20 Girl Running Memes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

The girl running meme took the internet by storm, and we can totally see why. You simply can’t help but laugh at the hilariously desperate look in her eyes, and it’s always paired with comedic text that presents an all too familiar (or wildly ridiculous) situation.


Classic Girl Running Meme

The chubby, blonde-haired little girl in her bright yellow parka making a mad dash away captured the hearts and amusement of people all over the world. She quickly became a viral sensation as the funny photo became adapted for all kinds of memes, which soon spread across the internet like wildfire. From Facebook to Twitter, to Reddit and 4chan, this meme is literally everywhere, making people all over the world laugh!

The crazed urgency in her expression makes it even funnier. What could she possibly be running from, or what is she so urgently running towards? Answers to both questions have created a massive collection of funny memes about girls, of which we’ve taken a selection from to share with you here.

Browse through the girl running meme selection below, and see if you recognize any. You’ve likely seen some on social media already, but hopefully, you’ll also discover some novel and new ones as well!


1. There Is A Galaxy Note 7 Behind Me And Its About to Blow.

girl running meme


2. When You Want to Run Away from All of Your Problems….!!!

funny girl running meme

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3. When They Announce The Buffet Is Open.

hilarious running girl meme


4. When You Go Home for The Holidays And Run into Someone from High School.

memes about running girl


5. When You Hear A Noise… After Watching A Horror Movie.

popular running girl memes


6. When You Turn Off The Bedroom Light After Watching Some Scary Video Online, Trying to Get to The Light in The Living Room.


7. Amy, What Are You Doing? I’m Doing Horizontal Running.


8. What I Think I Look Like When I Run… How I Actually Look When I Run.


9. What Goes Through You Mind When Someone Asks You Why You Like Running.


10. That Moment When You Realize The Peacock is Going to Bite You!!!

girl running memes


11. When You Pause Your GPS Watch And Forget to Press Resume During Your Run.

funny running girl meme


12. Catch Me If You Can.


13. Do You Like to Be with Me? You Goat to Be Kidding Me!!!


14. I Have Tried Running, But I Kept Spiling My Wine. So I Stopped Running!


15. The Face You Make When You Have to Run 13 Miles Alone.

hilarious girl running memes

Tall Girl Memes to Tickle Your Funny Bone


16. Most People Don’t Realize This, But You Can Run without Telling Facebook about It.

girl running meme


17. Got My New Pelican Cooler this Weekend. Did Not Go As Planned.


18. I Run Because It’s Good for Me. Also, Because I Like to Eat And Drink A Lot.


19. When You Turn Off The Lights Downstairs And run Upstairs So No One Kills You.

girl running memes to laugh


20. See Girl Running from A Distance And Instinctively Think, ‘This Girl Looks Hot’. Get Closer- I’m Married to Her.

running girl memes


Express your urgency with a girl running meme, to genuinely convey just how important something is! Whether it’s racing to get lunch, or fleeing from a project’s due date, this meme is perfect for all kinds of situations. Go ahead and share your favorite ones with family and friends.