30 Crazy Girl Memes That’ll Make You Crack Up

Every girl, sister and friend has a corresponding crazy girl meme that captures exactly what they’re sometimes like. Whether it’s being all dramatic over the smallest situation or becoming obsessed over the most random fanbase, there’s a little bit of crazy in every girl out there!


Funny Memes about Crazy Girls

 The crazy girl meme is probably one of our favorite types of meme, because pretty much every one of us knows a girl just like this. One that is madly bonkers. While we might resist laughing about their actions in front of them, behind the scenes we’re likely cackling over the wild things they get up to – and for good reason! They’re totally crazy, and we can’t help but find this totally hilarious.

By far the funniest and most popular crazy girl meme is the one also known as the “overly attached girlfriend”. A somewhat possessed looking girlfriend is staring straight at you, likely accompanied by a hilariously creepy message that gets you feeling just enough discomfort to be laughing about the situation.

Whether she’s gone through all your phone contacts while you’re in the bathroom or watches you with binoculars as you leave the house, the crazy girl meme captures all of this way too accurately. Sure enough, you’ll love these crazy mom memes too!


1. Will Just Borrow Your Phone for One Call And Check Your Contact List.

crazy girl meme


2. I Sent “I Love You” 5 Times. You Sent Back 4.

funny crazy girl meme


3. I Read Something Interesting Yesterday. Your Emails.

memes for crazy girl


4. I Burnt Your Home So We Can Live Together.

crazy girl meme


5. Freindzones You Gets Mad When She Sees You with Another Girl.

crazy girl memes


6. Becomes Famous For Being Crazy. Everyone falls in Love.


7. I Said My Last Girlfriend Was The Craziest Bitch I’ve Ever Met. She Said, “Challenge Accepted”.


8. Your Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Knocking On Your Door Be Like… I Love You.


9. I See That You Liked That Girl’s Picture on Facebook. I Already Started Digging A hole to Bury Her in.


10. Your Bedroom Looks Different Through Binoculars.

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11. Who the Hell Is Alarm And Why She Texting You at 7 AM Every Morning!!!

popular crazy girl meme


12. Hey Can I Go Home with You?


13. Girls Who Look Like Innocent Are The Most Crazy Girl When No One Else Is Watching.


14. Girl You Crazy As Hell.


15. Don’t Be A Girl That Needs A Man Be The Girl A Man Needs.

popular memes about crazy girl


16. Crazy Girlfriend Stole My Meme.


17. Girls Be Like I Watch Youtube Makeup Tutorials.


18. Its Been Over Ten Minutes Since You Last Said You Love Me! Are You Breaking Up with Me??!


19. I Ran Into Your Ex Today…with My Car…


20. Girls Be Like Hey Caretaker Remember When You Called Me A Bitch 2 Years Ago Imma Get You for That..

crazy girl meme that makes you insane


21. Girl Calls about Homework. “Put It on Speaker”.

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22. When He Keeps Telling You to Stop Being Crazy But You Don’t Know How.


23. When Someone Calls Me Crazy But I’ve Only Showed Them Level 1.


24. I Love Playing with My Dollies. But I Don’t let My Sisters Touch Them. If They Ever Did, I’d Stab Them So Quick They’d Forget to Bleed.


25. I Dreamed about You and A Girl. Who Is She?

funniest crazy girl memes


26. It Took You 10 Minutes to Get Home. Google Maps Says It Takes 8. Who Is She?


27. The Only Constant… Is That There is No Constant.


28. When You Find A Girl That’s into The Same Things You Are But She’s Crazy As Hell.

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29. Hey I Just Met You And This Is Crazy… But Here’s My Number. I Want Your Baby.

funny crazy girl memes


30. Why Talk When You Can Stalk?

crazy girl memes


Next time your girlfriend or sister does something over the line, shoot a crazy girl meme their way to convey exactly what you’re thinking! Whether it annoys or entertains them, it’s an undeniably fun way to react to some over-the-top drama in your life.