30 Funny Wife Memes That Are Scarily And Hilariously Accurate

The happenings behind the closed doors of married couples’ lives are shamelessly revealed through funny wife memes! It’s no secret that husbands and wives have the day to day experiences we can’t resist chuckling over. In fact, when we scoured the internet to find the best of these memes, there were almost too many to choose from! Check out our collection below and see for yourself.


Perfect Funny Wife Memes

Husbands out there – this is for you. All the things you know are true, but perhaps don’t want to admit out loud. The things you see your wife do or hear her say can be super amusing, but you have to tread your steps carefully to not trigger her! Or maybe you laugh about these things together, taking a light-hearted perspective on life. These memes are for you.

Wives who are reading this – you have to admit, there are some things you probably do that are, well, pretty funny in retrospect. Maybe you’re in charge of the credit card then spend way too much on little luxuries, or claim you’re a “safe” driver except your husband freaks out every single time you touch the steering wheel. Whatever it may be, these funny wife memes capture the essence of being the woman in a married relationship! You may want to check these love memes for him after laughing over wife memes.


1. That Face You Make When Your Wife Bends Over to Pick Something Up.

funny wife meme


2. The Face I Make When I Ask My Wife If I Can Disc Golf.

funny memes for wife


3. Wives If She Keeps Coming Out of The Kitchen to Nag. Then You Made Her Leash Too Long!

hilarious memes for wives


4. When Your Wife Comes Home from Shopping.

funny wife memes to laugh

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5. When My Wife Is Mad at Me. I Tighten All The Jar Lids So She Has to Talk to Me.

memes regarding wife


6. Driving around Waiting on My Wife to Pick A Place to Eat.


7. My Wife at Home. My Wife in Public.


8. When Your Wife Makes The Rules But Doesn’t Follow Them.


9. My Wife Wanted A Cat. I Didn’t Want A Cat. So We Compromised And Got 3 Cats.


10. Never Laugh at Your Wife’s Choices. You’re One of Them.

funny wife memes


11. Happy Wife, Happy Life. Nothing Rhymes with Happy Husband. Welcome to Married Life Dumbass.

funny wife meme from husband


12. Go Canoeing with Your Wife, They Said Nothing Will Go Wrong, They Said.


13. This Is How Your Wife Waits for You When You Say You Are Coming in 10 Mins And You Take 2 Hours….


14. My Ex Wife Got The House & Truck The Divorce. I Delivered The Truck This Morning!


15. My Wife Said She’d Be Ready in 5 Minutes.

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16. My Wife Told Me to Stop Playing with Memes And Start Acting Like An Adult.

funniest memes for wife


17. Every Man Has This Look When His Wife Is Driving.


18. My Wife’s Face After I Give Her Only Flowers on Her Birthday.


19. Wife’s Whole Family Is Sick Puking And Pooping from A Virus. Wife Tells Me That She Loves Christmas So We Are Going Over to Their House for Dinner.


20. My Wife Is Just Working Late. She Really Loves Me.

 funny memes about wife


21. My Wife And I Have Been Married So Long She Can Finish My Sentences. She Also Starts Most of Them And Supplies The Middle Parts Too.

funny meme about wife


22. My Wife Was So Sick This Morning… That I had to Carry Her to The Kitchen to Make My Breakfast.


23. The! Wife! Farted! Must! Not! Lose! Consciousness!


24. When Your Wife Drives Your Car.


25. This Is What Happens When My Wife Picks The Movie…

funny wife memes


26. I Don’t Mind Hearing about My Wife’s Day… But First, I’ll Need Some Listening Juice.


27. When She Says She Doesn’t Want Anything for Valentines Day. And U Were  Dumb Enough to Not Get Her Anything.

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28. My Wife Has An Odd Way of Starting Conversations…. She Always Begins by Saying, “Hey Have You Been Listening.”


29. Made My Wife A Romantic Dinner After Her Business Trip. “The Bathroom Looks The Same.”

funny wife memes


30. Every Time You Talk to Your Wife, You Should Always Remind Yourself… ‘This Conversation Will Be Recorded for Training And Quality Purposes.’

hilarious meme for wife


We guarantee any husband out there will see some truth in these funny wife memes, whether they’d like to admit it or not. Dare to share with your wife? Take the risk and see what they think! (We take no responsibility for what happens next. You have been warned.)