40 Funny Miss You Memes to Share with Your Close Ones

A funny miss you meme is what’s needed in times when you’re missing someone in your life! Whether you’re savoring this collection on your own, or if you’re sharing it with the other person, our collection of hilarious miss you memes are guaranteed to get you in stitches. Or at the very least, draw out an infectious grin!

So are you missing someone right now? Perhaps a boyfriend or girlfriend who’s gone overseas for a while? Or maybe a husband or wife who’s away on a work trip? Or maybe a sibling or best friend who you haven’t seen in while? Whoever you’re missing, we have the perfect remedy to lighten the spirits and bring some smiles to your faces.


Shareable Funny Miss You Memes

The more we delved into the countless miss you memes out there, there more we realized that they seem to almost exclusively feature adorable animals – from cute cats to dopey dogs and even heart-warming hamsters. That’s always a surefire way to get straight at the heart, particularly when paired with cute miss you messages. At the same time, they pretty much always bring out a laugh as well!

1. Not Sure If I Miss You Or I Miss Insulting You.

funny miss you meme


2. I Miss You More Than I Miss My Phone When It’s Charging Across The Room.

funny I miss you meme

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3. I Miss You Like An Idiot Misses The Point.

funny memes about missing you


4. Come Back. Even Grumpy Cat Missed You!!

laughable miss you memes


5. I Miss You So Much. It’s Unbearable!

funniest miss you memes


6. I Missed You. Just Kidding. I Threw Up on Your Pillow.

I miss you funny meme


7. Don’t Go… I Will Miss You So Much…


8. I Miss You Like A Squirrel Misses His Nuts.


9. You Were Gone for Forever I Counted.


10. “Come Back, Human! I’m Gonna Miss You Too Much”!

cute funny miss you meme


11. Do You Know What I Am Doing These Days. Just Missing You.


12. I Miss You Like A Fat Kid Misses Cake!


13. I Miss You Fix It.


14. I Miss My Boyfriend, But Sometimes… It’s Nice to Watch A Movie & Listen to Music without Him Saying It’s Dumb!


15. Not Sure If I Miss You Or I’m Just Bored.

miss you funny meme


16. I Miss You Cause… You’re One in A Minion.


17. I Didn’t Get to Say Goodbye. I Will Miss You.


18. I Miss You Like I Miss Phone When I Forget to Take It to The Toilet with Me.


19. Trying to See ‘Who Got Paid Today.’ Call Me, I Miss You!


20. I Bet You Miss Me.

funny miss you memes


21. I’ll Miss You, Tom for The Six Hours It Takes to Make You Delicious.


22. I Miss You Pig Time.


23. I Miss You Like Water Hates Being Stagnant.

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24. I Miss You in More Ways Than My Phone Misses Data Connection.


25. I Miss You. But I Shall See You Soon.

funniest miss you meme


26. We Missed You While You Were on Maternity Leave Almost As Much As Your Helpless, Confused Infant is Missing You Right Now.


27. You I Won’t Miss You.


28. Miss Me It Won’t Kill You to Tell Me.


29. I Miss You Like A Fat Girl Misses Cookies.

funny miss you meme for fat girl

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30. We Will Miss You Obama.

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31. If We Were on A Sinking Ship And There Was Only One Life Vest… I Miss You So Much.


32. I Miss You And No One Cares.


33. I Miss You This Much. Keep Up The Hard Work.


34. I Miss You This Much!


35. I Can’t Keep Calm. I Keep Missing My Best Friend.

funny miss you meme for best friend


36. When You Text Her Good Morning After Missing Her Calls from Last Night.


37. I Miss You So Much Already It Even Hurts James Van Der Beek.


38. My Face After She Said She Missed Me After She Broke Up with Me.


39. Is Gonna Miss All Our Good Talks?

funny miss you meme to laugh

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40. I Miss You Like Michael J Fox Misses Soup.

funny I miss you meme


Don’t mourn alone when you’re missing someone – share a funny miss you meme instead! Either from the collection above or elsewhere on the internet, you’re sure to find one that you can perfectly relate to right now. We’re hoping it’ll bring some light to your eyes and a smile to your face!