Effective Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes – 25 Inspiring Looks

If you have hooded eyes, then you know it takes some technique to make makeup for hooded eyes look great. That’s true for everyone, though! After all, when it comes to makeup, we all have to know what works best for our features and our faces.

Hooded eyes are not an impossible challenge to overcome. If anything, they make you more unique and individual. That’s why today I want to discuss what hooded eyes are, show you 25 different incredible looks, and also give you a few tips on how to make hooded eyes really stand out and look amazing.


First Thing’s First: What Are Hooded Eyes?

hooded eye makeup

There are many different eye shapes out there, and each one has its merits. Hooded eyes have an additional layer of skin that droops over the crease. This feature makes your eyelids look smaller, which is why applying eye makeup for hooded eyes requires a different strategy.

For one, dark eyeshadow should be applied over and out past the crease so the eye shape can seem larger. And eyeliner also has its own technique.


How to Enhance Hooded Eyes

Now that we’ve taken a look at several different eye makeup for hooded eyes options, I’d like to discuss a few tips that I think you’ll find interesting and useful.

Choose Good Quality Products

The first thing you need to learn if you have hooded eyes is where you should place the products. If you want to look good, you need to learn which areas should be the main focus. The secret is to keep the inner corner of the eye very bright, and also add a light under the eye. This will allow you to create the illusion of wider eyes, which is exactly what hooded eyes need; they need more space.


Use Highlighter

highlighter for hooded eyes

Another trick that can make your hooded eyes look bigger is adding a little highlighter to your brow bone, but not lower. Keep it on the brow bone and you’ll add a lot more light to your eye makeup for hooded eyes. In fact, highlighter in such a strategic position will help you look well rested and it will make you look revitalized in seconds.


Pick The Right Shade

When it comes to eyeshadow shades, the trick is to place the deep shades above the crease to create the illusion of depth. Also, don’t be too harsh with your eyeliner and keep it above the eye, instead of under. Otherwise, it will make your eyes look smaller. In fact, instead of adding eyeliner under the eye, add shadow instead and blend it well. This will make your eye makeup for hooded eyes look stunning.


Use Eyeliner

using eyeliner for hooded eyes

Speaking of eyeliner! Applying eyeliner is usually the hardest part for people with hooded eyes, so the best thing you can do is to use products you’re comfortable with. If you usually get a better handle of gel liner, use that! If a liquid liner is your thing, then don’t use anything else. Of course, to know what you’re comfortable with, you’ll need to try different options. Do that, and your eye makeup for hooded eyes will improve greatly.

Another thing about eyeliner is that it should be a high-quality product. It’s easier for hooded eyes to cause transfer and mess up your eye makeup, so, to avoid that, you’ll want to invest in a good product. Make sure your eyeliner is waterproof and that the formula actually works!



One of the major issues with hooded eyes is that the makeup is more likely to crease. To avoid this, use a primer! It will make the eye makeup for hooded eyes stick and last longer. Invest in a high-quality primer and your life will be easier.

Another great trick to keep in mind is to keep your eyes open when you’re applying makeup! I know that it sounds strange, but when you have hooded eyes, it’s easier to apply the shadow if you look straight ahead. This way you can get a better handle of your eye shape and really see what you’re doing.


Eyelashes for Better Look

eyelashes for hooded eyes

As you may already know, lashes do make a huge difference. Not to your look or your eye makeup for hooded eyes, but also to your entire face. It completely changes your features for the better. So, if you want your eye makeup for hooded eyes to be truly complete, you’ll want to invest in a pair of high-quality lashes.

If you’d like to commit to the lashes game, you can also have them installed and maintain them so you can have that full, rich look every day. In fact, lashes dress up your eyes in such a way, that you will need very little makeup on the daily to look great. This will save you a lot of time in the morning, so give it some thought.


The last great tip I have for you is to simply embrace your eye shape. Accept that you’re different and make it work in your favor. If you’ve had a stressful relationship with your hooded eyes, it’s only because you didn’t have the tools to make it work. But now you do!


