10 Black And Gold Eye Makeup Ideas for Flattering Looks

Black and gold eye makeup looks are popular among women. With the holiday season in full swing, we’re only a few days away from all the Christmas parties and holiday parties’ people will be throwing.

If you’re someone who loves to go out and loves the holiday season, then you know how stressful it can be wearing a different makeup look every day. We’ve combined a list of the ten best black and gold eye makeup looks, a color combination that’s very popular this season, to help you get ready!


Trendy Black and Gold Eye Makeup Ideas

We have compiled a list of 10 black and gold eye makeup ideas for women that’ll be trending in 2024.

1. Black Eyeshadow with Golden Halo Effect

Black Eyeshadow with Golden Halo Effect

The golden halo effect is a simple look to achieve and it looks great too.

Ideal for: Going to any party.

How to style: All you have to do is coat black eyeshadow on the inner and outer corners of your eye while using a neutral brown as a transition shade on your crease. You can fill the gap in the middle, between the black eyeshadows, with a nice golden eyeshadow. Voila, you will get a perfect black and golden eye makeup look.

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2. Black Cut Crease

black and gold eye makeup ideas

This black and gold eye makeup look is a great look for formal events since it looks sophisticated as well.

Ideal for: Black-tie events.

How to style: Using brown and black eyeshadow create a smooth transition and then a nice black base eyeshadow. Then, using a concealer, cut across your eyelid creating a cut crease. Pat down bright golden eyeshadow over the concealer and finish the look off with a nice black winged eyeliner!


3. Black and Gold Smoky Eye

Black and Gold Smoky Eye for Women

The black and gold smoky eye makeup is a wildly popular party look.

Ideal for: Night-time weddings, black-tie events or formal dinners.

How to style: Once you have your transition shade on, you can put on a nice red or pink shade on top of it. Then put on your black shadow, followed by the gold one. Towards the end of the crease, make sure you smoke out the black eyeshadow!


4. Golden Black Transition Look

golden black eye makeup for women

This eye makeup look with black and gold eye shadow is a great choice for beginners since it’s so simple to do.

Ideal for: Dates and parties.

How to style: After applying your transition shades, put on the golden eyeshadow leaving the outer corner blank. Then, drag the black eyeshadow in towards the golden shadow and make sure to blend it enough so the transition looks effortless.


5. Dramatic Black and Gold Eye Makeup

Dramatic Black and Gold Eye Makeup

This golden and black eye makeup is a little different than the ones before.

Ideal for: Clubs, parties, or high-profile events.

 How to style: You can get this look by putting black eyeshadow on your upper lid and then brush a light golden shadow up towards your eyebrows. The tricky part is putting on the double layer golden and black eyeshadow beneath the lower lash line. But it’s nothing you won’t get the hang of in a couple of tries!


6. Bejeweled Eye Makeup

This eye makeup look is great because it looks complex but in reality, it’s very simple to pull off.

Ideal for: Concerts and festivals.

How to style: You just have to do a complete black smoky eye, using any transition shade you want. Then, using makeup glue, stick on the majority of the gold sequins in your inner eye corner and a few sequins on the outer corner.


7. Golden Inner Eye Glitter

Black eye makeup with Golden Inner Eye Glitter

This is also a really simple black and gold eye makeup look that looks sophisticated and glamorous.

Ideal for: A day out with friends or a casual date.

How to style: Use your third color on under your eyebrow and on under your lower lid, while coating black eyeshadow on your eyelid. Use chunky gold glitter on your tear ducts and you’re done! It’s that simple.

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8. Double Black and Gold Eyeliner

This look makes your eyes really pop and the golden liner on the outer corners contrasts nicely with the black eyeshadow

Ideal for: Black-tie events, balls, galas.

How to style: Combine your black and gold transition eye makeup look with a double liner to achieve this look. After putting on a black winged liner, put on a thin line of golden eyeliner on top.


9. Golden Eyeshadow with Double Black Liner

Golden Eyeshadow with Double Black Liner

For this black and gold eye makeup look just put on a nice golden eyeshadow on your eyelid.

Ideal for: A day out with friends.

How to style: You can also opt to put slight black eyeshadow in the inner and outer corners. What’s important here is the winged liner on the eyelid and the mirroring liner on the lower lash line. Don’t forget about that!


10. Transition Effect

black and golden eye makeup for women

This eye makeup look is another variation of the black and gold eye shadow transition look. The difference here, however, is the incorporation of glitter.

Ideal for: Parties.

How to style: After putting on the eyeshadow you can sprinkle some glitter on top.


There you have it! 10 great black and gold eye makeup look that you can wear this season.