5 Perfect Eye Makeup Tips Step by Step

Eyes are considered the soul of the face and everyone wants to keep it clean and beautiful by applying beautiful makeup. Every women especially young girls not attend any event, if they not applying makeup. In this article we share with you some tips regarding to your eyes and eye makeup tips which are useful for you and enhance you’re looking.

Young lady dependably need to look the best side of herself and turn into the inside in a group. Feline eyes with dark eyeliner are continually being our best decision to make a marvelous and superb impact. Be that as it may, in the event that you are a business woman, you will require a delicate and characteristic cosmetics to complete your office look.

Light pink and brilliant eye shadows would be an extraordinary choice to influence you to look proper for work. Although, there are many kinds of eye makeup are introduced in the market include:

  • Smokey eye makeup
  • Light gothic eye makeup
  • Peacock color eye makeup
  • Retro eye makeup
  • Arabic eye makeup

You can select one of these makeups for eyes according to festivals or any kind of event in which you want to join. Regardless of whether you’re a cosmetics master or a fledgling simply getting your holds with the stuff, we could all utilization a couple of helpful hints for consummate eye cosmetics application. The following is a definitive rundown of tips, traps, and system for nailing any eye cosmetics look you go up against.

eye makeup tips

The Best Eye Makeup Tips – How To Makeup Eyes

There are the following some main tips regarding eye makeup are given below and you should follow these steps, if you want to clean your eyes and protect any harmful side effects.

Concealer – Eye Makeup Steps

The first step of applying eye makeup is using concealer on eyes. The way of using concealer is to apply little amount of concealer around eyes and put two to three dots where the skin seems to darkest.


The purpose of using primer on your eyelids that it keep makeup in place for long time and able the color shadow to bright and attractive.

Eye Shadow

Before applying eye shadow, first select the color of shadow according to your taste. It looking awesome by using only three toned shadow and then expand it from lid to brow. Dark color of eye shadow will increase your beauty among other.

Eyeliner – Good Makeup Tips

Eyeliner is applied on the top of eyelash and start from outside the eyes and put on the center. Then again start from inner eye to the midpoint which connects two lines. This procedure is adopted for both sides.


The color of highlighter is your choice; you can select either gold or silver color inside on the eyes. You can apply it with eye shadow brush on the inner corner of your eyes. This will greatly helpful to increase your beauty and enhance your looking.

So these are the most useful eye makeup tips which should be following by every young girl to attract your eyes among other.

Now the point is that color of eyes of different person are changed, some have brown eyes, green eyes and some has any other color of eyes. So for every color of eyes has some tips before using or selecting the kind and color of eye makeup.

  • Brown eye color girls should warm color like brown, black and green.
  • Blue eye color person can use both warm color and cold color like brown, black, green, blue and purple.

Use these above simple eye makeup tips to decide your eyes. Make your eyes equipped for taking numerous hearts by basic eye makeup tips. Experiment with the tips and let others discover what your heart can’t state, by your expressive eyes.