9 Good Foods To Eat in The Morning

Taking good food and in proper time in a day is the symbol of healthy body. Our bodies require some energy to spend a day with smart mood and attractive. Start a day with some good foods to eat in the morning is the guarantee of long life with good health. We often see that mostly people avoid breakfast due to lack of time because they work late night and they cannot be able to wake up for breakfast due to lack of time because they wake up just before few minutes ago of office time and go to the office without taking breakfast.

A research study shows that those persons who don’t take breakfast their life expectation will be decreased and they face many diseases in the early age. So you should must give time to our health and eat in the morning even some light breakfast but take it necessary.

The purpose of writing this article to share with you some most suitable foods to eat in the morning and some other discussion related to good foods. We have some highlighted best foods to eat in the morning and you should take it one of them and you can also lose weight by adopting these foods because these foods having those vitamins whose remove extra fat from your body. There are the following some good food items which you should take it for your good health.

Foods to Eat in the Morning

Best Foods To Eat in The Morning

1. Eggs

Take eggs in the morning are undeniably and delicious, study shows that egg at breakfast can increase feelings of fullness and it is able to decrease fat from your body and they are also help to keep your body blood steady.

Another study tells that taking egg in the morning can also help for your eyes and prevent you from eye disorder like cataracts and muscular degeneration and it is also helpful for liver health. Almost 20 gram high protein can get just from three eggs which is the best source of choline and those nutrients which are helpful for our brain.

2. Greek Yogurt

Eating yogurt in the morning can help to control your weight because they increase the hormones level that promote fullness. These yogurts will help you to maintain your health and control cell in the internal body. It is made by straining whey other liquid form the curds, which produces those elements which is gratefully for protein. The most importance of Greek yogurt is that it will help full for to control breast cancer from your body.

3. Coffee

Mostly people start day with coffee and we can say that this is an amazing beverage to start a day. We can you it to increase the mental ability or also reduce your extra fat from your body. Coffees have collection of antioxidants which reduce inflammation and protect the cell in your body vessel and decrease the risk of liver disease. You can also burn calories 100 to 150 from your body by using 100 mg caffeine per day and even small amount of caffeine affect same as discussed above.

4. Oatmeal

For those people whose love cereal is the good breakfast, Oatmeal made from ground oats which having unique fiber and these fiber will help your health even reduce cholesterol from your body. They have also some proteins whose reduce fat and control your weight.

Oatmeal is rich in antioxidants whose protect you from heart disease and control blood pressure in the body. Take one cup of oatmeal having 6 gram of proteins, which won’t provide the benefits of higher proteins breakfast.

5. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are another major source of fiber around and they are extremely nutrients. You can get 11 gram of fiber by using one ounce of chia seeds. A research study prove that those persons who ate chia seeds only for  12 weeks regularly these people easily control their blood pressure and they improve their blood sugar easily. There are some ingredients are given which help to you for your health and you can learn how to use it also.

  • One ounce dried chia seeds
  • One scoop protein powder
  • One cup of coconut milk
  • Half cup of barriers

You should combine all of these ingredients and mix them well and then cover it and keep it on refrigerator for at least one hour.

6. Berries

Using berries are also a big source of good health and control your weight as well. This is one of the good foods to eat in the morning with delicious and packed antioxidants. Berries include lower amount of sugar but higher fiber and 8 gram fiber provide against one cup. You can eat berries with Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.

7. Nuts

Having high calories and help to prevent weight gain, used in the breakfast for satisfying and nutrients. Other major benefits of nuts are reduce insulin, improve heart and helpful for other risk factors. For intake of selenium nuts are recommended in Brazil and they consider the best source to prevent from selenium and it is also useful for those people who are facing diabetes.

8. Green Tea

Green tea is considered is one of the best beverages in the world. You can get 35 to 70 mg of caffeine with only one cup which becomes the half amount of coffee. Many studies even 17 studies prove that green tea will helpful for heart and those people who drink green tea regularly they prevent form many harmful disease.

9. Protein Shake

To start a good day should be start with good foods is the wish of every of respectable and those person who loves their life. In these foods one of the best foods is protein shake or smoothie. Protein can be in the form of whey, egg, and Soy and pea protein. The beauty of protein is that it is quickly absorbs in the body and having other benefits according to our body health. As the proteins prevent our body from much disease, it will also be fruitful for our body fitness as well.

There are many other foods are used in the world in the morning time and in these foods some most suitable and useful foods to eat in the morning which is discussed above. For getting fitness and prevent your body from many disease even harmful disease you should adopt these foods in the morning.