The Different Types and Causes of Acne

Acne is also known as pimples is a condition of skin when red pimples are shown or appear in all our body especially on the skin, these pimples is usually among adolescents. Acne originally appears in the age of 21 to 25. Acne is badly affected on the personality of those persons who have these problems, this person develops low self esteem and sometimes it is become the cause of suicide. Acne is the long term disease of the skin that develops when follicles of hair become clogged with dead skin cell.

Causes of Acne

The Most Common Causes of Acne

There are the following causes of acne which are given below:

1. Genetic Factor

Pimple or acne appears on the skin of our body especially in the face is due to genetic factor. This disease is one of those disease who are affected directly, if your parents either father or mother face this problem then it is the more chances that you are also affected from acne easily.

2. Hormonal

Hormonal is also the cause of acne on the face, hormonal occurring during puberty and menstrual it may them to contribute in acne. Many hormonal is the link between acne and included the androgens testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and insulin growth factor. Increase the hormonal normally in the teenager boys and girls.

3. Infection

Infection is also a major cause of acne. Sometimes we get a accident and in this accident take some infections and injuries, sometimes this infections is too small and we ignore them but this too small infection is become large due to ignorance and it is also the cause of acne.

4. Smoking

In the causes of acne, smoking is one of the main or big sources of acne on the face or all over the body. Many researchers and study prove that smoke injure your inside the body even that smoking is also the cause of cancer. Additionally, we can see that increase the ratio of smoking people day by day. Regularly smoking increase the risk chances of developing the acne in the face.

Different Effects of Acne

All ages types of peoples may face the acne but it is most common in teenagers and adolescent. Acne affect on humans in different ways like physical effect, psychological effect and social effect. These are three major effects on humans in all types of age’s peoples.

1. Physical Effect

The physical effect of acne is that, it may be the cause of scaring alopecia or baldness and sensitive skin is also due to acne and it is very painful.

2. Psychological Effect

Acne is those problems in which a person cannot properly attend any party or function sue to acne on the face because it is very bad impression between others. Acne patient depresses and low self esteem develops. This is the major psychological effect.

3. Social Effect

Acne patient face social problems in our routine life. A person who have acne on the face may get many problems even they face problem in our career because this kind of face is irritated by everyone and acne is very badly effect on the personality.