Amazing Makeup Looks for Hooded Eyes

Following are the 25 most trendy makeup for hooded eyes.

1. Gold Pink Eye Makeup 

Pink and Gold Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

This peach and gold makeup look for hooded eyes is super cute and it will bring brightness to your stare. What’s more, it’s simple to put on, easy to pull off and there’s no need for much eyeliner at all!

As you can see, keeping the lighter eye shadow in the center creates the illusion of space and it also adds a lot of light to your eyes. That’s exactly what you need when you’re dealing with hooded eyes. Adding light in the right places makes a huge difference!


2. Golden Eye Makeup

Golden Eye Makeup Look for Hooded Eyes

If you like gold eye shadow but you still want to look subtle and elegant, this eye look is exactly what you’re looking for. It will bring a different light to your eyes and it will compliment any outfit very effortlessly.

As you can see, the eyeliner is a bit stronger than what we’ve seen so far, but by keeping it in the top instead of the bottom, you’re actually helping your eye look bigger.


3. Grey Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Grey Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

This makeup is another subtle look for hooded eyes and it’s seductive and elegant. Something about grey eye shadow works really well and it makes your eyes look more interesting, not to mention bright and beautiful. Once again, the eyeliner is kept very simple and at the top, while the bottom of the eye is accentuated with eye shadow.


4. Winged Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

Winged eyeliner is one of those go-to looks for everyone and it couldn’t be missing from this list. Granted, eyeliner makeup for hooded eyes takes some technique, but if you practice it enough, you will get it right!

Once again, the eyeliner is focused on the top of the lid instead of the bottom. Make sure you choose a high-quality eyeliner that won’t transfer onto the upper lid as the day or night goes on.


5. Sparkly Cat Eye Makeup

sparkly eye makeup for hooded eyes

If you like bold makeup, this sparkly cat eye look on hooded eyes is what you’re looking for. This evening and night time look is incredible and you will need little else to catch people’s attention with your look! As you can see, the darker shades are kept on the corner.

This is because it helps create the illusion of a larger surface, which helps open up your eyes. The use of glittery shades is also incredible because it adds tons of light and brightness without.


6. Green Eye Makeup

Green Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

This hooded eye makeup look is not only sexy, but also it’s extremely elegant and it doesn’t require much. It will compliment your outfits nicely and it will brighten your eyes in a different way. As you can see, the highlight on the brow bone makes a huge difference and the use of different shades is indeed possible.


7. Glitter Eye Makeup

A little sparkle goes a long way, and coupled with some eyeliner, this eye makeup for hooded eyes is the easiest one to recreate and it will look amazing for any occasion. The eyeliner is kept thin, and all the attention is brought to the sparkly eye shadow. Because it’s so sparkly, there’s no need to use more than one shade!


8. Bronze Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Everyday makeup looks for hooded eyes are a must and it’s important to have several options to choose from. In this case, this brown, golden makeup is super subtle and simple, but very elegant indeed. As you can see, no eyeliner is needed to bring out your eyes, only eye shadows!


9. Gold Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

As you can see, eye makeup doesn’t have to be subtle in order to work for hooded eyes. This bronze and gold look is incredible and it will dress up and bring out your eyes like never before. Once more, the deeper shades are kept on the corner, and there’s no need for an eyeliner with such rich colors!


10. Classic Eye Makeup

Classic Bronze Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

The focus of this hooded eye makeup is the eyeliner, which is strong and it brings all the attention to your eyes, as it should be! Couple it with a little bronze eye shadow and you have a nice look that you can wear in the evening. As you can see, the eyeliner is a bit strong, but if you do it right, it can compliment your hooded eyes nicely.


11. Baby Blue & Brown Eye Makeup

Blue and brown are a match made in heaven in this eye makeup look for women with hooded eyes that has a little pop of color that brightens up your eyes and makes them even more interesting than they naturally are. As you can see, the inner corner sports quite a bit of brightness, which is yet another way of opening up your eyes.


