30 Confused Black Girl Memes That You’ll Find Relatable

Sometimes we’re not sure how to fully express ourselves in situations where we don’t know what to say, but the confused black girl meme comes to the rescue! It’s a ragingly popular meme circulating the internet, as it perfectly represents how so many of us feel quite often, about the things happening in the world around us every day.

Whether it’s about your relationships with others, or the dumb things your friends get up to, or the frustratingly last-minute requests you always get at work, the confused black meme is here to convey exactly how you feel during these times. Unleash the disbelief and share around one of these hilarious memes and you’ll be surprised at how quickly others will be jumping on board with you!


Popular Memes about Confused Black Girl

The confused black girl meme features an incredulous or confounded expression from a black woman. These memes are often overlayed with words and phrases relating to frustration or confusion, which perfectly match her total “WTF is going on” look that she’s shooting at the camera.

Apparently, the girl in the meme is actually Keisha Johnson, a teenager from Alabama, who actually tried to sue Instagram for the original picture! She didn’t win though, but she’s certainly going down in history as the star of the confused black girl meme. We reckon that fame should be good enough!


1. The Face You Make When Someone Types A Whole Sentence in The Subject Line of An Email.

confused black girl meme


2. When Someone Asks, “Do You Need My Help Or Not?”

funny confused black girl memes


3. That Face Black Girl Makes When She Sees The Size of White People.

hilarious memes about confused black girls


4. But Did I Ask… What Did You Do Last Night?

confused black girl memes


5. Actually I Don’t Know… What Should I Do with This Chess Board?

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6. I Have No Doubt on You I Am Sure That Was You.

confused black girl memes


7. When She Demands for A Diamond Necklace And You Give Her Diamond Ring.


8. So You Have Got Something Different? Come On Show Me.


9. How Much Time Will You Take to Click A Smiling Picture?


10. It Was A Perfume Or Somebody Farted.

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11. When You Ask Siri to Tell A Joke And It Turns The Selfie Cam On.


12. That Face She Makes When She Watches Your Original Pic on Fb.


13. When Somebody Says ‘Guess What?’ And They Actually Want You to Guess.

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14. When You Open A Bag Of Lays Chips And There’s Only Like 5.


15. You Wanna Be The Very Best Like No None Ever Was Or Nah?

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16. When You Ask The People of Earth to Share Their Energy But They Don’t Do It.


17. This Is A Confused Black Women. She Is Powerful Level 99 Pokemon.


18. When You Greet A Table But They Ignore You.


19. When You in A Group Chat And Everyone Types at The Same Time.


20. When Your Mom Call You for Dinner And It Isn’t Ready.

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21. If A Stupid Person Calls You Dumb Does That Make You Double Dumb?


22. I Have One Confusion But Nobody Got Time for That.


23. You Think You Are A Meme Expert. Show Me Your Talent.


24. That Moment When You Notice This Meme Looks Like Confused Black Girl Meme.


25. Do You Wanna Build A Snowman Or Nah?

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26. Um.. The Confused Black Girl In A Fiery Tale.

27. Soooo… We Gonna Catch Em All Or Naw.


28. Confused Girl Be Like… Why Do I Help You?


29. When You Can’t Decide Either to Go The College Or Not?

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30. So You Thought? Impressing Me Would Be That Easy?

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For every and any disbelieving or confounding situation, all you need is a confused black girl meme to express your true feelings. Share these with your family and friends and don’t hold back the laughs!