

Ideal For: It is ideal for an oval face shape and longer hair.

How to Style: Grab your all hair. Make a twist of hair with the help of the hands and tie them at the top of the head while keeping them a little messy.


8. Side braid hawk for Cowgirls

It is one of the stylish and innovative hairstyles for the cowgirls.

Ideal for: It is ideal for thick wavy hair.

How to Style: Divide the hair into several sections on the right side of the head. Start braiding each section in an upward direction. Keep the remaining hair untidy and swept on one side. You can blonde your hair for an extra striking look.


9. Half tied sleek hair

The given half tied hairstyle looks elegant on cowgirls.

Ideal For: It is ideal for sleek straight hair. It suits the oval and oblong face shape.

How to Style: The styling includes a very simple step. i.e. side swept your hair and tie the half portion of hair at the back of the head with bob pins.


10. Messy Braid with a Bandana

The messy braid hairstyle with a bandana and a red lipstick changes the overall appearance of cowgirls.

Ideal For: It is ideal for long hair and suits the oval and heart shape the most.

How to Style: You can make any style of a braid just keep it messy for a voluminous look. Wear a bandana around the forehead in order to add a charm into a simple messy braid.



Hope you have loved our list of cowgirl hairstyles. These above rocking styles look great on every girl and in all skin tones.  No one especially the girl wants to compromise with their look and want to try something new and innovative. So whether your hair is long or medium, try out one from above and have a different and charming hairstyle.