20 Blonde Girl Memes That’ll Make Your Day

You know what they say about blondes: They have more fun. But, even if blondes do have more fun, that’s not the only thing people say about them, and these blonde girl meme compilation are proof of that.

Listen, we have nothing against blondes (or brunettes, or redheads, for what matters) but you have to admit, there’s something incredibly funny about these blond girl meme going around the internet.


Best Blonde Girl Meme

Yes, sure, making fun about these memes might be stereotypical, but they are still hilarious, and make everyone laugh (yes, even blond girls can laugh at these jokes), so why not enjoying them?

So, sit down and get ready to see the very best blonde girl meme compilations out there. Trust us, you’ll laugh, and will be able to relate to some of these memes! Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. “I’m A Meme! How Cool!” Dumb Blonde Tween.

blonde girl meme


2. All I Want for Christmas Is Your Soul.

funny blonde girl meme


3. Teacher Told Me I Would Have to Do A Book Report on A Book That Is At Least 200 Pages. I Told Him I Wouldn’t Write That Much.

memes for blonde girls


4. I’m Sure We Could Land The Space Shuttle on The Sun If We Did It at Night!

funny blonde girl memes to laugh


5. Like Totally He Asked for My Phone Number. So I Totally Made It Easy And Just Gave Him MY Phone…HA HA HA.

memes about blonde girl


6. Obvious Joke. What? I’m Confused.


7. Q: What Goes Vroom, Screech, Vroom, Screech, Vroom, Screech? A: A Blonde Going Through A Flashing Red Light.


8. A Kid Asked If I Read Shakespeare. I Asked, “No, Who Wrote it?”


9. Criminals Do Not Follow Laws. Therefore We Should Not Have Laws.


10. Sends Seductively  Cute Pics. Only Wants Your Dog.

popular blonde girl memes


11. Try to Dye Hair Blonde Turns Orange Shit.


12. If There Is Blonde Girl That Want to Chat with Me. That Would Be Great.


13. Tells A Dumb Blonde Joke. Is Confused When Everyone Stares Right at Her.


14. The Blonde Girl at La Fitness Juice Bar. She Likes me Bro.


15. The Only Show with A Smart Blonde And A Dumb Asian.

meme for smart blonde girl


16. You Can’t Jail Me. I’m Legally Blonde.


17. “How Sweet, You Think I’m Dumb Because I’m Blonde”. Just Ruined The Curve on That Contracts Exam Bitch.


18. They Told Me to Scan This Laptop to Remove Virus.


19. Everybody Says “Get The Quarterback!” I Don’t Understand All The Fuss. It’s Just A Quarter!


20. Not All Blondes Are Dumb, They Are Just Absent Minded And Easily Impressed.

blonde girl memes


It doesn’t matter what color your hair is, it doesn’t even matter if you’re actually blonde, we guarantee you had a huge laugh at these blonde girl memes, don’t you?

And you know why this happens? Because the truth us, blonde jokes are still funny, and even natural blonde girls can learn to appreciate (and laugh at) these type of jokes, so don’t take them too seriously!

As usual, make sure to share these really good memes (even to your blonde friends!) and spread the humor around! After all, we all appreciate a good laugh for everyone in a while, don’t we?

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