20 Unbeatable Outfits to Wear in 60 to 70 Degree Weather

Everybody wants to flaunt the best, the clothing that is in-trend be it the outfits for 60/70 degree weather. Fashion is the ardent desire to fulfill by feeling confident, comfortable and fashionable.

Well, all of that while involuntarily not looking like a zombie during the course of experimenting. Relatable, isn’t it? But tweaking an already existing outfit to your heart’s content is convenient and facile. Here is a list of 60/70 degree weather outfits that we’ve combined for you to try out!


Suitable Outfits for 60/70 Degree Weather

To assemble an outfit that matches comfort, you require hard work. We have tried to make it simpler for you. Here is a long list of 60 degree weather outfits and equally stunning 70 degree weather outfits.

1. The Casual Sequin Blazer

casual outfit for 60 degree weather

What we love the most about this attire is the simplicity that adapts to any environment.

Where to buy: Zara.

Inclusive of:

  • A basic white t-shirt with full sleeves.
  • A concept, scrambled hems, a mid-waist pair of jeans.
  • An oversized blazer with pockets.

Ideal for: Those of you with long and thin legs will look dashing in this simple yet classic outfit.

When to use: The simplicity and the cotton and denim material makes the outfit enchanting on a sunny day. One of the remarkable 70 degree weather outfits.


2. Chain Print Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket for 60 degree weather

Nothing matches the chic and boldness of a bomber jacket, does it?

Where to Shop: Lord and Taylor.

Inclusive of:

  • A classic, leafy, chain printed bomber jacket with a zipper and side pockets.
  • A white crop top.
  • A pair of black jeans or leggings.

Ideal for: For those of you with broad shoulders and slightly heavy upper body will look elegant in this fashionable attire.

When to use: Replacing the pants with a midi or high rise black denim skirt will make the attire look trendy. For cold days, bombers are the best to use.


3. Belted Baby Blue Jumpsuit

60 degree weather outfits for women

A jumpsuit is a single piece that makes any day look brighter. From complicated meetups to lazing around the day; this piece is your perfect choice.

Where to shop: Old Navy.

Inclusive of: 

  • Blue jumpsuit of cotton-rayon material with rounded neckline with a removable tie belt.

Ideal for: If you have lean and thin figure, this outfit is the ultimate fashion statement for you! If you are someone with curvy hips, this outfit will make you look pretty and charming.

When to use: Being manufactured out of rayon and cotton, this jumpsuit is the finest of possible 60 degree weather outfits. Wear it for any daytime affair with pride!


4. Orchid Brown Leather Jacket

70 degree outfits for women

Nothing works better than a breezy outfit for a happy day. Pump up your day with confidence.

Where to shop: H&M. 

Inclusive of:

  • An orchid brown leather jacket.

Ideal for: Having well-defined shoulders? Sport this leather jackets in the brown shade to enhance your collar bones and shoulder structure.

When to use: Leather is the undisputed emperor to ward off any climatic effect. This outfit for 60 degrees along with a ribbed top and floral skirt makes for nothing less than a creative masterpiece!


5. Sunny Formals

formal outfit for 70 degree weather

No matter what the occasion is, this dashing selection will sharpen your look. Vintage in its approach, this sunny outfit will spark confidence into your day!

Where to shop: Shop Mango.

Inclusive of:

  • A cat eye black sunglasses.
  • A leather flap detail, and a polka dot side bag.
  • An essential check structured blazer.

Ideal for: Wear this formal attire for any of your formal gatherings. This style is fit for all! No matter what body structure, this outfit is bound to suit you!

 When to use: Made out of regular blazer material, this unique piece comes with a lining that absorbs sweat. This outfit can also retain the fragrance of your perfume. Add charm to the outfit with a metallic watch and ear studs.


6. Coffee Beans Jumpsuit

An off-shoulder, summer jumpsuit is a dress we want for 60 or 70-degree weather.

Where to shop: Shop Nordstrom.

Inclusive of:

  • A black-white striped portrait jumpsuit with waist ties.

Ideal for: For those of you with broader hips and shorter bottom half, this outfit is the best!

When to use: This jumpsuit works the best when paired with a blazer for formal meetings. Cotton and polyester blend, this is terrific for being the best 70 degree weather outfits.


7. The Lana Condor Outfit

It definitely seems like something that Lana would want to try out. Greasy green with a vibrant white for a casual or a formal day.

Where to shop: Uniqlo.

Inclusive of:

  • An EZY ankle length flare pants with a tie, only at uniqlo.com.

Ideal for: Having a pear-shaped body structure? This outfit is meant for you!

