Dramatic Makeup Transformations: 31 Before and After Looks

The absolutely creative and artistic concept of makeup transformation gives you the ability to enhance your facial features in any way you like. Makeup gives you the power to make your features pop by bringing out the best of them with the help of some cosmetics and skill.

Not only that, but makeup also enables you to completely transform your face from one look to another, which will baffle everyone. People all over the world have used makeup in the most amazing ways by enhancing their facial features just with the help of some cosmetic products and brushes, combined with their awesome skills. Some of the uses of makeup transformation that we have seen really did blow our minds away, in the best way possible.


Best Makeup Transformation Before and After Photos

We have gathered some of the most amazingly dramatic makeup transformations that will leave you totally mystified. So check out these 31 makeup transformations before and after photos, they might even give you some inspiration to achieve some bomb makeup looks.

1. Add Youth to Your Face with Makeup

dramatic makeup transformation

The right touchups will add youthful vibrancy to your face. Look how this purple eyeshadow for brown eyes is so gorgeous.

Ideal for: Want to lift years off of your face for the next family wedding? Go for this makeup look.

How to Do: If you don’t want to go all crazy with colors, add a hint of purple under your lash line it will do wonders for your makeup transformation.


2. The Power of Makeup

best makeup transformation of women

This makeup transformation before and after look is the literal definition of “amazing”.

Ideal for: A classic gold eye makeup looks for when you want to accentuate your facial features.

How to Do: Draw parallel lines on your nose and blend it perfectly to make it look slim and elongated.


3. Add Beautiful Shape and Angle

makeup transformation before and after look

This dramatic makeup transformation has got the soft and sultry look down to a T.

Ideal for: Hello all brides! This look is perfect for your bridal shower.

How to Do: Add some sparkle to the eyes for a Hollywood glam makeup look.


4. Check Out The Amazing Bridal Glow

makeup transformation of bride

Get a beautiful light makeup transformation on your special day.

Ideal for: Perfect for a classy bride.

How To Light makeup on the eyes and a pop of color on your lips make this look absolutely astonishing.


5. Cleaned Up So Well Here

dramatic makeup transformation looks

What a perfect look for work or meeting.

Ideal for: Fashion event, prom, or a date. This look is so versatile you can sport it anywhere.

How to Do: Add an Arabic style inner wing to elongate your eyes.


6. Add Many Dimensions with Makeup

An amazing combination of shadows of light to sharpen your face. This dramatic makeup transformation give a sultry look.

Ideal for: When you hit the town with your girls.

How to Do: Put on a pair of lush falsies to finish off the smokey eye look.


7. Amazing Everyday Touchups with Makeup

This lady here totally elevated her natural beauty.

Ideal For: All the bridesmaids out there, this transformation with makeup look is just for you.

How to Do: Subtly accentuate your facial features with makeup to bring out the best in you.


8. Now This Is What We Call Mind-Blowing

Check out this demonstration of the power of makeup transformation.

Ideal for: When you wish you slay the party with your looks.

How to Do: Make sure to blend everything perfectly for a seamless gold makeup look with brown eyes.


9. Lots of Beauty with A Little Makeup

This is how you give yourself a quick glow up.

Ideal for: This look is perfect for everyday wear because of how minimalistic it is.

How to Do: Color correct all the scars to achieve a flawless base.


10. From ‘Tired’ To ‘Ready to Steal The Show’

women with amazing makeup transformation

This makeup transformation before and after look must’ve turned many heads in amazement.

Ideal for: To be the diva of the party with this sexy makeup look.

How to Do: Add a lot of drama to the eyes and keep the lips minimal.


11. Sculpting Like Magic with Makeup

Look at how far you can go with expert contouring and brown smokey eye.

Ideal for: Whether it is a wedding or a dance night with your friends, this look will earn you tons of compliments.

How to Do: Contour the hollows of the cheeks with a darker shade for a contoured look.


12. Easily Make Your Face Glow

Defining, lifting, and brightening all done so beautifully.

Ideal for: Want to look presentable for a private meeting? This is the look you should go for.

How to Do: Apply a flawless base and dark lip tint, and keep everything else minimal for this makeup transformation look.


13. Add A Pop of Color to Your Face

If you feel like adding some color to your appearance, this is how you can do so.

Ideal for: Perfect for the next carnival, concert, or a bonfire.

How to Do: Play with colors to make your eyes pop.


14. Dramatically Gorgeous

This makeup transformation before and after look must have dropped everyone’s jaws in awe.

Ideal for: Turn all the heads with this beautiful makeover, the next time you attend a wedding.

How to Do: Keep your face and lipstick fresh for this wedding guest makeup look.


15. Doesn’t The Result Look Familiar

makeup transformation before and after

If this girl was aiming for a certain celebrity’s makeup transformation, she totally nailed it.

