5 Best Hair Removal Methods At Home

Remove extra hair from face and all over the body include face, underarms and bikini areas is essential for both men and women. Sometimes long hair in the underarms and in bikini area hair creates many problems even causes of different diseases. To prevent disease by long hair many methods are used for removing hair from all over the body. In this article we are also talking about best hair removal methods for women.

Hair removing from face and all over the body is becoming the fashion today. This trend is very popular in both male and female especially in female. Every young boys and girls wants to remove hair from body skin. For this they use many instrument or shaving activities for removing whole hair or extra hair.

Hair Removal Methods

The Best Hair Removal Methods

There are the following best way to removing hair from your face and whole body.

1. Tweezing

Tweezing is the one of the best method which is used for hair removing from body. When you choose tweezing method for hair removing, then you should have clean tweezers and rubbing alcohol. Use tweezers and rubbing alcohol before and after each time to prevent infection on your face and body. You should use this method only 3 to 8 week and get result and one thing also important that you should use tweezing method in small areas of the face.

2. Shaving

Shaving is one of the best and popular methods for removing hair from your body and face. You can shave with the help of razor or electric shaver for cutting hair which is very close to skin and it is best as you can used it anywhere. Used it 1 to 3 days continuously, possible side effect of shaving is that ingrown hair especially in the bikini areas of the body and face.

3. Waxing

Waxing is also used for hair removing in the body including face, underarms and bikini areas. In this method a cosmetologist spread sticky wax on your skin then you should cover it with cloth strips until wax is dries, strip should be quickly pulled off and taking the hair with them. You can use it anywhere of the body and used it 3 to 6 week. The possible side effect of waxing is that redness and bumps on the skin and also may be like infection around the hair follicles. The important tip to prevent infection is that your hair has to be at least ¼ inch long for wax.

4. Laser/ pulsed light

For hair removing from face and all over the body, laser or pulsed light is used today. It is one of the best methods of hair removing from skin within 6 to 12 times treatment and get result. Laser or pulsed light is useful for dark black hair and light skin and it is not working on white hair or hard skin. This way is the best for hair removing or hair reduction from body.

5. Electrolysis

Those women who can’t get the result with laser or pulsed light they can get satisfaction from electrolysis because it works on both and blond hair. A well trained expert used this way for hair removing from body and face. Electrolysis is the best hair removal methods from face and is used only or it is best works on small area of the face like the upper lip or chin. You should use it every 1 to 2 week until hair is almost or completed removed from your body or face.

Over the Counter Cream

Depilatory cream or lotion is able to remove hair from your body and face. It is also best for small area of the body, under arms, legs and bikini areas of the body. You can use it one or two times in a week for hair removing.

You can also remove extra hair from your body in these ways.

Sugaring: You can removed hair from sugaring on the skin and also remove the direction of hair growth.

Powder: Thanaka powder is also be used with kusuma oil for removing hair from skin of the body.

Epilators: It is the mechanical device that rapidly destroy and remove hair and pull them out.

Depilatories: It’s just like a cream or powder used for removing hair with having chemical that dissolving hair.

Side Effects of Hair Removing

There are some side effects or disadvantages of hair removing are occurring during removing hair or after removing hair. These are some side effects are: skin inflammation, minor burns, lesions, scarring, ingrown hair, bumps and also the cause of hair follicles.

Some hair removal methods are not permanent they become the causes of medical problems and they have high cost of removing also and some of the methods are harmful which are not medically proof for hair removing and used illegal ways.