15 Creative Eye Makeup Arts That’ll Blow Your Mind

Eye makeup art is an edgy trend for women. Eye makeup is the most prominent feature of women’s face makeup which quickly observed by everyone whether you are going to a wedding or attending any other function. Most of us are well-known with makeup application as a daily thing that women (and occasionally men) do to increase their emergence.


Stunning Eye Makeup Art Ideas

In this article, you will see the 15 different eye makeup art using colors and different techniques that give eyes a unique and attracting look.

1. Scenery Eye Makeup Art

Scenery Eye Makeup Art for Women

In this eye makeup art, the artist created the view of a garden in which a girl is roaming and playing with a snail and flowers. The eyelid is shaded with sky blue matte eyeshadow and the lash line is covered with green shade. The different liquid colors are used for the snail, clouds and flowers. The lashes are coated with heavy mascara.


2. Vibrant Spring

best eye makeup art ideas

The artist created the view of some sort of garden in which flowers are blooming and butterflies are flying in this eye makeup art. The artist has used different shades of pink and green along with heavy mascara and liner application. The flowers and butterflies are painted with liquid colors.


3. Flowery Eye Makeup Art

eye makeup art with flowers

In this eye makeup art, the eyelid is shaded with heavy grey color. The heavy application of grey eye shadow is under the crease to enhance the look. The sliver highlighter is also applied in the inner corner of the eye. On the eyed lid and crease, the tree branches with faded flowers are painted using different colors.


4. Galaxy Eye

Galaxy Eye Makeup Art

In the above smokey eye art, the artist has created a galaxy look with white, black, blue and silver eye shadow and paint color. The eyelid is covered with black eye shadow and the crease is shaded with blue color. On the black eyeshade, the artist has painted the crescent shape tuft having a tree on it with a paintbrush.

On the upper eyelid, the dots are made with the white to present the look of stars. On the upper lash line, the eyeliner is applied along with the application of mascara.


5. Rainbow Eye Art

This makeup art on eye look presents the rainbow look using eyeshadows of rainbow colors. White paint is used to create a look of clouds on the overall eyelid. Under the brow line is shaded and blended with shades of the rainbow.


6. Snowy Eye Makeup

In this eye makeup art, the eye is covered with a heavy blend of shimmery shades and glitter. The crease is shaded with a mixture of light and dark blue shimmery eyeshadows. The lash line is covered with glitters of multicolour. On the outer corner of the eye, the snowman is painted using the different paint colours.


7. Pink Eye Makeup Art

In this makeup art, the artist has painted the eyelid with a blend of baby pink and silver colours. Instead of painting, flowers are glued to the eyelid.


8. Magic Ball Eye Makeup

This eye art makeup is presenting the image of snowy night visible in a magic ball, in which the house and tree are covered with snow. This is painted using the paint colours on the dark and light blue base of the eyelid which is extended in the winged form.


9. Mermaid Eye Makeup Art

A beautiful eye makeup art. The artist has created an outstanding image of mermaid under the eyelid blending various eyeshadows with glitter sprinkled on the inner and outer corner of the eye.


10. Webeye Makeup

best eye makeup art ideas

This makeup art on eyes represents the web of the Spiderman. The eye is shaded with the heavy blend of various eyeshadows on the upper and lower eyelid with heavy mascara application. The web is painted with black paint.


11. Funky Question Mark Makeup Art

In this eye art, the eye is covered with a blend of shimmery eyeshadows of purple and light green on the upper eyelid and crease. The heavy winged eyeliner is applied to the eye. The question marks are created with the paint art on the under the eyebrow line. The inner side of the lower eye is filled with a green liquid liner.


12. Watermelon Eye Art

In this art, the artist has created a sharp look using vibrant pink and parrot green shades. The whole eyelid is shaded with pink eye shadow and the crease is a little bit pressed in this look.

Moving to the outer corner of the eye, the artist painted the corner of the eye with black paint for creating the oval-shaped dots. The lower eyelid is shaded with a silver eye pencil and white mascara on the lower lashes.


13. Beach Eye Look

This eye makeup with art presents the look of sunset when birds migrating to their nests. The art in this look consists of blue, orange, yellow, pink ombre eyeshadow and black and yellow paint.

The upper eyelids are shaded with blue eye shadow while the lower one with pink shade. The eye crease is enhanced with the dark pink line and yellow shade is given under the brow line. The crows are painted with black liquid colour.


14. White Lily Eye Shades

White Lily Eye Makeup Art

This eye makeup art is presenting the floral look. The whole eyelid is shaded with the blend of orange and yellow shade while the crease Is enhanced with some blend brown and orange shade. The lashes are coated with the heavy application of mascara.


15. Star-Night Glitter Makeup

amazing eye makeup art

This look is created with very heavy application eyeshadows, some pearls and as well as glittery objects like stars and small dots. The middle portion of the eyelid is shaded with the golden shimmery shade and the crease and the upper portion is covered with the reddish-brown shade and glittery stars. The lash line is coated with heavy liner and lashes are coated with heavy mascara. On the lower eyelid, the pearls are pasted with glue.


Like nail art, the eye makeup art is gaining fame and many makeup artists have given their exceptional tutorials on eye makeup art with different techniques that give eyes a catchy look.