Ideal for: Want to get a celebrity inspired makeup look, check this one out.

How to Do: For this Taylor Swift inspired look, apply a sharp wing eyeliner and a bright red lip color.


16. Not Too Overdone But Definitely A Transformation

These results surely would’ve induced some nostalgia.

Ideal for: A casual get together or a 90’s themed party is where you can rock this look.

How to Do: Keep everything minimal and earthy for this 90’s makeup look.


17. This Is What We Call A ‘Glow Up’

See how makeup can be the perfect partner at any event?

Ideal for: Get dolled up in this makeup look to attend your daughter’s wedding.

How to Do: To bind the whole look together, add matching eyeshadow under your lash line.


18. Freshening Up with Makeup

Yet another demonstration of how you can enhance your natural beauty.

Ideal for: Ideal for the girl about town.

How to Do: Play with mauves for this dramatic makeup transformation.


19. Amazingly Dramatic Coverage Job

This person here shows how you can achieve the best and the most dramatic coverage job with glitter makeup.

Ideal for: Going for Clubbing? Rock this makeup look.

How to Do: Add a pop of gold on your eyes to finish off your dramatic look.


20. Wide Awake Look

before and after makeup transformation

Wanna look wide awake? Makeup will help you. Look how she added all that life and light to your face.

Ideal for: Dramatic black smokey eyes with nude lips, perfect for a business party.

How to Do: Add heavy, sultry false lashes to add more drama to your eyes.


21. Ready to Walk Down The Ramp

If you wanna gain some confidence with makeup, this is how.

Ideal for: This bold makeup look is what you need to steal the spotlight in a fashion event.

How to Do: Apply a Cleopatra inspired eyeliner paired with a modern face look.


22. Look How She Glammed Up

This woman definitely knows how to lighten up, at least appearance-wise.

Ideal for: Rock this look to a Sunday brunch or a beach wedding, you will look absolutely gorgeous, we bet!

How to Do: Keep everything light and minimal with a nude color on your lips.


23. Getting Dolled Up Made Easy

A great metallic makeup transformation to go with summer vibes.

Ideal for: A bronzy makeup look for a fun summer pool party.

How to Do: Stick to bronzy tones for a dramatic yet sultry look.


24. Halloween Vamp Look

Do you need any more convincing after seeing this?!

Ideal for: One word. Halloween!

How to Do: Draw a minimalistic skull on your face for a Halloween makeup transformation look.


25. What A Brilliant Evolution

With a little makeup here and there, you can lift your facial features gorgeously.

Ideal for: For the graceful mother/ Aunt of a beautiful bride.

How to Do: Pair champagne eyes with bright red lips to sport this makeup look.


26. Mind Blowing Transformation

A dramatic makeup transformation can also be as simple as sophisticated like this.

Ideal for: Going for a white Sunday brunch? Wear your makeup this way and gather all the compliments.

How to Do: Use a lighter color palette to create a soft glam look.


27. Adding A Lot of Life

If you want to bring out the best in your face, learn from this makeup job.

Ideal for: Wedding is the best time to sport such a dramatic makeup transformation.

How to Do: Dramatically transform your eyes using dark matte eyeshadows and fake lashes.


28. Sculpt, Glow, and Blow Minds

That’s exactly what this lady did with her transformation with makeup.

Ideal for: For fashion events and photo shoots, this makeup look will be your best friend.

How to Do: With a cream foundation chisel your cheekbones and nose. Highlight the top areas of your face and you’re done.


29. Makeup to Glam-Up

Nothing too over the top, but a flawless makeup transformation nevertheless.

Ideal for: A subtle glow for prom and homecoming.

How to Do: Brighten up your uses using shimmery eyeshadows and pair it with a nude pink lip.


30. Can You Believe They’re The Same Person?

shocking makeup transformation for women

Maybe this one wouldn’t be a beautiful party look, but the makeup transformation before and after look definitely will shake everyone.

Ideal for: Wear this look to Halloween and you’ll literally scare everyone to the core.

How to Do: Paint your entire face white and add deep wrinkles with black face paint for a spooky look.


31. The Only Dramatic Thing A Bride Would Appreciate

dramatic makeup transformation for bride

So amazing makeup transformation that it’s hard to believe that magic wasn’t involved!

Ideal For Asian brides, this look is perfect for your big day.

How to Do: Go heavy on the eyes and lips both and become the most beautiful Asian bride.


People all over the world have been using makeup for quite a long while now and have been making some amazing uses out of it. Whether it is about enhancing your facial features, adjusting little bits and areas according to your liking, or giving yourself a whole new look, makeup has got your back in all those fields.

While we were browsing for some makeup transformations, we got our minds blown away by how amazing some people out there are. So, we picked out our favorite before and after photos and compiled 31 of them here so you can see excellent use of skill and art infused together to create some of the best and most dramatic makeup transformations ever.