Matte Eyeshadow: 30 Looks That’ll Be Huge in 2024

Matte eyeshadows are super versatile when it comes to makeup because, unlike shimmers, glittery shadows or creams, matte eyeshadows tend to be flat in color. This means that you can play around quite a bit.

For the daytime, neutral matte eyeshadows will do the trick, while colorful matte eyeshadows can help you be bold and truly make a statement with your makeup. Their versatility truly allows you to show your personal style and express your creativity, so today we bring you 40 different matte eyeshadow looks for inspiration!


Popular Matte Eyeshadow Looks

You will find everyday options as well as creative and fun options that will allow you to compliment any outfit for any occasion.

1. Retro-Inspired Matte Eyeshadow Look

Retro-Inspired Matte Eyeshadow Look

This neutral matte eyeshadow makeup look is very retro and it makes us think a bit of the ’60s. The focus here is on the eyeliner, which is very bold, and the eyeshadows are kept very neutral and simple. This is a look you can rock on daytime events of any kind if you want a simple yet eye-catching bronze makeup.


2. Canary Matte Look

yellow matte eyeshadow for women

If yellow is one of your favorite colors, then this look will speak to you. It’s stunning, it’s bright and it’s bold, but not everyone can pull it off. This is definitely a look for the summer, so that’s something to keep in mind, and it will look more appropriate in the daytime.


3. Brown Matte Eyeshadow

Women with Brown Matte Eyeshadow

This matte eyeshadow with brown smokey eye look is super simple and easy to put together. This is another neutral look that you can pull off on daytime events and on the daily to complete any outfit and make you look fresh and well put together.


4. Everyday Natural

Natural Matte Eyeshadow Look for Girls

Here’s another neutral option and this is definitely something you can wear every day. This natural makeup look is easy to put together and it will make you look incredible. Plus, you can play with the rest of your makeup because the matte eyeshadows won’t clash.


5. Matte Pink Eye Makeup

pink matte eyeshadow look

If you love pink, this matte eyeshadow look will definitely be for you! This is something you can wear for brunch, coffee dates, and other daytime events as well as evening events. It’s fairly simple yet elegant and beautiful!


6. Copper Cat Eye

If you want a classic and elegant look, this copper cat eye matte makeup is the right choice for you. As you can see, it’s quite simple and neutral, so you will be able to play with the rest of your makeup. This is something you can rock in the daytime and the evening as well!


7. Subtle Peach Look

This subtle peach look is amazing in its simplicity and it doesn’t take much to pull it off. The shimmer is tucked into the inner corner of the eye and the eyeliner is kept very minimum so that the real star here is the color of the matte eyeshadow.

If you’re in a hurry and you want to look your best, this is the way to go, and you can tailor this to any outfit by changing the color of the matte eyeshadow.


8. Purple Matte Eyeshadow Look

Who doesn’t love a good purple look? This one, as you can see, is amazing and it looks incredibly elegant. This is a particularly good makeup choice for all the brown-eyed gals out there and it’s a very simple concept. The best thing is that you get to use different purple hues!


9. Peach and Pink Hues

If you love the combination of pink and peach, then this matte eyeshadow look will be perfect for you. As you can see, it’s very simple to put together and the eyeliner is kept very bold so you’ll definitely catch people’s eye.


10. Bright Sunset Matte Eyeshadow Look

best matte eyeshadow looks for women

If you like your makeup bright and bold, then this is an option for you. This bright sunset/Barbie kind of look is incredible and it also has a retro element to it, so it’s definitely interesting.


11. Hot Pink Matte Eyeshadow

This hot pink matte eyeshadow look is super simple and attractive. As you can see, it takes minimum effort and the star is definitely the eyeshadow itself. No need for eyeliner, just a lot of mascara!


12. Light Orange Style

This orange matte eyeshadow look is subtle, sultry, and very elegant! It’s a great look for any occasion and it brings the focus right where you want it to be. Plus, it’s very easy to put together and super fun.

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13. 60’s Plum Matte Look

This retro-inspired plum matte eye makeup is bold, bright and very elegant. It will look incredible for an evening event and it requires you to keep the rest of your makeup quite natural and simple, so keep that in mind.


14. Cotton Candy Eyes

This cotton candy look is super cute and it allows you to use pink and purple hues to create something very simple and fun.


15. Sunrise Matte Eyeshadow Look

If you love bright matte eyeshadow looks, this sunrise look is the right choice for you! This gorgeous look will make you feel super bright and fun, and you’ll get to use colors that you probably don’t wear too often. This is definitely a summer or autumn look, so keep that in mind!


16. Romantic Look

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so this romantic matte eye look can be exactly what you’re looking for. As you can see, there’s a bit of shimmer in this, but that’s totally optional. The base is still matte and you get to play with different hues of red and pink to create this super sexy rose gold eye look.


17. Blue Matte Eyeshadow Look

If blue is one of your colors, this simple blue matte eyeshadow look is definitely something to consider. As you can see, it’s very easy to put together and you won’t need much to make it work for you.


18. Classic Black Smokey Eye

If you want your eyes to be bold and dark, this black matte eyeshadow look is the right look for you. As you can see, there’s not much going own and it will make your eyes look seductive and elegant. This is a look you can pair with a nice nude lip or a bold red if you want to go for the full vampiress look.


19. Natural Eyes

natural matte eyeshadow look for women

This matte eyeshadow look is super easy and simple, which means it can become your everyday look without too much effort. This is definitely something you can put together very quickly in the morning so you can look fresh and bright without too much product.


20. Coral Matte Eyeshadow Look

Coral Matte Eyeshadow Look

This coral matte eyeshadow is super simple to put together and it’s very pretty. Coral is a very popular color and you can make it work for any occasion. As you can see, this ombre eyeshadow look is very simple and it doesn’t need much to make your eyes be the center of attention.



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green matte eyeshadow look


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classy matte eyeshadow ideas for women


As you can see, matte eyeshadow is incredibly versatile and you can use it however you see fit. Matte palettes provide many different options for you to play around with and you can put them to good use with any of these matte eyeshadow looks.