30 Funny Fishing Memes for Guaranteed Giggle

Don’t underestimate the fishing trip experience, and see what really goes down with funny fishing memes! There are entire Facebook pages dedicated to the funnier side of fishing, so here we’ve collected only the best of the funny fishing memes for you to laugh your way through from beginning to end.


Funny Fishing Memes of All Time

Many people consider fishing to be a boring experience. Just sitting out on the wharf, fishing rod in hand, waiting for hours for anything to take a bite. Little do these ignorant folks know…the dramas that can be involved with fishing! From gigantic monsters rising from the sea to the thrills when something is reeled in – funny fishing memes accurately represent just some of the many adventures that go down when heading for a morning or afternoon fishing trip.

Admittedly, there are still some less exciting times that can take place. However, these too are captured by funny fishing memes which portray just how amusing this can be at the same time! From falling asleep just before something takes a bite, to the stereotypes of fishing trips, there’s always something relatable to everyone.


1. The Moment You Realize You Forgot The Bait.

funny fishing memes


2. Fishing Like A Boss.

funny fishing memes to laugh


3. Hi Guys! Are You Here Looking for Little Old Me?

hilarious fishing memes


4. Behold, The Time to Go Fishing Is Upon Us!

funny memes about fishing


5.  Wife Told Me She Didn’t Care If I Go Fishing. Not Sure If I Should Go Or Stay Home.

funny memes regarding fishing


6. Spending $50 on Food. Spending $500 on Fishing Gear.

funny fishing memes to laugh


7. Come Ice Fishing They Said. It Will Be Fun They Said.


8. Things You Need…

9. Where Were You Fishing? I Promise I Won’t Tell A Soul.


10. How I Look When You Go Fishing without Me.

fishing memes to laugh


11. Give A Man A Fish And He Will Eat. Teach Him to Fish And He Will Drink Beer All Day In A Boat.

funny memes about fishing


12. I Once Gave Up Fishing. It Was The Most Terrifying Weekend of My Life.


13. Catches His Biggest Fish Can’t Post on Facebook Cause Wife Thinks He Is Working.

funny fishing memes


14. When You’re Away from Your Fishing Pole And You See It Move.

funny memes about fishing


15. I Have A Particular Set of Skills, Skills I Have Acquired over My Career. I Will Find Your Fishing Spot And I Will Fish It.

hilarious fishing memes


16. When You Bring Your Friend Fishing And He Swears He Knows How to Use A Baitcast Reel.

popular funny memes for fishing


17. This Is Me. Wishing I Could Skip Work And Fish Tomorrow.

funny fishing meme


18. You Like Fishing? Did We Just Become Best Friends?


19. Somewhere Out There Is A Hater Looking at Your Fishing Pics Like This.

popular fishing memes


20. When You Take Your Wife Fishing.. And She Catches The Bigger Fish.

hilarious fishing memes to laugh


21. Sorry I Was Out Sick All Week. My Arm Was in A Cast.

fishing memes that makes you laugh


22. When Someone Says They Hate Fishing.


23. Not Enough Fishing The Problem Is Too Cold To Fish And Not Cold Enough to Ice Fish. Bummer.


24. The Look I Give to The Guy Next to Me When He Catches A Good Fish.

funny fishing meme that makes you laugh


25. That Look When You’re Driving to Work & You See Someone Going Fishing.

funny fishing memes to laugh


26. They Asked Me Where I Caught My Fish, I Said in The Water.


27. A List Of Things I Like More Than Fishing.


28. Go Home Fish You’re Drunk.


29. Loving Fishing? You’re Doing It Wrong

funny fishing memes


30. What Did The Fisherman Say To The Magician? “Pick A Cod, Any Cod!”

funny fishing memes


We hope you liked our selection of funny fishing memes! They certainly got us laughing about fish (who would’ve guessed that’s a funny topic!) and they’ve been circulating the internet for some time already. Whether you know someone who loves fishing or hates it – either way, send some funny fishing memes their way!