30 Effective Makeup Hacks for Women over 50 [2024 Update]

If you have crossed 50, it doesn’t mean you need to let go of yourself. Continue to make yourself look amazing with makeup for women over 50. Everyone has skin-related battles in their 50s. Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, it is dependent upon you to justify the face you have at 50. Dealing with your skin is important for women of all ages.


Latest Makeup Ideas for Women Over 50

Since the healthier, your skin is, the lesser cosmetics you require. What’s more, the key to great healthy skin is really simple. Here are 30 renowned ideas and makeup tips for women over 50 that have been recommended by beauticians:

1. Exfoliate your Skin

makeup tips for women over 50

If your skin is dry and flaky, your cosmetics won’t mix into your skin and it winds up looking sketchy. Standard peeling off dead skin cells also known as exfoliating is the most ideal approach to make your skin gentler and smoother.

Apply light pink makeup for over 50 with light eyeshadows and matching blush on.


2. Select the Right Foundation

makeup for women over 50

You can’t keep using a similar foundation that you used in your 30s. Go light on the foundation. Decide on a more tinted look. It’s best to select a CC cream since it covers skin blemishes perfectly, enhances the surface of your skin, and conceals pores.

It gives your face a dewy completion, which makes your skin look more youthful and fresher. This is one of the best tip for makeup for older women over 50.


3. Avoid Face Powder

women over 50 with makeup

An excess of face powder can make your skin look cakey and your wrinkles tend to show more. Applying face powder is not recommended for older women because, with age, your skin will in general wind up dry. It is smarter to change to liquid substitute of face powders. Gold eye makeup for women over 50 do wonders!


4. Fill Up Your Lips

makeup looks for women over 50

As you age, you will see your lips getting slenderer. Women constantly adore celebrities and even the celebrities are getting lip filler. Women don’t want to look too obvious that they are having lip fillers to look younger. A good makeup tip for women over 50 is to make your lips look bigger by applying gloss or getting lip fillers.


5. Avoid Super Dark Lipsticks

nude makeup for women over 50

Excessively dull lipsticks don’t suit at the age of 50 mostly. It is smarter to stay away from excessively dim lipsticks. It is recommended that you pick a shade that is only one shade darker than your regular skin tone. Go for pinks and blushing red shade of lipsticks.


6. Bronze Makeup

To look good with makeup for women over 50, use a light blush become flushed on your cheeks and can light up your face in a split second. Liquid or cream substitute of blush is the best alternative for your maturing skin.

Pick one that doesn’t have any sparkle or shimmer in it because these will in general settle in your wrinkles and lines. Simply apply and mix well. Go for the look that makes it look less prominent.


7. Work on Your Eye Makeup

With age, the state of your eyes change. Keep away from both glittery and dull eyeshadows. This is the best makeup tip for women over 50.  Sparkling eyeshadows make your hooded eyes look obviously dramatic and dull eyeshadows make them seem smaller.

It is best to use a common and light shade of eyeshadows because they make your eyes pop, and you look young. Focusing on your eyes makes them the point of attention of your face.


8. Curl Those Lashes

Remember to play with those lashes. Curl them with an eyelash curler. This is the most ideal approach to make your eyes pop. If you know how to play around with false eyelashes, nobody can prevent you from slaying! Another extraordinary hack is to heat up the curler using a blow dryer for only 3 seconds before using.


9. Black Mascara is Love

Dark mascara makes the whites of your eyes look more beautiful and your lashes thicker. Another great makeup hack for over 50 year old women is to use a tinted mascara. This will add more profundity to your eyes. Purchase a decent lash improving serum. With age, eyelashes will, in general, get slenderer. The serum will make them less inclined to breakage.


10. Use Pencil Liners

makeup tips for women over 50

Fluid eyeliners may look excessively cruel on your matured skin. Rather, change to a pencil liner. Make delicate lines using it. You can even smudge the line using a brush. This subtle pink eye makeup for women over 50 will make your eyes look more prominent.


11. The Under-Eye Area is Also Important

Under eye puffiness and dark circles are two of the greatest grievances among women above 50; use an under-eye cream for treating puffiness, and a shading corrector for covering dark circles. Apply the shading corrector first and liquid foundation over it. This idea for black and gold eye makeup for women over 50 is amazing.


12. Be Creative with Your Facial Features

If you are into cosmetics you must know what contouring is. It is an exceptionally valuable cosmetics hack for ladies above 50. The thought is to use a bronzer and a shaping brush to characterize your face and features in the best places such as your cheekbones. This can likewise be used to highlight any feature of your face such as your eyes.


13. Keep Up The Brows

Fuller eyebrows make you look younger. They will even make you seem that you have gone under a facelift operation even when you haven’t. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill your eyebrows. Use a mascara wand to brush them. Abstain from over plucking by completing your eyebrows by an expert.


14. Highlight Your Face

If you imagine that highlighters are intended for younger ladies, you are incorrect. A basic highlighter can lift up your face with no cosmetics. Feature your most loved areas of the face; the nose tip or the apples of your cheek. This light makeup for over 50 is so elegant.