12. Smokey Brown Eye Makeup

This smokey brown cat eye is subtle but it opens up your eyes and it’s ideal for casual occasions of all kinds, whether that’s in the daytime or the evening! As you can see, the eyeliner is kept to a minimum and under the eye, the use of eye shadow instead of eyeliner allows the eye to look bigger, which is exactly what you need.


13. Peachy Eye Makeup

This peachy makeup look for hooded eyes is a simple yet beautiful option for when you want to look your best. You can wear this look to work, casual occasions such as brunch, lunch with friends, coffee dates, and even in the evening.

As you can see, there’s no eyeliner involved, which makes it possible for your eye to look bigger and by keeping the dark shades in the corner, you create the illusion of space.


14. Rose Gold Eye Makeup

This earth-toned option is great to spruce up casual outfits or to compliment an evening gown without making too much of a fuzz. It’s a simple, yet elegant hooded eye makeup look that will bring out your eyes. In this case, the eyeliner is at the bottom, but by keeping it light, it accentuates the eye instead of making it smaller.


15. Cotton Candy Eye Makeup Look

Cotton Candy Eye Hooded Eye Makeup Look

There are days where you just want something bubbly and fun, well, this cotton candy-inspired makeup look for hooded eyes can be a great choice. It’s simple yet beautiful and it’s also a lot of fun! Perfect for any daytime activity! Once again, the eyeliner is kept strong at the top, and subtle at the bottom.


16. Golden Smokey Eye Makeup

This golden smokey eye is not only simple, but it’s also very subtle. This means that if you don’t want the darkness of a standard smokey eye, this option will work wonders for you. It lightens up your eyes and it goes well with virtually any outfit. Lashes make all the difference, so make sure you really make them pop!


17. Soft Sparkly Lavender Eye Makeup

This makeup for hooded eyes is subtle and simple, but very classy and elegant as well. It can compliment any outfit effortlessly and it will look great for different events. As you can see, the eyeliner is quite simple, and all the space and brightness is created with strategically placed eye shadow.

Not to mention this color is lovely and it reflects light very nicely. This shadow also has some shimmer, which makes your eyes pop a lot better.


18. 60s Cat Eye Makeup

This 60s-inspired cat eye makeup for hooded eyes is super easy and it’s beautiful. It lightens up your eyes and it opens them up as well. Not to mention it will look incredible on virtually any occasion! Once again, the brightness is kept in the inner corner, which makes a huge difference.


19. Smokey Eye Makeup

This golden smokey eye is an elegant, sexy option that you can wear on any occasion and that’s simple enough to pull off. It will also open up your eyes and you can complete your hooded eye makeup however you see fit.


20. 60s-Inspired Eye Makeup

60s-Inspired Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

This 60s-inspired makeup for women with hooded eyes is another great option that combines lovely complimentary colors to create this alluring, elegant, interesting look that no one else will think of trying out. It’s subtle enough to suit any occasion and it will make you look different from everyone else!


21. Sunrise Eye Makeup

This sunrise look is a great way to combine different eye shadow colors to create this bright, interesting makeup for hooded eyes that will work well for different occasions and looks.


22. Teal Eye Makeup

This teal look is super easy to make and it’s very lively. It will bring a new shine to your eyes and it will look great for any occasion. Not to mention teal is a fun color to play with!


23. Mermaid Eye Look

This mermaid look combines blue and purple to create this stunning hooded eye makeup that will make you look fantastic for any party or special occasion. Keep the rest of the makeup very subtle, and you will look incredible by bringing all the attention to your eyes.


24. Ombre Eye Makeup

Sunset Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

This sunset makeup look for hooded eyes is incredible and it’s a fun option for any occasion that will allow you to use bright, lovely colors and yet look elegant and poised. Once again, no eyeliner at the bottom. Are you catching the trend?


25. Glitter Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

 Glitter Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

This daytime makeup look for hooded eyes is super easy and simple, and it will allow you to look stunning every day, no matter where you go!


All you need to do is learn to do your makeup for hooded eyes right and learn what works for your eye shape, after that, you’ll come to appreciate your shape and even be happy about it. There’s nothing about yourself that you can’t learn how to love with the help of the right attitude and the right knowledge!