When to use: Add charm to this look with a pair of ringlets to your ears. To implement this idea is to know that the material is impeccable for dressing up in 60/70 degree weather.


8. Gingham Checked Romper

rompers to wear in 70 degrees

A perfect combination of comfort and style, this romper is your perfect choice for the day.

Where to shop: Old Navy.

Inclusive of: Gingham Checked Romper.

Ideal for: Sport this trendy look if you have got collar bones to flaunt! This off-shoulder romper will bring out the confident you!

When to use: The shorts add to the advantage of a sunny day. Perfect for times pertaining to laziness or adventure, this outfit has you covered. It takes its place in the super in 70 degree weather getup.


9. V Neck Dress

A style for a day that is brimming with enjoyable and fun activities to do!

Where to shop: H&M.

Inclusive of:

  • A black, V-neck dress with white touch-ups; removable knots at the cuffs.

Ideal for: Those of you with a stick-thin figure should buy this outfit! It looks elegant and classic at the same time.

When to use: A black faux fur jacket will do the required magic to your outfit. The polyester material of the cloth facilitates comfort and confidence in you. It is equally easy to style. The dress is that simple!


10. The Black Focused Dress

black outfit for 70 degree weather

The black dress, which is slit on the sides, is a suitable dress type for almost all vacations, occasions, and outfits for 60 to 70 degree weather.

Where to shop: Shop Mango.

Inclusive of:

  • A high-collared neck with full sleeves.

Ideal for: This dress looks perfect for those having long legs. It enhances the look and brings out a charming personality.

When to use: A dress meant to suit all places and times. This suit is a bodycon dress that goes well with bondage boots, Chelsea boots or platform shoes. Add charm to it with long or short silver earrings. A high pony suits it the best. Additionally, you might also want to add a belt.


11. The Red Panel Dress

fashionable outfits for 70 degree weather

Festive attire is what the panel dress is intended for. A strikingly contrasting combination of accessories will bring this dress to life since the dresses are primarily of darker and lighter shades.

Where to shop: Rent the Runway.

Inclusive of: A red wine colored dress of festivity and charm. Chiffon sewn.

Ideal for: If you have a curvy body structure, this maroon dress will look perfect on you!

When to use:  Chiffon gives a floating dimension to the dress. It is lightweight and exotic in spellbinding the 70 degree weather outfits. Pair it with a bright pearly silver white Litas or lobster heels.

Add to the outfit a shiny combination of medium length or short earrings. A locket on the front would be an excellent combination to the red dress. A faded trench coat would do magic, too.


12. Kristen Blake Coats

A beautiful kind in itself, this match is the most suitable attire for 70 degree weather. Its simplicity is an overwhelming combination of dark black woolen sweatshirt-hoodie, along with a washed out pair of green trousers or pants.

Where to shop: Shop Nordstrom.

Inclusive of:

  • An asymmetrical black coat with a woolen finish.
  • A pair of washed out green trousers.

Ideal for: If you like it loose and comfy, this outfit is ideal for you! This outfit will bring out a casual and classic personality in you.

When to use: Coats have mainly been used to symbolize boldness. They provide warmth and tenderness, too. To pair such a color with a washed out green makes it much more pleasant.

Combine this outfit with a scarf across your neck or replace the scarf with your favorite chain or locket. For footwear, pair them with T-straps or ankle straps. For earrings, use mid-length ones with an open and loose hair.


13. The Natural Outfitter

An informal party or a get-together, this style meets all those requirements. It has a natural vibe that accounts for its plainness and minimalism. Thus it makes an astounding combination.

Where to shop: Rent the Runway.

Inclusive of:

  • A wheat-ish gladiator boots.
  • An urban stretch flap skirt.
  • A chain print leopard skin smocked hands blouse.

Ideal for: If you have a broad body structure, this outfit will suit you best. Trendy and fashionable, it is ought to create a fashion statement!

When to use: Adress like the above mentioned serves best comfort and convenience as an outfit to wear in 60 degree weather. The fabric is made out of cotton. The flaps on the blouse and the skirt make you feel at ease at all times. Gladiator boots make the outfit look and feel breezy. A nature-inspired look, this attire is good-to-go any other top or blouse you wear.

For enhancement, try the outfit out with a pair of long, flower-like earrings. Accessorize it with a sandy clutch or a side bag.


14. The Sistine Chapel Hoodie

hoodie for 60/70 degree weather

The spiky, bold outfit is handpicked. This getup is built in accordance with the trend, the needs, and color compliance. The dark shades of blue and black make this outfit the perfect preference for a solo day out.

Where to shop: Zara.

Inclusive of:

  • An oversized cropped black printed hoodie.

Ideal for: This dress is meant for all! Whatever be your body structure, this will bring out the diva in you!