15. Go for a Natural Look

natural makeup for women over 50

When you have crossed 50, toning it down would be best. Don’t simply put on such a large number of cosmetics of your face. An excess of cosmetics will wreck the style of your face. Keep it regular and light.


16. Mix Well

Regardless of what you put all over your face or body, mix it well. Most women get bad results from applying cosmetics because they don’t have the tolerance to mix it out well. Ensure that there are no indications of foundation on your cheeks.

The lipstick should not make your lips appear as though they are dying, and your eyebrows should not seem as though they are painted all over. Apply only sufficient makeup and mix well.


17. Keep in Mind Your Teeth

Your teeth have to do with cosmetics as much as your skin. Your teeth can mirror your age. Keep them fit as a fiddle and stay away from an excessive amount of caffeine and red wine to keep them white. Use products to keep your teeth white. An effective makeup tips for women over 50.


18. Smile More

A smile is the best cosmetic there is. If you are unhappy within, no measure of cosmetics can make you look wonderful. According to research happy-looking, people are perceived to be younger. Researchers discovered that the age of happy or smiling faces was likely to be underestimated by an average of about two years.


19. Moisturize

Let me tell you one amazing makeup tip for women over 50. Truth be told the hack to have amazing skin is first of all keeping it moisturized.

Importance of keeping the skin moisturized and concealed from any sort of diseases is a makeup hack for women over 50 because of the appearance of wrinkles.  It is true for all skin types even for the women that have relatively oilier skin.


20. Lather your Skin in Retinol

best makeup hacks for women over 50

Retinol helps in diminishing wrinkles. It has vitamin A in the form of cream and it enables dead skin to strip away which uncovers new skin underneath. You don’t need to apply too much just a pea-sized drop is enough to cover up your whole face. Retinol is considered to be the best friend of women over 50. Counsel your dermatologist before using retinol.


21. Take Off Your Makeup Before Going to Bed

It feels great to wake up with a fresh face instead of a face covered with makeup and with blocked up pores and obviously, cosmetics everywhere on your pillows. Try following this makeup tips for over 50 strictly.


22. Know Your Best Features

First, you must observe yourself in the mirror and recognize what are your best features. If you think your eyes are your best feature then try to focus more on those by highlighting them. Try contouring to give shape to your aging and matured face. The brown smokey eye makeup for women over 50 really bodes well.


23. Less Eyeshadow is the Key

The matured face which has too much eyeshadow on it may look too overdone with shocking colors. Stick to modest colors while applying eyeshadows. Don’t apply too many shades to your eyelids.


24. Choosing Right Frames for Your Glasses

Choose the right frame can be a key factor in making you look young and trendy. Understand your face shape and which frames will suit them best. The key to finding the right frames is to remember that opposites attract. Choose a frame that would contrast and that could match your skin tone as well. This makeup tips for over 50 year old women is great.


25. Relieve Stress

makeup hacks for women over 50

Have work and play balance in your life. Cut your workload according to what you can handle. Yoga and meditation are recommended a method to relieve the stress which is causing your wrinkles.


26. Get Enough Beauty Sleep

Try not to skip sleep. A decent night’s rest is all you need for any positive effect on your skin. The absence of rest makes your skin look dull and it makes dark circles and puffiness around your eyes. Which in turn makes you look older than your actual age.


27. Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

Even though sunlight help regulates the production of melatonin and vitamin D. But the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays make your skin lose its elasticity.

Sunblock with SPF more than 30 is recommended to shield your Skin from the sun because of the danger of pigmentation, sun spots, and wrinkles. Cover your face, neck, hands, and other uncovered territories with sunscreen. Wear shades and caps.


28. Use High-quality Creams and Serums

Anti-aging has become a big business. There are a lot of cream and serums readily available in different stores and cosmetic shops. There are more than hundred creams, gels, and serums available.

Consult your dermatologists which high brand antiaging cream to choose. For women over 50 makeup ideas, this is a great tip everybody should keep in mind.


29. Stay Hydrated

makeup hacks for black women over 50

As staying hydration not only makes you look younger but it also makes you feel a lot better health-wise. It is a hack of shedding some extra pounds of fat that might make you look older in your 50s.

Without water, skin’s common procedures, similar to peeling, can’t happen typically, so keeping up an ideal dimension of dampness in the skin is fundamental to its look and feel.


30. Stay Healthy and Exercise

best makeup hacks for women over 50

Last but not the least makeup tips for women over 50 is quit smoking and choose a healthy lifestyle. The advantage of having a healthy lifestyle is that it increases the quality of life as well as your looks. Exercises and meditation help you look younger. Having a diet full of antitoxins like olive oil may help you age slower and look amazing.


Never forget to moisturize and hydrate your body as it plays an important role in making you look younger. Work on your eye makeup especially your lashes. Staying low-key on makeup for women above 50 is a better option. But don’t be afraid to glamourize once in a while. The key is to blend your foundation and countering well. Choosing lighter lip shade and eyeshadow is a hack that a mature woman should remember.