30 Funny Happy Friday Memes That Are Way Too Real

Like Katy Perry once said TGIF or Thank God it’s Friday! The week is over, the weekend is just ahead of us, you don’t have to worry about work, school or college anymore and the best thing is, you can check out happy Friday meme funny!

Before you head out of the door and get ready to spend your Friday night having fun with your friends, just make sure to stop for a second and start the fun by looking at our happy Friday meme funny before you go.


Most Funny Memes About Happy Friday

We understand that incredible feeling of finally being able to have a little fun, go out and have a good time with your friends, and we managed to put that not into word, but into memes, and you know what they say… A meme is worth more than a thousand words!

So check out the great compilation of happy Friday meme funny we put together just for you and make sure to kick off your Friday just in the right way, after all, there’s no better way than starting your weekend that laughing.

1. Cheers. It’s Finally Friday!

funny happy friday memes


2. My Happy Friday Face!

funny happy friday memes to laugh


3. Happy Friday!!!! Let The Fun Begin! Muahahahah.

popular happy friday memes


4. Did Someone Say It’s Friday? Happy Friday Folks!!!

funny memes for friday


5. Nobody Wishes Happy Friday. Better Than Me, Believe Me.

wishing a happy friday meme


6. Happy Friday. You Cannot Tell Me Otherwise. Reporters May Say It’s Tuesday.


7. I Hope You Have A Happy Friday. And You Read That in My Voice.


8. Doin’ My Friday Dance. Happy Friday!


9. Happy Friday!!! I Love You!


10. It’s Friday. Let’s Rock. Happy Friday.

funny it's happy friday meme


11. It’s Friday Bitches!!

12. Yesssssss.. Friday I Smell.


13. Happy Friday! Wait, Sorry, It’s Monday.


14. Leaving Work on Friday, And Monday’s A Holiday!


15. Did Somebody Say Friday?


16. Leaving Work on Friday.

funny memes regarding friday


17. It Is Friday. We Made It!


18. Thank God It’s Friday!


19. I’m Glad Its Friday. This Week Has Been Ruff.


20. We Made It! It’s Finally Friday!


21. Friday It Is. Enjoy The Weekend You Will.


22. Happy Friday!!! How Is Everyone?

hilarious meme about happy friday


23. It’s Friday & I’m Feelin Good. So Don’t Come at Me with Any No Bullshit Today.


24. That Look on Your Face When You Realise It’s.. Friday.


25. Happy Friday! Let Us All Peruse The Internet Mindlessly Until It’s Time for Wine.


26. Happy Friday! Let Me Sing A Song for You!


27. Welcome to Kroger Digital. Happy Friday!

happy friday meme funny


28. High Five. It’s Friday.


29. Happy Friday Everyone! Lol, I’m A Squirrel. Everyday is Friday for Me.


30. Happy Friday. Stay Cool.

funny happy friday meme that makes you laugh


Now that you’ve seen our happy Friday memes funny, you have laughed, and you have probably shared them with a couple of your friends, you are finally ready to go out and enjoy the rest of your Friday night!

It doesn’t matter if you’re going out with friends for a couple of drinks, or if you’re just turning on Netflix ready to bin-watch your favorite series, now that you have seen our memes, your night simply can’t go wrong, that’s for sure.

Of course, if you liked them, make sure to share them with your best friends! Or even better, go ahead and take a look at our other memes (we have plenty we are pretty sure you’ll enjoy)