7 Quickest Home Remedies for Acne Scars

Everyone wants to get the smart body without any pimples and acne especially on the face. Some people have naturally beautiful and clean face but some people facing facial problems like pimples and acne scars on the face and also over the body. The skin problems occur due to many ways like sunlight during warm day. Those people who have naturally most sensitive skin (especially in women) are more chances to face facial problems and acne on the skin of the face. The precaution for those people is to avoid or keep away from sunlight in summer season especially between 12pm to 3 pm. In this article we have most suitable tips regarding your skin and home remedies for acne scars and these remedies will easy available for everyone.

According to great skin specialist that “prevention is better than cure”, if we deeply study of this point then we get the big option for treatment of acne scars. As you know sometimes treatment having some side effects and sometimes we cannot able to treat regularly due to many reasons so this point is most beneficial for all of us that we prevent our body all the times and adopt precaution which is necessary for everyone.

Home Remedies for Acne Scars

Best Home Remedies for Acne Scars

Lemon juice

Due to having great quantity of vitamin C in lemon juice will greatly helpful to fulfill the gaps  in the face and prevent you in the future due to its naturally bleach. By using daily you can remove all the acne and acne scars from your body and face.

Tomato slices

Tomato slices are consider the effective way of reducing the acne scars easily due to having vitamin A in tomato and vitamin A will greatly helpful for our body and prevent you from red face and this is also an antioxidants compound that can heal damaged tissues and promote the healthy regrowth of cell.

Baking soda and water

To minimizing the pimples and acne from your face baking soda with water are mostly used at home. The way of using this treatment is that you should have two to three tea spoon of baking soda and two tea spoon of water. Apply the mixture of these two things on affected areas of the face and get result.


The question is that how we can apply honey? The answer is given in detail of using honey on affected areas of the face. In this case you should require 2 table spoons of honey, two to three table spoons of aspirin and few drops of water. Apply these for 15 minutes on the face while you sure that this is created according to prescription.

Olive oil

As olive oil is used for cooking at home and we share with you some other benefits of this oil is to prevent you from facial problems and if it is occur you can overcome by applying olive oil.

Egg whites

Yes, the part of egg which is white and totally separate with yellow part will beneficial for your face and able to reduce the facial problems like pimples and acne scars.

Tea tree oil

Well, tea trees oil will greatly helpful for pimple and facial acne and an excellent antiseptic, antibacterial and fungal. The way of using tea tree oil is that you should have two to four drop of tea tree oil and one to two table spoon of water and cotton ball. Add tea tree oil in the water and take cotton ball to dip it and apply on the affected areas of the face. Repeat this action two to three times in a day.

So these are most fruitful treatment of acne scars and you can do it at home easily because these remedies are available in the market and access of everyone. Home remedies of acne scars are given and these are useful be both men and women.

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