20 Best Woman on Phone Memes You Can’t Avoid

The woman on phone meme emerged in early 2018, and it spread like wildfire and has been a super popular meme ever since. It’s both facepalms inducing and utterly hilarious, probably made even funnier by the fact that it’s based on a real situation!


Funniest Memes About Woman on Phone

Have you heard of “BBQ Becky”? If not, you’ve been missing out! Don’t worry, we’ll give you the lowdown of who she is, and how she became a viral meme.

A video was posted showing a white woman calling the police on two black men, just because they’re cooking on a charcoal BBQ in a park. Once online, it almost instantly became viral with many people calling it a racially motivated encounter, while others just think she’s simply obsessed and ultra-pedantic. Whatever her true motivations were, BBQ Becky is now the woman on phone meme!

Memes have exploded from the scenes captured in this video. Many of them center on parodies of racism, while countless use it as a way to call out how much people hate dobbers. With so many circulating the internet, we’ve trawled our way through them to find the best woman on phone memes, listed below for your viewing pleasure!


1. Hello, Police? I’d Like to Report A Disturbance. These Little Blue Guys Are Having Too Much Fun.

funny woman on phone meme


2. Licks Her Finger to Swipe Her Page Over on Her Phone.

woman on phone meme to laugh


3. She’s on Her Cell Phone Really Talking to People!!!

woman on phone meme that make you laugh


4. Why Won’t He Text Me So I Can Ignore Him?

women on phone meme to laugh

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5. OMG You Play Games Get A Life Loser, Spends 16 Hours on Facebook And Says She Can’t Live Without A Phone.

meme about woman on phone


6. Real Women Don’t Get Excited About Text Messages And Promises. They Want A Man Who Makes Phone Calls And Plans.


7. Phones Charged for 2 Minutes, Girls Be Like That’s Long Enough!


8. Girls Be Like, ‘My Phone Had to Charge.’


9. Says She’s Going to Workout. Spends Entire Time Playing on Phone.


10. When You Go Through His Phone And Dial ‘Side Chick’ And Your Phone Starts Ringing!

laughable women on phone memes


11. Hello, 911? Yeah, Can I Get Uhhhhhh, Some Police Brutality Over Here?


12. I Put My Phone In Airplane Mode But It’s Not Flying!

funny women on phone meme


13. Sure You Can Have “Guys Night Out” 32 Messages, 41 Calls, 20 Voicemails.

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14. I Don’t Always Use My Cell Phone in Class, But When I Do, I Ask First if It’s Okay And Then Use It Only for Academic Purposes!


15. I Got My Phone Confiscated in School Today. Now I Won’t Know How Many Likes My Selfie Got.

memes about women on phone


16. To The People Who Just Call Me When They Need Something! I Changed My Number, Put Yours on The Do Not Answer List, And Donated All My Favors to Charity!


17. Why… Won’t My Phone Just Stay on My Dash?


18. No Phone, No Life…


19. Seriously?? Are You Kidding Me??

hilarious woman on phone meme


20. Julie Won’t Be Answering Her Phone And Believe Me, You Don’t Want Her too!

funny woman on phone meme


For all the dobbers and tattletales out there, the woman on phone meme is you. Stop poking your nose into other people’s business! Got someone to share this message with? Shoot over a meme or two to get your point across in a hilarious but effective way.