11 Rose Gold Eye Makeup Ideas That’ll Blow Your Mind

One of the most recent and trendy looks for women is rose gold eye makeup. Rose gold is one of the trendiest colors this year. We’ve seen it everywhere, in hairstyles, in clothing lines and even in makeup. If you want to join this trend, we’ve listed down 11 great rose gold eye makeup looks that you can try out!


Popular Rose Gold Eyeshadow Looks for Women

These are 11 of the most gorgeous rose gold eye makeup ideas for women to go crazy over this year. Go through the styles and get inspiration for yourself.

1. Subtle Rose Gold and Black Cut Crease

Subtle Rose Gold and Black Eye Makeup

This rose gold eyeshadow look is amazing and very fairy-like.

Ideal for: Parties, formal dinners, or night-time events.

How to style: The look combines rose gold with a subtle black outer corner. To achieve this look, you’ll need a few different shades of pink including pink glitter. The eyelid consists of 4 different shades transitioning from the lightest to the darkest shade, the darkest being black.


2. Rose Gold Eyeshadow with Glitter Halo

Rose Gold Eyeshadow with Glitter

This rose gold eye makeup for blue eyes looks great on all occasions and is easy to do as well.

Ideal for: Lunches, brunches, or other day-time events.

How to style: Simply brush and blend light pink and rose gold shades on your eyelid. You can blend some dark pink shades in your crease as well. Then, take a gold glitter and pat it on the center of your upper lid as well as your lower lid. Finish the look off with a light pink inner corner highlight, and you’re done!


3. Rose Gold Glitter Look

 Rose Gold Glitter Eye Makeup

This eye makeup with rose gold eyeshadow look incorporates a nice amount of glitter.

Ideal for: Parties, a night out, or black-tie events.

How to style: The rose gold glitter look can be pulled off by applying a nice pink glitter all over the eyelid. Incorporate darker pinks and purples on the crease so the lightness of the glitter can contrast starkly with the dark crease. Don’t forget to do a line of pink glitter eyeshadow on your lower lid as well!


4. Dark Golden and Rose Gold Eye

Dark Rose Gold Eye Makeup for Women

Incorporate darker shades in your makeup with this rose gold eye makeup.

Ideal for: Proms, weddings, or other black-tie events.

How to style: Use purple eyeshadows and a more pigmented golden for this look. Style it with a nice pair of false lashes and a bright white or silver inner corner highlight so your brown eyes really stand out.


5. Dramatic Rose Gold Eye Makeup

Dramatic Rose Gold Eye Makeup

This rose gold look takes traditional eye makeup a step further and is assured to make you stand out!

Ideal for: Festivals, and concerts.

How to style: To do this look, simply put on rose gold eyeshadow and a nice winged liner on top. You can choose to smoke out the black liner a bit if you want to. Take things a step further by applying rose gold glitter in different patterns on your eyelids.


6. White and Rose Gold Transition Look

This is a really simple rose gold eye makeup look to do that doesn’t involve extensive use of colors.

Ideal for: Lunches, dinners, or a day out with friends.

How to style: Style this look by using a nice pink eyeshadow in the crease and on the lid. You can combine a darker and lighter shade. Make sure to use white in the inner corner and blend it out to get that effortless blend.


7. Rose Gold Halo Effect

This is a great halo rose gold eye makeup style that incorporates browns and oranges.

Ideal for: Formal daytime activities, such as day weddings.

How to style: This look is styled really easily. Using a combination of oranges, browns, and pinks, do your upper lid. Then with a nice white glitter, pat it down in the middle of your lid creating the halo effect.


8. Rose Gold Eye with Winged Liner

Rose Gold Eye Makeup with Winged Liner

Another simple makeup look with rose gold eyeshadow, this look is easy to achieve and is warm toned.

Ideal for: Formal lunches and evening events.

How to style: Style your rose gold eyeshadow with a nice winged liner for this look. The look is completed with a dark waterline pencil. Make sure you line your tear duct too so there’s a good contrast between the black liner and the glitter.


9. All Over Rose Gold Look

This soft romantic rose gold eye look is a favorite among many makeup artists!

Ideal for: Dates or daytime events.

How to style: Style this look with a nice nude pink lip and a pair of false lashes.


10. Deep Rose Gold Halo Effect

Deep Rose Gold Eyeshadow look

This is another eye makeup look with rose gold eye shadow that consists of the halo effect, but this one uses deeper shades of pink and golden.

Ideal for: Parties or a night out with friends.

How to style: Style this look with a nice winged liner, that is also winged at the tear duct, so your eye looks longer.


11. Soft Rose Gold Look

Soft Rose Gold Eye Makeup

Coming from makeup guru Desi Perkins, this soft glam rose gold eye look is perfect!

Ideal for: Dates, weddings, and black-tie events.

How to style: Style this rose gold eye makeup with a light pink eyeshade in the inner eyelid that extends to darker shades styled in a cat shape.