Tea Tree Oil for Wrinkles: Does It Really Work?

Essential oils like tea tree oil prevent skin from getting wrinkles and benefits skin in many other ways.  Aging is an unavoidable part of life and so is wrinkles and globally millions are spent every year by people trying to delay the process or remove the evidence!

When we age our skin becomes thinner, drier and loses its elasticity. The skin also becomes less able to regenerate and protect itself from environmental damages and this is what can cause wrinkling. In this article, we will shade lights on how to use tea tree oil for wrinkles


What Causes Wrinkles?

causes of wrinkles

Wrinkles are effectively creases or folds that are formed within the skin and the first wrinkles that appear tend to be as a result of facial expressions. So, you will probably see them develop first around your mouth, eyes, and forehead.

It is believed that each time a person uses a facial muscle a furrow forms under the surface of the skin. With younger people this indentation corrects itself and springs back but as we age, and the skin becomes less elastic the grooves become more permanent and defined.

There are things that can quicken and intensify the wrinkling process such as too much exposure to direct sun, UV beds or tanning booths, smoking, alcohol, and dehydration. Genetic factors can also play a part.

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How Can We Avoid Wrinkles?

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People who work outdoors or in direct sunlight are very prone to damaged skin. Collagen is a key element needed within the dermal layer to help keep it supple and strong. As the collagen breaks down the skin becomes weaker and less flexible which enhances the tendency towards wrinkling.

If you do find yourself exposed to lots of sun, cover up as much as possible, especially with a hat, and use plenty of sun cream. Try to avoid sunbeds if possible and keep well hydrated.

Smoking and alcohol can also have an impact on the skin’s health as both parch the body and reduce the healthy blood supply that keeps the body rejuvenated. Aging is a big budget industry as it is something every person goes through and the effects of it are relatively unavoidable.

There are many products on the market claiming to be the miracle cure for that one dreaded side effect of aging – wrinkles. But along with these lotions and potions, you will likely see a hefty price tag and a lot of suspiciously named chemicals.

If you prefer watching what synthetic products you use on your body, along with keeping an eye on your bank balance, then there are claims that there are very natural and affordable alternatives available.

Some of the most popular natural remedies for wrinkles include olive oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. However, the most up-and-coming popular remedy is currently something you may already have in your first aid box – tea tree oil.


What Is Tea Tree Oil?

tea tree oil for wrinkles

Tea tree oil is also known as melaleuca oil and, as you would expect, is extracted from the leaves of a tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) but this should not be confused with how your normal cup of the brewed tea is made!

Tea tree oil is already renowned for having many benefits, especially its antiseptic properties. Tea tree oil is great for reducing the skin wrinkles and if you suffer from acne as the antibacterial qualities can destroy germs and help prevent scarring.

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How Does Tea Tree Oil Help Wrinkles?

Essential oils generally are great for the skin. They help keep moisture locked in and can boost the skin’s elasticity. Tea tree oil can help regulate the production of oil in the body. It works by countering the dilapidation of collagen in the skin. It also removes toxins and water build up which gives the skin a fresher and more firm appearance. This is how tea tree oil works for wrinkles.


How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Wrinkles

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Wrinkles


  • Never take tea tree oil orally – it should strictly be applied to the skin only.
  • Choose an oil that is 100% organic, pure and from a reputable source.
  • Test a small patch of skin with the oil to ensure that you do not have a reaction or any allergy to it.
  • Generally, it is recommended that you use a concentration of around 5-10% if you are choosing to mix with a carrier oil.
  • Every morning and evening wash your face to remove any makeup or dirt and then thoroughly cleanse the skin. Then using a cotton pad add a few drops of oil and apply to the desired area.
  • Keep your essential oil in a dark bottle away from direct light and heat sources as this can destroy the efficacy of the product.

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As with most remedies some people swear by using tea tree oil for wrinkles whilst others state they have seen no difference to their skin – I guess this is one that you’d need to try for yourself to see!