30 Classic Black Woman Meme You Can Relate

It doesn’t matter whether we’re black or white or any shade in between – the black woman meme appeals to each and every one of us. These memes have taken the internet by storm, as people all across the world drive up their virality by sharing them across social media on a daily basis.


Best Memes About Black Woman

From the confused black girl meme for every WTF moment to the sassy black woman meme for anyone feeling righteous – there’s a black woman meme for almost every conceivable situation. A quick Google search reveals millions of results, meaning the world is your oyster when it comes to finding an appropriate meme for your current circumstances!

Bold and confident, black women tend to be expressive and exuberant, which helps make their corresponding memes even more effective at getting its point across.

However, a question we can’t help asking ourselves is…why is the black woman meme so ridiculously popular across the internet? Countless variations of it are viral sensations, drawing reactions from people of all ages and genders! Whatever the reason may be, we’re certainly loving them. Here is a collection of our favorite ones, curated for top-notch humor and shareability.


1. What Would Be Her Name? Old Black Woman Names Only!

hilarious black woman meme


2. Gotta Go Crazy Mad, Black Woman Style…

funny black woman meme


3. I Am Just A Strong, Independent Black Woman Who Don’t Need No Man.

funny black woman meme to make you laugh


4. Black Women Be Like… I’ll Be 50 Next Month.

meme about black woman


5. I Don’t Always Date Black Girls, but When I Do, I Never Go Back.

black woman meme to laugh


6. Black Woman Be Like: I Want A Man Just Like One of The Guys from Best Man Holiday. It’s Only A Movie Baby Girl…


7. Black Woman in Her 40s. Mistaken for 20 Year Old.


8. Am I The Only One Who Thinks The Angry Black Woman Role Isn’t Funny!”


9. White Man Black Woman= Black Baby.


10. Black Women How Would You Feel if Black Men Walked Around Wearing White Boy Fake Hair. Well That’s How We Feel About You Wearing Fake Hair from Other Races.

black lady memes


11. Oh, You’re A Strong, Independent Woma,! Tell Me More About How You Need No Man.


12. A Man Pretending to Be A Woman Is A “Hero” But A White Woman Pretending to Be A Black Woman Is A “Racist”?


13. ‘I’m A Strong Black Woman, And I Cannot Be Intimidated’.


14. That Moment When You Find Out He Likes Black Women!


15. I Understand Everything Apart from Woman, Well Black Woman- Albert Einstein.

hilarious black woman meme


16. What!!! You’ve Never Been With A Black Woman!

funny black woman meme


17. Black Woman Talking Automatically Categorized As Yelling.


18. Since You Said You’re A Strong Black Woman, Imma Just Sit Here And Let You Do All The Work!


19. Why Is This Pigeon Walking Like A Sassy Black Woman Who Is Feeling Herself?


20. When You’re Glad You Were Born A Black Woman So You Don’t Have To Spend All Your Money Trying to Pretend to Be One.

memes about black woman


21. When God Created Black Women He Was Showing Off.


22. Sometimes, My Inner Black Woman Comes Out And Says “Shut Up And Go To Hell”.


23. I Only Date Black Women Because I Hate Meeting Fathers.


24. That Face Black Women Make When White Women Complain About Having Long Hair.


25. What If I Told You, Black Women Like Pumpkin Spice Lattes Too.

hysterical memes about black women


26. One Simply Does Not Date a Black Woman.


27. When You’re Accused of Being An Angry Black Woman Because You Maintain You’re Ethical Boundaries…Turning You into An Angry Black Woman.


28. What If The Woman in Black Is Voldermorts Mom And She Just Wants Revenge on Harry Potter!


29. What If: Black Women With All Their ‘Degrees’ And High ‘Paying Jobs’ Actually Started Helping Black People?

black woman meme


30. What Are You Looking At? You Know That I’m An Angry Black Woman And You Will Do What I Tell You! Case Closed!

meme about black woman


Whether you’re feeling sassy or confused, elated or frustrated, the black woman meme is here to save the day! You can always count on there being a perfectly relevant and relatable version of this meme for any situation you may encounter.