Benefits of Red Marine Algae – No. 3 is Surprising

Red marine algae is packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins and can deliver many benefits to the overall health of the system when taken properly. Mother Nature has provided us with some of the most amazing and surprising elements that can help keep us all happy and healthy in a natural and holistic way. Here, we will shed light on the benefits or red marine algae so keep reading to learn.

If you are wanting to move away from more manufactured and chemical-packed treatments and remedies, then red marine algae is a good place to start! In particular, if you find yourself suffering from long-term viral infections such as herpes and HIV then you need to read on!


What is Red Marine Algae?

benefits of red marine algae

More commonly known as a sea vegetable, red marine algae has been used in China and Japan for a number of centuries due to its plethora of health benefits.

The algae actually grows in the sea and there are more than 4,000 species of red algae known. Green and brown algae are also available as a herbal treatment however they should not be confused with the benefits that are brought about by the red variety.

The two most revered types of red marine algae are Gigartina and Dumontiacea and it is recommended that both be taken in combination with one another so that you can reap the potential benefits of both strains.

Gigartina is a strain of the algae which aids the skin and the immune system. This subspecies contains a unique type of protein-bound carbohydrate that is known to boost the body’s immune system, enhancing its bacteria-fighting capabilities. Due to this, the algae is often used for fighting oral or genital herpes, shingles, flu, and HIV.

Dumontiacea is also another form of red marine algae which is extracted from this sea cucumber and it too has antiviral properties, however, they function in a slightly different way to that of the Gigartina variety. This strain is used mostly for herpes virus I and II as it is believed to suppress any break-outs and also decrease the frequency of them.

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How to Take Red Marine Algae

how to take red marine algae

Red marine algae benefits have been widely accepted. It comes in a dried form in Asia and is actually eaten as a snack! However, this is clearly not an option available to all, and if you are not in a position to indulge in such things then you can purchase the algae in varying other forms.

These can include capsules, as a powder or as a herbal tonic in a bottle with a dropper. For topical treatments, you can also purchase creams that contain this large doses of this algae mixed with a carrier or base lotion.

You will need to use these remedies in accordance with the specific instructions on your chosen form of treatment. How and how often you use it will also depend on whether you are using red marine algae as a specific treatment for an ailment or as a continuous preventative dose.

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Benefits of Red Marine Algae

  • First benefit of red marine algae is that it can help to support a healthy immune system and encourage a natural and sustained immune support system.
  • It can also help to benefit the overall health of the skin especially for those suffering from herpes, psoriasis, eczema and any other long-term skin conditions.
  • Red marine algae are highly antioxidant and contain many anti-viral elements and it has been used successfully in a vast number of cases to help combat severe viral conditions such as HIV, shingles and oral and genital herpes and Epstein Barr Syndrome.
  • This algae can also promote quick recovery from cuts, bruises and grazes and so it is a great addition to any first aid kit.
  • Most humans can become resistant to antibiotics and anti-viral medications over time however it is not thought that this also applies to red marine algae. It does not appear to permit the body to build up any defiance to it and its potency continues to work strongly in the system regardless of the duration of time it is used for.
  • Red marine algae can help with joint, cardio and digestive health.


So, if you are looking to add more natural products to your health and first aid arsenal, then red marine algae is a good place to start as it has so many benefits and combats a number of otherwise quite severe ailments.