45 Friend Zone Memes That’re Way Too Real

The friend zone meme has undoubtedly taken the internet by storm recently, garnering wild attention because of how relatable and believable it is. We’ve seen this in action or perhaps been there ourselves – in the dreaded friend zone. Or maybe we’re the ones putting others there!. Either way, friend zone memes are up there as one of our favorites!


Undeniable Hilarity of The Friend Zone Meme

Being in the friend zone isn’t fun. But at the same time, it can be a pretty funny overall situation, and we simply can’t help but laugh about it. The friend zone meme captures the essence of this experience and turns it into a shareable, viral photo that reels in the likes and the shares.

Don’t know what the friend zone is? Basically, it’s representative of a relationship where one person wants it to be romantic, whereas the other person just wants to be friends. The disappointed individual whose expectations fall short and didn’t expect to only be a friend is in the friend zone!

The funny friend zone meme takes this to a whole other level, with a splash of overly emphasized drama to make a side-cracking sob story. Amusingly, it’s almost always the guy in the friend zone as well! Is this indicative of something? See for yourself with our collection below. Read these funny relationship memes to get out of your friendzonecoma!


1. Potions Teacher and Lord of The Friend Zone.

friend zone memes


2. You’re Such A Nice Guy. You Aren’t Like A Brother to Me..Said No Woman, Ever.

funny friend zone meme


3. Welcome to The Friendzone I Shall Be Your Guide.

memes about friend zone


4. He Declares His Love, He Sacrifices His Life for Her, He Reports Neurological Damage.

funny friend zone memes to laugh


5. 8 Months of Petting… Ended Up in The Friend Zone.

sad friend zone meme


6. Not Sure If I’m Trapped in The Friend Zone. Or She Is Just Waiting for Me to Make A Move.


7. What If I Told You There’s No Such Thing As The Friend Zone.


8. A Moment of Silence for Our Brothers in The Friendzone.


9. She Put Me Into The Friendzone. I Put her into The Dead Zone.


10.  That Face You Make When You Know You’re Stuck in The Friend Zone.

humorous friend zone meme


11. The Friend Zone…You’ve Got A Better Shot at That Ass from The Twilight Zone!


12. How to Get Out of Friendzone. Results Guaranteed.


13. Gets Freind Zone. That’s OK, I Still Got My MOM.


14. Friendzone? No, It’s Called “Natural Selection” And Your Genes Are Not Meant to Be Inherited.

popular friend zone meme


15. Not Sure If I’m Making Progress or Friendzone Level 9000.

friendzone memes to laugh


16. When You Say, “Goodnight Beautiful” and She Says, “Night Buddy!”


17. Jesus, I Need A Man. I Sent You One. But You Keep Telling Him He’s Just A Freind.

Fake Friend Memes to Relate


18. Upset about Being in The “Friendzone”? But Friendship Is Magical.

cute friend zone meme


19. Captain Friendzone on The Friendship.


20. All Men That Have Died in The Friend Zone You Shall Be Avenged.

friend zone memes to laugh


21. Barry Allen Is So Fast He Ran Himself Back into The Friendzone.


22. And Then He Started Being A Gentlemen And Treating Me Like A Lady.


23. Got Put into The Friendzone.


24. When A Girl Replies with “Awww Thanks”. It Means She’s Politely Asking You to Return to The Friend Zone That You Just Tried to Escape with.


25. Man, Being Freindzoned Totally Sucks. Shut Up, You Know Nothing.


26. One Does Not Simply Leave The Freind Zone.


27. Friendzone? Where Is This Magical Place?


28. Friend Zone. Challenge Accepted.

friend zone meme for your friends


29. No, Don’t Tell Me I’m Stuck in The Freind Zone.


30. You’re One of My Closest Freinds. Freindzoned.

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Funny Best Friend Memes for Everyone


31. Entire Village Shuns You But One Girl. Friend-zone That Girl.


32. When You Ask Your Crush Out And She Hit You with The “Just Friends” Technique.


33. Ron Weasley The Boy Who Made It Out of The Freindzone.


34. Stayed in The Friend Zone for 9 Years. Escaped Successfully.


35. People Treat Freindzone Like A Joke They Don’t Realize That It’s Capable of Starting A World War!

friend zone meme


36. A Moment of Science for Our Sister in The Friendzone.


37. Friend Zone.. Keep Telling Yourself  It’s Better Then Nothing, And One Day You Might Get Some.


38. What If I Told You That Girls Also Get Friendzoned.


39. You Cannot Be in The Friendzone If You Are Not Her Friend.


40. When You Freind Said He Got Out of The Friend Zone. You Did Good… You Did Good.

funny friendzone memes


41. On A Scale of 1 to Eponine How Freindzoned Were You?


42. Get Frienzoned All My Life and No One Bats An Eye. I Freindzone One Person, And Everyone Losses Their Minds!


43. Friend Zone Fiona Is My Friend with Benefits.


44. Girls be Like “How Come You Don’t Text Me Anymore!?” Sorry But My Phone Plan Doesn’t Cover The “Friend Zone”.

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45. I Got Put in The Friendzone And Only Cried for The Rest of My Life.

sad friend zone meme


Whether you’re in the friend zone, or if you’ve banished someone else there before, the friend zone meme is all too relatable. Share some of our favorites listed above for some great chuckles and giggles because they’re honestly just so tragically funny!