30 Funny Couple Memes That Only Couple Will Understand

Relationships can be a precariously hilarious experience and funny couple memes capture this perfectly! Whether they’re about yourself, or some others who you know of, these viral memes are ready and waiting to be shared and laughed over with friends and family.


Best Funny Couple Memes to Share

The whirlwind of first love, to the sometimes painful reality of marriage, to the fights and the make-ups, couples go through a lot, with much of it actually being quite funny! These memes take the amusing bits and pieces from couples’ experiences and transform them into images and words that get even the most serious folk laughing out loud.

Whether the meme is making fun of a famous couple or portraying a particularly awkward match, or even an adorable pairing – funny couple memes are just too relatable. No matter where in the world we are, there are universal commonalities across relationships and this is what’s shared so accurately through these memes.

From the nagging of wives, to the weird habits of boyfriends, to so much more, there’s really too much to fit here but we’ve tried to curate the funniest relationship memes for your viewing pleasure. Take a look and share what you think! We guarantee there’ll be no shortage of amusement.


1. Oh Babe I Can’t Believe How Happy We Are… Shhhh Darl It Can’t Get Better Than  This.

funny couple memes


2. The Matrix Marriage Edition.

funny meme about couple

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3. Every Man Has This Look When His Wife Is Driving.

funny couple memes to laugh


4. At Home. In Public.

funny memes about couples


5. When You Try to Hug Her But She Is Still Mad at You.

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6. That Moment When You Can Tell That A Couple Will Be Together Forever…


7. Couple Sleeping. This Happens All The Time.


8. Married Couples: Talk about Dinner While Cooking Dinner. Talk About Dinner While Eating Dinner And Talk about Tomorrow’s Dinner. Repeat.


9. Ladies Arguing with Their Men… Me: He’s Actually Making Some Good Points.

Inner Me: Cry So You Can Win.


10. Some Couples Fight. Others Go to War Together.

realistic funny couple memes


11. Relationships Are Just Two People Constantly Asking Each Other What They Want to Eat, Until One of Them Dies.

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12. The 3 Scariest Words Your Woman Can Ever Say to You: “Notice Anything Different?”


13. A Local Married Couple Kept Arguing about Coffee. They Eventually Decided It Was Grounds for A Divorce.


14. Tell Me You Love Me on My Facebook Wall. So Everyone Knows How Much You Love Me.


15. Couples in Public Vs Couples in Private.

funny couple memes


16. Love Is… Not Having to Hold Your Farts in Anymore.

funny couple meme


17. When Bae Thinks You’re Crazy And You’re Starting to Think They’re Right.


18. Getting So Annoyed Together by All The Relationship Drama on Facebook.

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19. 10% Of Conflicts Is Due to Difference In Opinion And 90% Is Due to Wrong Tone of Voice.


20. What’s Love Goat to Do with It.

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21. When You’re With Bae And Somebody’s Starting at Him:

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22. You And Your Girl Going to Get Her Food After An Argument She Started Cause She Was Hungry.


23. Girlfriends Be Like Who Texted Us Babe?


24. The Most Important Part of Any Relationship. Is The First Open Fart.


25. When Your Gf Is Mad at You But She’s Only 5’1.

funny memes about couples


26. Love Is… Being Stupid Together.

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27. When Bae Falls Asleep While You Were Texting.

funny couple meme for your bae


28. Find Somebody Just As Lazy And Silly As You And Spend The Rest of Your Life With Them.


29. Ever Notice That Couples That Are Truly Happy Never Post About It?

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30. It Was at This Very Moment Batman Knew He Had Made A Terrible Mistake.

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Did any of these funny couple memes remind you of a particular couple you know of? Share with them and get a laugh out! Or were some more representative of yourself and your relationship? Share with your partner and joke about how true they seem to be!