Top 30 Coworker Memes to Share with Your Colleagues

Spark some humor into your workday with funny coworker memes which are surprisingly accurate! Whether you work in business, or out in the fields, or in construction or a classroom, life with coworkers brings a wealth of experiences that you can’t help poking fun at. We’ve collected the latest and greatest to share with you below.


Funny Coworker Memes

From that ultra-lazy guy who’s always caught sleeping at his desk, to the goody-two-shoes who’s constantly sucking up to the boss, to the workaholic who runs purely on caffeine, to the social butterfly always trying to organize team events. The stereotypes of people in the workplace are too funny to resist. That’s why we’re not surprised that there are so many funny coworker memes out there across the internet!

Perhaps you’re in a large and diverse team, or maybe you only work with a small handful of people on a day-to-day basis. Either way, having colleagues brings a variety of experiences that are typical across industries. Hopefully, you have good relations with all of them, but it’s quite likely that some get on your nerves as well! These memes about coworkers capture the essence of life with coworkers and turn them into funny snippets that are sure to bring out the giggles in even the most stoic workmate.

1. That Awkward Moment When Your Coworker Says The Wrong Thing.

funny coworker memes


2. That Moment When You Realize… Your Least Favorite Coworker Won’t Be in Today.

funny coworker memes to make you laugh


3. That Co-worker Who Thinks That They Are Way Funnier Than They Really Are.

funniest coworker meme


4. That Face You make When A Coworker Wants to Start A Meme War.

funny memes for your coworker


5. When Your Coworker Wears The Same Weave And Outfit.

hilarious coworker meme


6. When You’re at Work Trying to Stay Positive.


7. Learns about Memes from People at Work. Office Is Now Covered in Full Color Meme Printouts.


8. When You Already Clocked Out And Your Coworker Trying to Hold A Conversation.


9. The Face You Make When Your Coworker Wants A Group Hug.


10. When Lunch Time Is The Only Peace You Get, But A Co-worker Wanna Talk to You.


11. When Your Co-worker Asks A Question That Makes The Meeting Go On for 25 Minutes.

funny coworker meme


12. How You Feel When Your Boss Tells You A Coworker Filed A Complaint about Your “Attitude”.


13. Ermagerd! My Coworkers Sent Me A Funny Text.


14. That Face You Make When That One Co-Worker Thinks They Are Your Manager


15. Sorry I Annoyed You By Making You Do Your Job.


16. My Face When The Laziest Co-Worker Complains about Working Too Hard…


17. I Don’t Always Miss My Ex-Coworkers But When I Do, I Think about They Used to Pissed Me Off.


18. When Your Shitty Coworker Gets A Promotion.


19. The Lie Detector Shows That 100% of Your Coworkers Don’t Think You’re Funny… And That Neither Do You Yet You Continue to Submit Bad Memes. Curious.


20. When You See That Coworker Who’s A Snitch talking to The Supervisor.


21. That Moment You Realize How Crazy Your New Coworker Is…

funny memes regarding coworker


22. Meeting at 9:30 AM? But That’s When I Look at Cat Pictures on The Internet.


23. Always Volunteers for Assignments. Constantly Complains about How Many Assignments She Has.


24. The Look You Give Your Work BFF When Something Fishy Is Going in The Office.


25. Wishes You Happy Birthday. Leaves You to Work.


26. Tries to Start Small Talk with Coworker. Sooo…What Do You Do for A Living?


27. Figured Out How to Go around The Firewall Browses The Net Her Entire Shift.


28. The Face You Make When Two Coworkers Are Arguing And Some Personal Stuff Starts to Come Out.


29. When Coworkers Think They Know It All.


30. Argued with Coworker about Something. He Looks It Up And Proves Himself Wrong.

funny memes about coworker


Don’t get caught up with the seriousness of work, business or corporate life. Take a moment or two to hang out at the water cooler, or out the back while having a smoke, and laugh your way through this list of funny coworker memes with your colleagues.