Green Eyeshadow: 20 Looks That’ll Work on Any Skin Tone

Being in fashion has become a part of every girl’s life these days and the latest trend making a statement these days is the green eyeshadow looks! Girls are going crazy these days with the blingy eyeshadows in the market, and ‘green’ has become the new black!


Gorgeous Green Eyeshadow Looks

A very unique shade has become an attraction in the makeup industry these days. Green eyeshadow makes up for a perfect glamorous look! Given below are the most popular and attractive green eyeshadow looks. Have a look at the list and try a style today!

1. Green Shimmer

green glitter eyeshadow look for women

The dark green eyeshadow with a layer of gold creates a perfect magical look. This look of gold with a tinge of green is bound to make the viewer get immersed in the beauty of the eyes.

Ideal for: For those of you with green, grey or blue colored eyes will rock this makeup!

How to style: Wear a dark colored outfit with bold earrings. Keep the rest of the accessories to a minimum to make the eye makeup the highlight of the face.


2. Aqua Magic

aqua green eye shadow for women

The touch of aqua green on the eyes is a perfect green eyeshadow makeup look for an evening affair! Put on some aqua eyeshadow and glam up the event!

Ideal for: If you have a darker skin tone, this teal eyeshadow look will suit you best.

How to style: This makeup look is glam coupled with sobriety. So, pair it up with a party dress or a formal one, and you are set for the event!


3. Elegant Pastel Shade

green eye makeup with Pastel Shade

Get an unforgettable charm to your looks with a light green eyeshadow and become the talk of the event with the eyes your makeup attract!

Ideal for: If you have got short hair and fair skin tone, you can rock this look!

How to style: This look is the best suit for daytime occasions. So, wear a casual dress and pair it up with nude heels to enhance this green eyeshadow look!


4. Peacock Magic

peacock green eye makeup for women

Enchant everyone with your eye makeup this season. Color your eyes with the elegant dark green shades and end it up with a bold purple eyeshadow for a magical look for brown eyes.

Ideal for: If you have big and prominent eyes, make them even more prominent with this look.

How to style: Minimize the accessories you wear to keep the green eyeshadow look like the main highlight of the face. Pair it up with nude lip color to enhance the look.


5. Splendid Lime

lime green eyesahdow looks

A subtle lime shade for the eye with a slight touch of blue glitter to complete the eye makeup looks more than perfect for a lively cheerful look.

Ideal for: If your skin tone is wheatish and you have a significant gap between the eyelids and the eyebrows, this green eyeshadow makeup will look perfect on you.

How to style: This look will look more graceful when paired up with a floral outfit or a sundress.


6. Smokey Eye

Create a green eyeshadow look that is both attractive and sober at the same time. Let your eyes speak the language of love and peace with their bold nature-friendly look.

Ideal for: If you have a comparatively larger gap between the eyebrows and the eyelids and have curved brows, this green eyeshadow makeup is ideal for you.

How to style: Pair this bold smokey look with an evening gown for the best appeal. If you wish to wear it for a day event, pair it up with a black skirt and pastel shaded top.


7. Emerald Green Look

Bring out the elegant and subtle side of you with a pinch of fashion combined with this unique green eyeshadow look.

Ideal for: If your skin tone is one a darker tone, the peach shade will blend in well with your skin, and the emerald tinge will highlight your eyes to suit the look well.

How to style: Pair up this makeup with a peach lip color and a shimmery outfit for the perfect look.


8. Ocean Eyes

Get lost in the beauty of these magnificent eyes giving out the feel of the serene ocean water. The tinge of gold eye makeup just makes brown eyes more mythical and perfect!

Ideal for: Got a fair skin tone and almond-shaped eyes? If the answer is yes, nobody can pull off this look better than you!

How to style: This green eyeshadow look will look amazing when paired up with lighter colored clothes. If coupled with white, this look will make you look like a mermaid!


9. Glowing Mystic Eye

Create a new fashion statement with this unique green eyeshadow having a gradual shading of various green tinges.

Ideal for: For those of you with a mildly fair skin tone and round or almond-shaped eyes, this look will look good.

How to style: Put on some mascara and nude lip color and wear it with a dark blue color outfit to make the eyes more prominent and catchy.


