7 Classic Eye Makeup Looks for Women Over 60 with Blue Eyes

Eye makeup for blue eyes over 60 can really change the way they express themselves. There are so many styles that can beautify your lifestyle in grace.  Blue eyes are extremely beautiful in nature, and the right make-up choices can upgrade your look.


Amazing Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes Over 60

No matter what your age is, there is no age to shy away from makeup. Here are 7 of the best eye makeups for women over 60 with blue eyes.

1. Glitter Shade

glitter eye makeup for blue eyes and women over 60

The shades of glitter can range from gold to light bronze to give your eyes a finished look.

Ideal for: This eye makeup goes marvelously well with blue eyes and over 60 years old women and gives your eyes a mesmerizing highlighted look.

How to style: Bronze tinted accessories and simple glitter makeup will amp your appearance game.


2. Easy-dipsy Golden Lids

eye makeup looks for over 60 with blue yes

Take this simple and elegant look of golden eye shadow with bold mascara to enhance your eye make up choices.

Ideal for:  This fits perfectly for basic eye makeup for blue eyes over 60 years that looks royal no matter how old you are.

How to style: This is the best option that can be bunched with extravagant earrings and gold highlights to go the extra mile.


3. Liner Look

best eye makeup with blue eyes for over 60

Use dark eyeliner to highlight your beautiful eyes. Blue eyeliner makeup also goes well for this look.

Ideal for:  This is an everyday look that can be topped with white eyeshadow to make your blue eyes stand out.

How to style: Enhances the appeal of eye makeup for over 60 with blue eyes in a subtle and bold manner. It is Recommended with bright clothing and studs for earrings.


4. Smoky Wave

 smokey blue eye for women over 60

The classic black smokey eyes never go out of fashion no matter how old you are.

Ideal for: This is one of the most standard eye makeup looks for blue eyes over 60.

How to style: It is easy to do and only needs black eye-shadow with good mascara as the primary elements. Goes well with pearl earrings and dark clothing.


5. Everyday Glam

best eye makeup ideas for blue eyes over 60

A look that constitutes simple nude eyeshadow of a shade darker than your skin tone.

Ideal for: It pops your eyes out and is an apt make-up option to compliment blue eyes. This is a gentle look that suits round faces.

How to style: This classy bronze makeup look for women over 60 with blue eyes goes along with any outfit especially of beige colors if it’s for outdoor events.


6. Silverfish

glitter smokey eye for women over 60

The most popular eye makeup look for over 60 with blue eyes to take a dive into a party life.

Ideal for: This makeup perfectly suits small eyes and faces with sharp features.

How to style: An intense blend of silver and black gives a movie star look which goes along with a variety of party clothing. This is extremely intimidating with the black eyeliner and bold finish for blue eyes.


7. Purple Queen

purple eye makeup for blue eyes over 60

This is a bold and intimidating look for your eyes to make a fashion statement.

Ideal for: You can use white eye shadow color in an elegant way to highlight dark shades of purple matte eyeshadow.

How to style:  Top off this look with fake eyelashes to take the whole look to another level. This is an intriguing eye make up for blue eyes over 60.


We hope that our suggestions were helpful to boost your make-up routine. Choose the top-class eye makeup for blue eyes over 60 years old women. Express your youthful heart with exotic eye make-up at any age.