15 Dazzling Indian Hairstyles for Thin Hair

by ananya

If you have the fine, and tender tresses, that many celebrities, from Bollywood to Hollywood also have; be assured that there are many advantages to your bestowed genetics. We have carefully selected 15 elegant Indian hairstyles – just for you!


Best Indian Hairstyles for Thin Hair

If you are want to try some gorgeous hairstyles with your thin hair, here we have handpicked some amazing Indian hairstyles that will give your thin hair a flawless look.


#1. Braided waterfall styled straight

braided waterfall hairstyle for thin hair

For a youthful but graceful style; braid your hair on one side. A French plait or plain plait will do. You can braid both sides, or choose to have a side braid. The plait can wrap around the head, or merge in the center. Hot iron the length of the hair, for straight, smooth look.


#2. Braided waterfall styled with waves

indian hairstyles for thin hair

For the additional body, or if you have curly hair; braid from front to back. Tousle with volume mousse, or use a curling tong to create desired curls and waves. Faux hair and other accessories may be added.


#3. Side braided bun with flowers

Indian Side braided bun with flowers

The side braided bun is an apt choice for showing off some stylish elegance. You can choose to braid certain sections of hair or bouffant all the hair loosely. Small sections of hair are coiled and interlaced to form a rosy updo, on one side of the nape, Faux hair may be used.


#4. Messy milkmaid bun with braid


Indian Side braided bun with short hair

This Indian hairstyle style adds natural body and waves. Make a medium plait halfway across the head. Leave the fringe area free flowing. Twirl and twist sections of hair toward the back. Pin up in a messy bun, with accessories and flowers.


#5. Mid parted chignon

 Mid parted chignon for thin hair

This elegant hairstyle for women is simple and works great for thin hair. Middle parted hair is combed smoothly back. A neat, classy chignon is twirled at the nape.


#6. Bouffant half ponytail with curls


For a young at heart style, brush back half of your hair. Fasten just above the nape. Allow the remaining hair to flow loosely, in tendrils. A wisp or two can stray to create mystery.


#7. High, smooth bun

We love the way Deepika glows in this high, sleek bun. To accentuate your features, sweep all your hair high up on your crown. Twirl a bun of your choice and fasten. Certainly the glam of Bollywood.


#8. Vintage curled bob

Vintage curled bob hairstyle for thin hair

In this hairstyle for women with short hair, side part the hair and smooth on either side. Using a curling tong; swirl the hair inwards to create a mushroom effect. Exaggerate the curl on one side.


#9. Long choppy bob

indian hairstyle with Long choppy bob

For a simple, tousled look; part the hair asymmetrically. Use a heat appliance to create choppy waves flowing out and in.


#10. Long layered waves

Layers are always great for thin hair. Use a heating appliance to create long waves. Side part the hair, deeply, onto one side. Wear half of the hair forward.


#11. Chic twisted updo

If you have naturally straight, fine hair; this style embodies elegance and vibrancy. Allow your fringe and side wisps to fall forward. Pull the remaining hair back, and twist into a little flower bun, at the very top of the head.


#12. Semi crunched long layers

The wonders of long hair are that you can wear it any way you choose. Fine, or thick; crunched or smoothed; long hair certainly embodies femininity.  Side part your hair, and use a mild volume spray. Crunch the hair gently, to form irregular waves.


#13. High volume layers

You would need a lot of mousse for this full body look. Spray root volumizer generously, in all sections of the hair. Part asymmetrically. Use a heating iron to create long, enchanting waves.


#14. Smooth cascading tresses

different hairstyles with thin hair

This classy, feminine Indian hairstyle for thin hair is made possible with very little fuss. Use a little root volumizer to create body. Part asymmetrically. Use a heating iron to smooth the hair. Just before the end of the strands; twist your wrist in or out to create gentle waves.


#15. Long layered vintage side curves

indian long layered cut with thin hair

This style is oozing with charisma and elegance. The hair is parted at the side, smoothed with a hot iron. Gentle rolls are made using the iron, in an outward motion; starting with the shorter layers; all the way down.


There are a few points to consider for finer hair.

  • To create volume; use a high volume mousse, or spray.
  • To create depth; use faux hair, hair extensions or layers.
  • Style your hair with waves and curls, feel confident in teasing your hair, from the root, to create body.


With all of the above; and a little patience, your fine, gentle strands can work to your absolute advantage. Whatever style you choose, we’re certain our simple, elegant Indian hairstyles will be a show stopper for any occasion.

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