10 Trendy Haircuts for Women With Heart Shaped Faces

One of the most important factors for choosing the right hairstyle is the shape of your face. Haircuts for heart shaped faces vary and you can choose the one you like the best. The perfect face form is oval. Women and men with such face shapes can choose any hairstyle they wish.

Meanwhile, people with round, long, and heart-shaped faces need to do a good job choosing a suitable haircut to improve the image. While it’s easy to deal with long and round shapes, the heart shape is a little trickier and requires more attention.


Heart Face Shape – Which Haircut Should You Pick?

Choosing the right haircut for women with heart shape face depends on whether or not you like your face form. Some women don’t appreciate it and want the face to look closer to the perfect oval form. Meanwhile, other girls like what nature gave them and don’t mind emphasizing them.

We collected 10 easy to make and more or less simple to maintain hairstyle to satisfy both groups of women. These haircuts outline the heart shaped faces and make them look amazingly attractive.  You can find the hairstyle you like the best and try it today!

1. Asymmetry

Asymmetry haircuts idea for heart shaped faces

Asymmetry is a great idea when coming up with a haircut for heart-shaped faces. Your goal is to give your cheekbones some volume to balance out the thin bottom part. You can do it with an asymmetrical bob.


2. Asymmetrical bangs

heart shaped faces with Asymmetrical bang hairstyle

Asymmetrical bangs can make your pixie look fantastic. They are a great choice for a heart-shaped face since they cover up the wide forehead.  You can experiment with various lengths of asymmetrical bangs.


3. A-line bob

women heart shaped faces with bob cut

A line bob looks wonderful since it rounds up the thin chin of the heart shaped face. You can play around with bob styles and consider various length and types of bangs to go with them. Anyway, you’ll look fantastic.


4. Waves

Wave haircuts for heart shaped faces girl

If you are not a fan of bangs, another way to create a good haircut for a heart shaped face is to round it up with the waves. Long waves need to be styled to surround the face. It can be done with curls as well.


5. Medium length wavy bob

Medium length wavy bob hairstyle

If you have slightly wavy and frizzy hair, don’t rush to straighten it out. This messy and windblown look is a perfect haircut for a heart shaped face as long as you add bangs and keep them neat.


6. Angled bangs

haircuts for heart shaped faces 23-min-min

Angled bangs can be wonderful for a heart shaped face. Just make sure not to overdo the length. Your bangs should be long enough to reach the eyebrows so they can be easily swept to the side and kept neat.


7. Added volume

haircuts for heart shaped faces 25-min-min

Adding volume to the top part of the hairstyle is a good idea if you want to flaunt your heart shaped face. If not, then you should try to avoid adding too much extra volume on top while keeping the hair thin on the bottom.


8. Rounded bob with sharp ends

haircuts for heart shaped faces 26-min-min

As we said before, a rounded bob is one of the best haircuts for heart shaped faces. But if you are not satisfied with a simple bob, you can add some variety to it. Consider creating long and sharp ends as you see on the picture.


9. Highlights

Highlights hair with heart shaped faces for black women

Take advantage of the highlights to make your haircut appear smoother. Depending on your color preference and the color of your skin, you can make any highlights you wish as long as they visually boost the volume.


10. Slight waves

women heart shaped face look

The slight waves are another way to make your heart shaped face look fantastic. When coupled with blunt bangs and long locks, the overall image becomes amazing. Consider curling the bangs slightly as well.


Haircuts for heart shaped faces can make you look awesome without too much effort. Whenever you run out of ideas, you can consider a few of the above options to change your appearance for the better.