10 Quick & Easy Curly Hairstyles for Toddlers

Creating pretty hairstyles for toddlers with curly hair is a fun activity both for parents and the toddler. It’s a great time to bond with your toddler. You get to just relax, play around with their hair and just talk about their day.


Ideal Hairstyles for Toddlers with Curly Hair

Curly hairstyles for toddlers are so cute if you know how to do it the right way. How could anyone resist those gorgeous shiny curls? The best part is, the possibilities are pretty much endless. You can just twist the hair and call it a day, or you can spend extra time and add some adorable accessories.

#1: Decorated Double Bun

Double Bun for toddler

While having long and curly hair is usually really fun for toddlers, their hair can get on their nerves from time to time. The best way to move the hair away from the face is with double buns. Double buns will pick up all of the hair from their face, and your toddler will still look absolutely adorable. For some extra cuteness, add shiny accessories.


#2: Pushed Up & Decorated

decorated hairstyle for toddler

If your toddler has voluminous hair, then you should embrace it. Push the hair to the front and use some bobby pins to keep it in place. Let the natural curls fall over to the sides. In the end, put a colorful flower accessory and your toddler will look better than ever!


#3: A Cute Hat

curly hairstyles for toddlers

When a toddler has curly hair, and you put a cute hat over it, they will look as if they’re inside of a fairy tale. While hats have the tendency to overshadow toddler’s facial features, this is not the case for those who have curly hair. Hats don’t squish curly hair like they often do straight hair. Besides, toddlers love pretending like they’re someone else by wearing various different hats. You can even find hats that their favorite superheroes wear. They will surely appreciate that!


#4: Afro Hairstyle

afro hairstyle for toddler

Some of the toddlers have the perfect curls for the afro hairstyle, so why not take advantage of that and have some fun? Curly hair is usually really hard to tame, so it’s pretty much useless to even try to do that. If you cut your toddler’s curly hair shorter and in a round shape, you will be embracing their natural curls even further. Your toddler will definitely look unique with this hairstyle.


#5: Cute Hair Band

hairstyle with head band for curly hair

Some toddlers just love dressing up as princesses. They love fluffy dresses and cute hair bands. Apart from looking absolutely precious, hair bands are really useful for getting the hair out of your toddler’s face. No matter how much of a princess she might be, your toddler will still want to have all of the fun in the world. Her curls will be safe behind the gorgeous hair band, and she will be free to run around as much as she desires.


#6: Bow Flower Hair Clips

A cute hairstyle for toddlers with curly hair. There isn’t a cuter way of showing that your toddler is a gift to you than putting a bow flower in her hair. The bow flower hair clips will accentuate the natural curls that your toddler has. This hairstyle is great for toddlers who enjoy having colorful accessories in their hair. It will definitely be a fun activity for your toddler to pick out the best hair clips for her.


#7: Parted And Brushed Back

If your toddler has extremely curly hair, they can become tired of it. She might even have a phase when she wants to cut it all off. You can provide your toddler with a break from her crazy hair by brushing it back. Part the hair into few sections as you would if you were making fish braids. Instead of making those fish braids, simply pull the hair to the back and secure it with a tiny hair band. Add little bows to every section to make the hairstyle even cuter.


#8: Flowery Hair Clips

Some toddlers love to dress up as little fairy princesses. They love having their gorgeous hair being curled, and they don’t mind sitting still while their hair is being styled. If your toddler is like this, then you’re in for a fun ride. To create a perfect fairy princess hairstyle, you will need some cute white flower hair clips. Take the front part of the hair, twist it and push it to the back. Secure the hair with two or more cute hair clips. The rest of your toddler’s curly hair can be left on its own.


#9: Mini Twists

mini twists with curly hair for toddler

Black toddler curly hairstyle is really something special. It looks unique even when it’s left natural. But, it looks even more special when you style it well. Toddlers love when we play around with their hair. That’s why your toddler will enjoy the time you put aside to twist the hair into tiny little twists. For cuteness overload, add some flower clip-on hair clips on the hair tips, and your toddler will have a perfect hairstyle.


#10: Modern Double Bun

modern double bun for curly hair

Hair accessories might look cute on some toddlers, but they aren’t for everyone. Some toddlers look stunning even without crazy colorful accessories. If your toddler has curly or wavy hair, you can embrace it by twisting it into two cute buns on the sides of her head. Make sure that the elastic band and the bobby pins that you might add are entirely invisible. Here, the goal is to make the hairstyle look flawless yet effortless.


When your toddler has curly hair, the possibilities for hairstyles are endless. Some toddlers enjoy having crazy accessories in their hair, and some don’t. Either way, you can make them look like the cutest toddler in the world.