50 Fake Friends Memes That Are Way Too Real

On the hunt for a fake friends meme to make yourself feel better about someone in your life who you’ve discovered isn’t as legit as you originally thought they were? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

The fake friends meme is always a winner because even if you’re sharing with genuine friends, it’s still a funny meme that can apply to all kinds of friendship situations. With only the finest and funniest fake friends memes on the internet, we guarantee you won’t leave without a smile on your face.


Funny Memes for Your Fake Friends

At some point in our lives, we all have them. The fake friends. Maybe they’re sticking around to get something (or someone) from you. Or maybe they’re just hanging around because they really have nothing better to do with their time. Either way, the fake friends meme turns these situations into jokes that you can really laugh about.

We understand that normally it’s not such a jovial time after you realize somebody who you considered a friend, actually wasn’t. Maybe they used to be but things changed, or perhaps they weren’t a real friend from the start. What you need during this time is an epic fake friends meme from the following to turn an upsetting situation around and get something to raise the spirits instead! Also check these life is good memes to cheer you up.

1. One Good Thing About Being In Bad Situations, It Makes Picking Out The Fake Friends Real Easy.

fake friends meme


2. Fake Friends Be Like…. I’m Not Two Faced.

memes about fake friends

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3. After You Graduate Drop All The Fake Friends Like.

funny fake friend meme


4. Fake Friends Are Like Four Quarters. They Change For A Dollar!

fake friend meme


5. Fake Friends Be Like If You Need Someone To Talk To, You Know Where To Find Me.

meme about fake freind


6. Fake Friends, Fake Friends Everywhere.


7. Fake Ass Friends? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat.


8. Bye Bye Fake Friends.

laughable fake friend memes


9. You Don’t Have To F**k Fake Friends If You Have No Friends.


10. So Many Fake Friends Around I Don’t Even Know.

funny fake friend meme to laugh


11. True Friends Always Answer Your Calls. Fake Friends Ignore You & Then Call You Back Only Because They Want Something.

memes regarding fake friends


12. Fake Friends Just Look For A Chance.

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13. If They Were Really Your Friends They Never Would Of  Turned There Back On You.


14. “Omg I Hate Fake Friendssss”. Has 4138 Facebook Friends.

realistic memes about fake friends


15. Not Sure If Loneliness Is Worse Than Having Fake Friends.


16. Fake Friends Believe In Rumours. Real Friends Believe In You.


17. The Face You Make When You Know How Shady Someone Is But They Got Everybody Else Fooled.

memes about fake friends


18. Parents Notice Your Fake Friends Before You Do.


19. When Your Best Friend Begins To Act Fake Around Other People.


20. The Laugh You Give To Fake Friends.

laughable memes regarding fake friends


21. Real Friends Do This, Fake Friends Do That. Thank You Facebook.

funny memes about fake friends


22. When You Cut Off Fake Friends They Be Like.


23. The Moment When You Realize Your Friend Isn’t Really Your Friend.

fake friend memes to remind the reality


24. The Most Dangerous Animal On This Planet Is A Fake Friend.


25. Oh, You Hate Fake Friends? Funny Because You Don’t Act Like Much Of A Friend Yourself.


26. When You Write Down All The Fake People You Know.

popular fake friend meme


27. They Act Like They Got My Back. I Act Like I Believe Them.


28. Fake Friends Be Like Who Really Cares.


29. If You Want To Expose Fake Friends And Haters Start Exposing Your Blessings And Favor And See Who Claps For You.

hilarious fake friend memes

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30. The Realest People Don’t Have A Lot Of Friends.


31. It’s Better To Have One Loyal Woman By Your Side Than Ten Fake Friends.


32. When You Realise That You Have More Fake Friends Than Real Friends.

fake friend meme funny


33. I’m Old School. This Is How We Unfriended A Fake Friend Back In My Day.


34. Hmmm..Make Fake Friends Or Finish College And Get A Degree… That’s A Tough One.


35. Real Friends Keep It Real. Fake Friends Sugarcoat It For You.

memes to identify fake friends


36. Ever Wonder Who Your Real Friends Were? Fall Out With A Mutual Friend, See How The Communication Changes.


37. Fake Friends And Fake Family. Oh That’s Right, It’s Instagram.

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38. Duck A Fake Friend, Where My Real Friends At?

common fake friend memes


39. Fake Friends Believe In Rumours. Real Friends Believe In You.


40. Fake Friends: Let’s Drop Out Of High School Together. Me: Haha Your Funny.

popular fake friend meme funny


41. Fake Friends Are The Worst.

true and funny fake friend memes


42. Say You Got 1000[Fake] Friends On Your Facebook No One Cares. Say You’re Not On Facebook And Has 3 Real Friends Everybody Loses Their Minds.


43. Only Wants To Be Fake Freinds Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.

share worthy memes about fake friends


44. When You Are Happy You Got Rid Of Your Fake Freinds.


45. My Fake Friend Wanted A Sip Of My Drink, I Said No, Then She Said Real Friends Share. I Drank All Of It In Front Of Her.

funny fake friends meme


46. Fake Friends I’d Rather Have Imaginary Ones.


47. You Call Me Your Friend But Where Were You When My Pic Only Got 4 Likes In 2 Hours?


48. You Know How To Reign In Those Close And Get Rid Of The Fake Friends. Quality Not Quantity Is What You Need.


49. Real Friends Turn Into Family. Fake Friends Turn Into Strangers.

realistic fake friend memes


50. I Finally Have Freinds.

fake friends meme


If you’re feeling particularly daring, shoot a fake friends meme or two straight at those fake friends in your life. We take no responsibility for what may come next!