6 Perfect Permanent Hair Removal Options

Most of the people lose their beauty due to unnecessary hair on their face and other parts of the body. These unnecessary hairs are grown on the body due to some medical problem also and due to many other reasons also. In this modern era everyone either is male or female try to find out the permanent hair removal options for their body and increase their beauty through eliminating hair from their body.

Trend of removing hair is mostly famous among young boys and girls and according to your knowledge this article is written only for girls because girls are more interested for removing hair from all of their body. As you know our new generation adopts many fashion and designs by following their favorite actor or actress and we can say that they learn hair removing from all of the body by actor or actress whose are working on screen.

Young men and women attend any kind of ceremony or any festival as their model person attend and they wants to adopt maximum designs which are related to their favorite actor or actress. For adopting related designs they try to find out different ways in which one of the designs is to remove hair form body. Best hair removal methods are already discussed in previous article and today this article is the extension of previous article and in which we share with you some best permanent hair removal options which are most suitable for you and they must increase your beauty as you want.

permanent hair removal options

The Useful Permanent Hair Removal Options

There are the following suitable treatment for hair removing form the body which are mostly used by men and women.

1. Shaving

Well, shaving is one of the best options used for permanent hair removing form face and other parts of the body including sensitive areas of the body. Shaving can be made through sharp razor to cut off the hair from skin surface and this method is mostly used by men also.

One of the great benefits of shaving is that, this method is inexpensive and easily available and you can remove hair without pain and it is effective for short time. The cone of shaving is that, this method is useful for only few days and hair is reappear on the face after some days.

2. Waxing

Waxing is also a well known method of hair removing from skin and it is also known as age old method. You can remove unwanted hair from your body easily and after waxing you should need a piece of cloth or paper strip to rip hair from follicles.

One prose of waxing is that through waxing hair reappear after few days because in which you put the hair directly from follicles on the body. One time waxing and get rid from unwanted hair two to eight week easily, it depends on your growth cycle and your skin surface. Con of the waxing is that this method of removing hair from body is painful and stretches your skin also.

3. Sugaring

Sugaring is most similar method of hair removing and related with waxing to avoid unwanted hair form skin. In this process you should applying warm gel to your skin part where you want to remove the hair then removing the sugar with cotton strip.

The benefit of sugaring is that in which natural ingredients includes for hair removing like sugar, honey and lemon. Due to having natural ingredients there is no chance of irritating skin even on sensitive skin and there is less chance of burning skin due to low temperature of sugar than waxing. The con of sugaring is that it is also the painful method of hair removing like waxing and become the causes of acne also.

4. Threading

Small areas of the body like eyebrow, threading is used for hair removing and this method is originally start from Middle East and south Asia.  Cotton used for threading that is twisted around the individual hair.

Threading is the quick way of removing hair and it is not expensive and easily adoptable. You can achieve their target within few minutes and you feel pain like plucking. Threading is used for hair removing but this method cannot be used on all the body because this way is most painful method and especially for men who have thicker skin than women.

5. Depilatory Cream

This cream is also useful for removing hair from body easily and within 5 to 10 minutes. It is the chemical based cream which helpful for removing hair or unwanted hair from skin surface. It is the quick method and you can used without having pain or less pain other than waxing method. The disadvantage of this cream is that the result will last longer than shaving, but not as waxing and hair will reappear after few days of using this cream.

6. Laser and Electrolysis

These two methods are closely related with each other and used for hair removing from the body but these methods are not for everyone. You should apply this method through some professional person otherwise a little mistake can become the causes of burning skin. Electrolysis is used for hair removing involves inserting a fine needle in to the hair shaft for removing hair.

The most benefit big benefits of these methods are that you can rid unwanted hair permanently from your body. The con of laser and electrolysis methods is that these both methods are painful and also expensive ways to removing hair.

So these are the most commonly and famous ways for hair removing is used in all over the world. Although, there are many other ways but we focus on most suitable and permanent hair removal option for hair removing. We sure that these method will helpful for you and able to reduce your tension about extra hair on the body.