 When to use: The selection of this attire was done keeping two significant influences of fashion in mind: the trend/style and the weather. The cloth used for the hoodie is dark and airy.

The addition of straight jeans to the outfit was done to enhance the color compliance and comfort. A best of 60 degree weather outfits.

You can accessorize it with a fancy or classic wristwatch. You can also replace the pair of jeans with a floral chain printed long skirt. A bandana is also a healthy suggestion.


15. Olive Checked Skirt

70 degree outfits with skirt

An olive-colored skirt combined with a woolen top tucked in is a warm outfit to pose in. On a day with a slight breeze, this outfit gives you style and comfort and also keeps you warm.

Where to shop: Uniqlo.

Inclusive of:

  • Olive checked mini skirt, woolen made.

Ideal for: If you have got a relatively smaller lower body, this skirt will make your body look well structured and fit you best!

When to use: High collared, full sleeve top is perfect with this skirt. Meant for days with 60 degree weather outfits with warmth caroling in, outfits like this are a great choice.

Here’s how you can add glam to it: a bright colored bracelet, or a locket around your neck. Tights under the skirt along with a pair of Chelsea or ugg boots are another way to add glamour.


16. Tie Trench Coats

The highlight of this outfit is the travel trench coat. The trench coat accentuates and dominates the corporate fashion realm.

Where to shop: Banana Republic.

Inclusive of:

  • A camel colored trench coat alongside a flared, black and white striped pant. This look is accompanied with a see-through ruffle back black blouse.

Ideal for: Attires like these don’t have a specific ideal type! They suit all! A fashion clothing like this is perfect for all wardrobes!

When to use:  Outfits for 60/70 degree weather can greatly be complemented by trench coats. They radiate boldness through the getup. Made out of a raincoat material, the coat is heavy. Yet, it is easily manageable in chilly temperatures of 60/70 degree weather.


17. Kimono Aspirations from Geography

kimono as a 60 degree weather outfit

A merry spring collection! The spring outfit is a combination of harvest colors that mean the start of something new and nice. Symbolism and style go hand in hand!

Where to shop: Ney-A-Porter.

Inclusive of:

  • Etro skin satin wrap jacket.

Ideal for: If you have a long and slender neck with prominent collar bones, this one is meant for you!

 When to use: Satin is a breezy/airy fabric that makes the person wearing the cloth feel just right. It is, furthermore, a fabric material dyed blue and wheat, as inspired by the depths of India and African forests. That means one thing: it fits right into the awesome collection of clothing ideas for 60/70 degree weather.

Enhance this look by adding a pair of mid-rise white skinny jeans along with a soft white boatneck crop top. The highlight is the jacket that acts as an excellent breather. Combine it with your locket and ringlets.


18. Balloon Sleeve Acrylic Jumper

You see the polka dots and the striped part of the trousers? Well, that’s not the highlight. More positively, the balloon sleeve top is definitely a splendid choice for 60 degree weather outfits.

Where to shop: Top Shop. 

Inclusive of:

  • Pointelle stitch balloon sleeve jumper.

Ideal for: If you have a broad body structure, this outfit will bring out the best in you!

 When to use: This balloon sleeve jumper is an acrylic, polyamide mixture of fabric that is just right. No matter what the weather is, the material makes room for air if sweaty. If chilly, it is as warm as wool.

The outfit works well with midis and high boots and works just as perfectly with jeans or leggings. This 60/70 degree dress cannot go out of fashion.


19. Plaid Walker Coat Wool Blended

70 degree outfit with jacket

A wool polyester cloth, this piece is standard for achieving warmth in 60 degree weather.

Where to shop: Lord & Taylor. 

Inclusive of:

  • A plaid wool blended walker cloth.

Ideal for: This coat looks perfect on those with a smaller upper body half. It brings out a trendy and fashionable side in you.

When to use: This coat is suitable for days when it is colder than normal. The majority of the apparel is constituted of wool, and it is left barren with handful craftsmanship. This is appealing to onlookers and yourself too.


20. Shirt Style Jumpsuit

jumpsuit for 70 degree weather

A sunlit day needs light and comfortable clothes. This jumpsuit is just the solution.

Where to buy: Zara.

Inclusive of:

  • A shirt style jumpsuit with pockets.

Ideal for: Those with a thin figure can easily sport this trendy look. It will make your figure look elegant and bring out a subtle touch.

When to use: A one-piece needs no description. It is easy to wear and maintain. Moreover, this shirt-style jumpsuit comes with handy pockets and in many different colors! The material is polyester and polyamide which makes it easier to care for. This makes it the best 70 degree weather outfits.