20 Vintage Makeup Looks That You Must Try This Season

Vintage makeup looks have once again taken the makeup industry by storm! The trend of vintage makeup is back again this winter season, and this time, it’s here for good! There has always been something about the winter season that speaks ‘vintage’, making it the perfect look for this season. So, keep reading to find out about the 20 vintage makeup looks that you must try this winter season!


Popular Vintage Makeup Looks

We have compiled here 20 vintage makeup looks for you to choose from.

1. Orange Lip Shade

vintage makeup with orange lipstick

After all, orange is the new black, right?

Ideal for: A day out at the mall with your friends or casual meetups.

How to style: To make the lip shade last all day long, first apply some orange lipstick. Then, apply compact powder over the lipstick. After that, apply the lipstick again over the compact powder. Pair this vintage look with simple eye makeup so that the orange lipstick grabs all the attention!


2. Thick and Natural Eyebrows

vintage makeup with thick eyebrow

Long gone are the days when pencil-lined thin eyebrows were trendy. Thick, natural-looking eyebrows are back from the past!

Ideal for: Daily wear. You can also wear this rose gold eye makeup for vintage look to all sorts of casual and formal events.

How to style: If you have naturally thin eyebrows, use a brow gel to outline your brows and to make them appear thick. Fill in any empty spaces using brow gel to give a thick appearance.


3. Nude Lip Shades

vintage makeup looks for women

Nude lip shades give an adorable unparalleled vintage makeup look!

Ideal for: Casual wear, casual trips to the grocery store or the mall

How to style: Just pick out your favorite nude lip color and then apply it to your lips!


4. Red Lip Shade

vinatge red lipstick for women

Embrace the bright red color of love with this red lip shade!

Ideal for: Party wear, formal parties and grand occasions like weddings and proms.

How to style: Swipe red lipstick across your lips to get this hot and sexy look! Pair it with bronze eye shadow to take your vintage makeup to the next level!


5. Smokey Eye

vintage makeup ideas for women

These brushed up eyebrows form a perfectly vintage makeup look on their own.

Ideal for: All sorts of gatherings where you can wear even the slightest amount of makeup. This includes both, casual and formal gatherings.

How to style: Using a brow brush, brush up your eyebrows and then apply some brow gel to make sure they stay in place.


6. Contouring

Contouring isn’t as modern of a makeup technique as we thought!

Ideal for: All sorts of gatherings where you can wear even the slightest amount of makeup.

How to style: Apply a dark contouring cream to your jawline, sides of the forehead, the line from the front of your ear to your mouth’s angle, and the tip and midline of your nose. Apply a light-colored contouring cream on the rest. Blend it all to get the perfect contoured look!


7. Winged Eyeliner

This fabulous vintage makeup look for brown eyes with gold eyeshadow has been around for as long as makeup has existed, and it’s never leaving!

Ideal for: Casual as well as formal gatherings.

How to style: Apply your eyeliner as usual, then make a protruding wing on the outer edges of the eyes.


8. False Eyelashes

Make your lashes look sexier with these false eyelashes! A classic vintage makeup look for women.

Ideal for: Formal events and parties.

How to style: Apply some lash glue to the lashes and then apply those lashes to your eyes.


9. Use a White Eyeliner!

This vintage makeup look makes your eyes look bigger!

Ideal for: Party wear.

How to style: Use white eyeliner pencil on your eye’s lower waterline to make your eyes appear bigger. You can also use this eyeliner for the inner part of the top waterline to give a formal, fabulous look!


10. Orange Ombre Eyeshadow

vintage orange eyehshadow

Orange eyeshadow gives a classic vintage makeup look!

Ideal for: Formal events

How to style: Apply some orange eyeshadow to your upper eyelids! Don’t forget to apply eyeliner on top of the eyeshadow.


11. Concentrated Blush

Give your cheeks the perfect blushed up a rosy-pink look with a heavy blush coverage!

Ideal for: Heavy makeup for formal events taking place during the daytime.

How to style: Just apply some pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend to get this vintage look!


12. Lip liners

Lip liners can greatly enhance the vintage makeup look for blondes with blue eyes!

Ideal for: Casual as well as formal makeup events.

How to style: Apply the lip liner to the edges of your lips. After that, fill in with a different color.


13. Skip The Eyeliner!

This bare vintage makeup look/trend has once again been revived!

Ideal for: Casual gatherings where you need light makeup coverage.

How to style: Skip the eyeliner. Instead, just apply mascara to give your eyelids a bare yet sexy look!


14. Ornaments for The Face!

This brave and bold vintage makeup look for blue eyes will help you stand out of the crowd!

Ideal for: Formal night-time occasions like masquerades and other parties.

How to style: Apply gems on your face with the help of some facial glue that is safe for application on the face!


15. Visible Beauty Mark!

makeup for vintage look

Beauty marks are an ideal vintage makeup look/trend, especially after the iconic Marylin Monroe boasted of hers.

Ideal for: Formal events like weddings.

How to style: Apply a black spot using the help of eyeliner on any area of your face that you think should contain a beauty mark!


16. Glitter Makeup

The glam and sparkle trend is back, which means it is time to start using glittery eyeshadows!

Ideal for: Formal, evening or night-time gathering.

How to style: Apply some glittery eyeshadow on the top lids of your eyes! Keep the rest of the eye makeup relatively simple. Don’t forget to finish up with mascara and eyeliner.


17. Pastel Colored Eyeshadows

Soothing to the eyes, pastel-colored eyeshadows will give you an indefinitely vintage makeup look!

Ideal for: Formal gatherings like parties that take place during the daytime.

How to style: apply some eye primer and then apply your favorite pastel-colored eyeshadow to bring out the full glam of the eyeshadow! You can finish with eyeliner or you can skip the eyeliner and go for mascara only!


18. Dark-colored Eyebrows

Give your matte eyeshadow makeover a bold vintage look with these dark-colored eyebrows!

Ideal for: All kinds of gatherings, whether formal or casual.

How to style: Regardless of the shade of your natural hair, apply some brownish black eyebrow gel over your eyebrows to give them a dark color!


19. Glossy Lipstick

vintage makeup looks with glossy lipstick

The matte fever has been overthrown by the recent rising trend of glossy lip shades!

Ideal for: All sorts of events, whether formal or casual. It can also be used for daily makeup wear.

How to: Just apply some tinted lip gloss over your lips to get this sweet, decent look!


20. Thin Pencil Eyebrows

best vintage makeup looks for women

While this look may not be that trendy recently, you can surely wear it to some vintage-themed event!

Ideal for: A vintage-themed event.

How to style: Remove most of your eyebrows and leave a thin part behind. Fill in the thin part left behind using some brow pencil.


These are the popular vintage makeup looks that are making their come back in the makeup industry!