10. Dark Green Depth

dark green eyeshadow for women

This dark green eyeshadow over the eye is undoubtedly the highlight of the face! Let your eyes do the talking with the depth they create with the perfect eyeshadow.

Ideal for: For those of you with a fair or albino skin tone, this look is the best fit!

How to style: Wear a dark colored outfit to enhance this eye look. Preferably, opt for the same green shaded outfit or a dark blue and black gown and catch the eye of all!


11. Leaf Melody

Have your charm spread a melody among the crowd at the occasion with your nature-inspired leaf colored eye makeup look. Bring out the freshness and spell bounding charm with this green eyeshadow makeup!

Ideal for: If you have prominent cheekbones and sharp eyebrows, this look will suit your best.

How to style: Pair this beautiful green eye look and bronze makeup with bold lip color and bright colored dress. You can rock the look during the day as well as evening events.


12. Tinkerbell Magic

Catch the spotlight with your glittery fairy-like green eye makeup. Create an aura of magic around you with these mystical eyes.

Ideal for: For those of you with small eyes, go for this eye makeup with minimal color to enhance them.

How to style: Wear a tiny dress with lacy frills or a cute skirt and top to rock this look.


13.  Dark Forest Beauty

Wear this dark green eyeshadow coupled with gold glitter to bring out a unique, eye-catching look. Winged eyeliner liner alongside just adds to the boldness and beauty of it.

Ideal for: For those of you with a chubby face and a little plump cheeks, this look is ideal.

How to style: Pair this green eyeshadow look with a dark lip shade to enhance the eye features and the makeup.


14. Light Pastel Green Shade

Bring out the essence of the morning dew on the grass with your green eyeshadow. The light pastel green paired with a hint of blue makes up for a lively appeal.

Ideal for: If you have a relatively broader face and fair skin tone, this look is best for you.

How to style: Pair this look with bare-minimum accessories and a dark outfit for an attractive overall appearance.


15. Smokey Glitter Eye Makeup

smokey green eye shadow for women

Create a look as beautiful as that of a butterfly with your green eyeshadow makeup paired up with a bright purple eyeshadow.

Ideal for: This look will give a better appearance for those of you have dark eyes, black, grey or a chocolate brown.

How to style: This is the look suited for evening affairs. Pair it up with big earrings and neckpiece and a shimmery short dress.


16. Royal Smokey Green Eye

Carry yourself with elegance and sobriety with this perfect smokey green eye look with a tinge of ochre in it.

Ideal for: If you have a broad face with big eyes and forehead, this look will create a perfect charm for you.

How to style: Wear a formal outfit in shades of grey or black to bring out the best appeal in this look.


17. Olive Gold Eye

Gold never goes out of style! Pair it up with a hue of olive green, and you get something unique and stylish! Keep the royalty of gold and bring out the fun side with a hint of green!

Ideal for: For those of you with curvy shaped eyebrows an albino skin tone, this look is perfect.

How to style: Dress yourself in a dark outfit for an evening event. However, if you are planning to sport this green eyeshadow look during the day, go for a completely white and gold outfit.


18. Rich Forest Queen Look

Look like a magnificent queen in this dark green eyeshadow look. The look talks of class and royalty, having an undeniable charm of itself.

Ideal for: If you have got small eyes, enhance them beautifully with this fantastic eye makeup.

How to style: Wear a long black evening gown that is showing off your curves well to get the best overall outlook of this makeup.


19. Bold Glittery Green Shade

glitter green eye shadow for women

Be the most glamorous lady at the event with this bold glittery green eye makeup look. Attract the eyes of all with the shine on your eyes.

Ideal for: An evening party is all you need to rock this look!

How to style: Put on a shimmery outfit or a plain black dress and high heels along with this green glitter eyeshadow on your eyes and you are all set to party!


20. Shades of Green

makeup with green eyeshadow

Create your own look with various shades of green over your eyes. Let the green eyeshadow create a feeling of perfection with the perfect eye makeup.

Ideal for: Those of you with prominent cheekbones can carry this look really well.

How to style: Pair up this green eyeshadow look with light-colored clothing and warmer base for the makeup for a perfect look.


These were some of the most popular green eyeshadow looks. Try them on today and create a fashion statement for yourself!