50 Funny Memes About Life That Everyone Can Relate

Everyone has their own unique experiences of life, but we can all agree that funny memes about life have the impressive power to lighten up the mood! As time ticks by, life goes on, and we’re all working our way through it one day at a time. Some people have it harder than others, while others seem like they’re breezing their way along. Either way, we’ve still got plenty in common – and this is what funny memes about life capture so well.


Realistic Funny Memes about Life

From cute kittens to cartoon characters, to movie stars and more, funny life memes can be created from so many different origins. Part of what makes them so amusing is that no matter who the focus is on, whether it’s a monkey or a madman, there’s probably something in it we know is just so true.

Feeling existentialist? Funny memes about life is good or bad are where it’s at! Built off satire, comedy and just raw funniness, this collection of memes down below are the perfect way to brighten up a dull mood, and get some laughter into the air.

We look around us and see how life is filled with ups and downs, good times and bad. But no matter what happens, there’s almost always something fun to chuckle about. You just have to keep an open mind, and light-hearted nature.


1. Somedays I Feel Like Just Packing My Shit. Leaving without Saying A Word, And Becoming A Ghost.

funny memes about life


2. When People Ask Me How Life Is Going.

funniest memes about life


3. Life Is Like Diarrhea. No Matter How Hard You Try And Stop It The Shit Just Keeps Coming.

funny memes about life to laugh


4. I Just Can’t Handle Life Today.

hilarious memes about life


5. When You Wanna Get In Shape for The Summer. But Life Is Hard.

funny memes about hardship of life


6. Life Is Short… False. It’s The Longest Thing You Do.


7. The Most Important Thing In Life Is To Be Yourself. Unless You Can Be Batman. Always Be Batman.


8. When Life is Being Too Good to You Recently. That’s Suspicious.


9. I Didn’t Choose The Thug Life. The Thug Life Chose Me.


10. Happy Wife, Happy Life. Nothing Rhymes with Happy Husband. Welcome to Married Life Dumbass.

funny memes about married life


11. My Life Is A Roller Coaster. That Falls of The Rails into A Pit of Cannibals Who Rip My Skin Off.


12. Let’s Have A Toast to The Single Life.


13. When Life Gives You Lemons Like These It’s Time to Stop Living Next to The Nuclear Reactor.


14. “Life Is Like A Box Chocolates.” It Doesn’t Last As Long for Fat People.


15. What Do You Mean My Parents Don’t Have Life Insurance?

funny memes about life


16. When Life Imitates Emoji.


17. Life Is Like Cheese. I Hate Cheese.


18. My Goal Is to Be This Calm When My Life is Falling Apart.


19. I Didn’t Choose The Thug Life…I Got A Job.


20. I Just Don’t Understand  Why My Life Is So Gray.

funny life memes


21. I Just Realized My Life Turned Out Better Than Yours. Checkmate, Bitch.

funny meme about your life


22. I Killed Your Mom. I Want to Be The Only Girl in Your Life.


23. I Tried Looking at The Bright Side of Life. It Hurt My Eyes.


24. I Should Increase My Life Insurance Policy.


25. I Want to Have A Social Life But I Hate People.


26. If  There Is A Life After Death Then Why Do We Die?


27. I’ll Never Forget This… Remember That When You’re on Life Support.

humorous meme about life


28. Life Hack… Open A Beer with Your Seatbelt While Driving.


29. Life Is Like Math. If It Goes Too Easy Something Is Wrong.


30. Life is Not A Fairy Tale. If You Lose A Shoe at Midnight, You’re Drunk.

funny memes about life struggles


31. Life Y U No Have Background Music.


32. Everyone Is All Planning Baby Showers & Weddings And I’m Over Here Like Get Me Another Drink.


33. Cool Story Bro.. Changed My Life.


34. When Your Family Asks about Your Love Life.

Funny Family Memes to Share with Your Family Members


35. Think Positive. Example: I Fell Down The Stairs Today and Thought: ” Wow! I Sure Fell Down Those Stairs Fast.”

popular funny memes about life


36.  Devoted His Life to Art Will Be Forever Remembered As A Turtle.


37. Friends Who Buy You Food Are Freinds for Life.


38. Hey Here Comes The Weekend AAAAND It’s Gone.


39. Went Outside on A Cloudy Day Still Gets Terrible Sunburn.


40.  When You Loving Life but Your Student Loans Are Always in The Back of Your Head.

funny memes about life


41. When I Start to Doubt Myself And Think Life Is Bad. I Just Remember Eminem’s Struggles.


42. When The New Coworker Shows Up with All Their New Ideas & Is Super Excited to Be There.


43. I Didn’t Know He Only Had One Life…


44. If Women Ruled The World There Would Be No Wars… Just A Bunch of Countries Not Talking to Each Other.

memes about life to laugh


45. My Brain Cells, Skin Cells, And Hair Cells Continue to Die. But My Stubborn Fat Cells Seem to Have Eternal Life.


46. When It’s Summer, But You Still Have to Get Up And Go to Work.


47. How Am I Supposed to Lose Weight When The Best Part about Life is Food.


48. When You Trust A Person You Either Have A Friend or You Have A Life Lesson.


49. All My Life I Thought Air Was Free… Until I Bought A Bag of Chips.

hilarious memes about life


50. When You Already Started Eating And Someone Says “Lets Pray.”

funny memes about daily life


Savor these funny memes about life to get your daily dose of hilarity in your system! Even better, share them with a friend and break out in laughter together. Just remember – don’t take yourself too seriously. Joke around here and there, and see the funnier side of life, with all its adventures and dramas that it throws your way.