How to Braid A Scarf with Panache – A Cool Accessory

Braided scarf is a cool way to wear and add a spark to your style. No outfit is ready without adding a cool accessory, especially in winter. Once the cold days arrive you’ll want to get cozy and throw on a scarf, gloves and a hat. Wearing a scarf in the same old way every single season can become boring.

So why not try something new and fresh. One of the coolest ways to rock this accessory is to learn how to braid a scarf. It looks absolutely amazing, and everyone will want to know how you did it. If you are a gal obsessed with unique details, you simply have to try this technique.


Step-by-Step Process of Braiding A Scarf

The braided scarf will upgrade all of your outfits and you can even rock it at work. Follow these five steps as your detailed guide to a standout scarf.

Step 1:

how to braid a scarf

This is a very simple process all you need is some extra patience. Your braided scarf will be ready in no time. The first step includes choosing the right scarf. It has to be a long one so that you can have enough material to braid. Thicker designs can be much harder to work with.

That’s why our recommendation is to work with thinner materials, which have just enough length. Tie it, by making a loop knot into the scarf. If you find it easier, you can also put it around your neck and create a huge loop that fits your head. This is the initial step in the fun activity called “how to braid a scarf”.

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Step 2:

process of braiding a scarf

Before you learn actually how to braid a scarf, you need to know which are the three strands. Just like with any other braid, you will need three parts. The process is the same as with hair. Simple, and fun.

First, turn the loop on the side, so that you can actually figure out what you’re doing. You will now notice three strands. There are two ends and the third one is a part of the loop. You can choose between the left or right, whichever one’s easier for you.


Step 3:

braiding process of scarf for women

Let’s explain the braiding process for the scarf. You start by putting the three sections or strands between your fingers. This will be very helpful, especially for first-timers. Once all of the sections are in place, you can debut your braided scarf.

The first move is to move the left strand towards the front and wrap it over the middle one. The middle one will be the part that comes from the loop. The other two sections will be moving.


Step 4:

how to braid women's scarf

Continue by doing the same thing with the right strand. Take it over to the front and wrap it over the middle one. Continue braiding and eventually, you’ll know that you’ve achieved the goal.

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Step 5:

braided scarf for women

Once the braiding is done, let the two strands loose. If it was a really long scarf, you will be left with two larger sections. If you braided the scarf till the very end, there will be two short endings. Either way, such a fabulous accessory.