Top 30 Funny Dental Memes

There are some memes that everyone, no matter who they are, or what they do, can laugh at, and funny dental memes are one of those. I mean, you don’t have to be a dentist to enjoy those funny jokes!

Think about it, everyone has teeth, everyone has gone through a somewhat embarrassing experience at least once in their life regarding their teeth, which means literally everyone can relate to these very funny dental memes.


Best Funny Dental Memes

If you’re indeed a dentist, then sit down and get ready to spend the next couple of minutes laughing non-stop, because we assure you, you’ll love each and every single one of these funny dental memes!

Now, get ready to have a laugh en enjoy some funny jokes about teeth and everything that can happen when you don’t take care of them properly. Are you ready to have a laugh?f

1. Numbs Your Mouth, Stuffs with Cotton. Starts Conversation.

funny dental meme


2. I Haven’t Been to The Dentist in 8 Years. And at This Point I’m Too Afraid to Go.

funny memes for dentist


3. Beware Asking for Bluetooth at A Dentist Office.

hilarious dental memes


4. You Find This “Tooth Fairy” And Bring Her to Me.

funny dental memes to laugh


5. Maybe He Will Think I Take Good Care of My Teeth If I Brush Extra Long Today.

funny dental meme regarding teeth


6. And Then I Said The Dentist Will Be in Shortly.


7. If A Cavicide Wipe Falls on The Floor.. Is It Dirty? Or Does It Clean Itself?


8. Brush Your Teeth for Two Minutes? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.


9. My Dentist Told Me I Need A Crown. I Was Like… I Know, Right?


10. When The Dentist Asks How Often You Floss.


11. I Need to See A Dentist. One of My Canines Is Getting Loose.

dental memes funny


12. I Don’t Know Who You Are. But I Will Find You And I Will Give You A Toothbrush.


13. 4 Out of 5 Dentists Agree Lying Through Your Teeth Doesn’t Count As Flossing.


14. What Do You Call Dental X-Rays? Tooth Pics.


15. So You’re Telling Me That When I Brush And Floss Before Bed… Bacteria Poops Acid in My Mouth All Night Long?!


16. When The Dentist Says You Have A Cavity.

funny memes about your dentist


17. Patients Be Like Can’t You Just Glue It Back in?


18. Had to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? I Guess You Shouldn’t Be Such A “Smart Mouth”.


19. When You Ask A Patient to Bite Down ‘Normally’.


20. If People Could Brush Their Teeth The Entire 6 Moths Between Visits Instead of Just 5 Minutes Before Their Appointment. That’d Be Great.


21. Ok, I Get It. I Have Bad Teeth.

humorous dental meme


22. Wife Got Dental Surgery. Can’t Talk for A Week.


23. Brush Your Teeth Kids Or I’ll Kill You.


24. Getting A Root Canal Is No Fun. This Coldplay Album Will Help You Feel Better.


25. Here’s Your Problem. You Have 2 Cavities.


26. 1 Hour Before Dental Appointment. The Best Brushing You Will Do All Year.

funny dental meme


27. Instructor Tells You to Change Waxup? Wait 20 minutes, Show Them Again: Look Good.


28. Be Kind to Your Dentist. He Has Fillings, Too.


29. I’m Afraid of Anesthesia. Not Because It Could Be Dangerous But Because I’m Afraid What I Would Say While on It.


30. When You Take Out Your Wisdom Teeth & Your Like “I Can’t Feel My Face When I’m with You”.

funny dental meme that makes you laugh


We know, you probably didn’t expect to laugh so much, did you? But we told you! Funny dental memes are extremely hilarious, doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do, everyone can relate to those memes, that’s for sure.

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